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The Tradition And Mystery Of Sedudo Waterfall

The Tradition And Mystery Of Sedudo Waterfall | HISTORY OF CULTURETourism sedudo waterfall located in the Village district Ngliman Sawahan, our minds will always appear when this waterfall has many benefits, one of which is to be the drug of youth. It is widely believed to surrounding communities, as well as people outside Nganjuk.

Tradition And Mystery Of Sedudo Waterfall
Evidently if this tour waterfalls never empty of visitors. Well that just want to enjoy the beautiful landscape, or are deliberately trying to prove the myth that many developing itu.Namun no one knows what causes a waterfall located in the southern district Nganjuk have myths like this. Assess the history, myth is based on the formation history of the falls and scientific study.

Harimintadji, one of the historical figures in Nganjuk revealed no history and scientific estimates of the myth. From a review of history, when it sedudo waterfall created by one of the leaders of local people named Relatives Pogalan. He is the sugar cane farmers who have to swallow the disappointment of the rulers of that era. Because of this disappointment, he later became the first person around sources sedudo waterfall. In the hermitage, he intends to drown the city Nganjuk by making a very large water source.

He vowed to his village menggelamkan it. And made a very large water source, because the sanctity of this Pogalan Relatives, some wargameyakini if the source sedudo waterfall, contains some of the properties, one of which became the drug of youth. In addition to history, he also suspect if scientifically youthful drug efficacy of this sedudo waterfall is palpable. According to him, in the days of old empire, there is a character named Rishi Curigonoto who deliberately retreated over the location of the waterfall.

In exile, the Rishis Curigonoto intend to make the forest as a garden of spices. Because it considers if the forest land, can be very good for developing mediayang spices then a staple of society. Rishi Curigonoto then asked King to send Kadiri Kingdom spices into exile it. However, not far from the goal, suddenly transporting carts were overturned spice renpah among sources sedudo waterfall.

Panorama Nature

With an atmosphere of quiet, cool and comfortable and natural stretch of green trees, waterfalls sedudo looks like a royal princess who was standing majestically in the middle of the park beautiful nan. So anyone, it feels like to walk over to enjoy the beauty and linger sitting nearby. After the eye and mind satisfied by the natural beauty around and momentarily stepped foot in the parking lot, you can instantly enjoy the charm of sedudo waterfall from above.

No more than five minutes down the stairs, you've arrived at the court of the official Waterfall sedudo commercialized ten years ago. At the beginning it neat yard with all the amenities such as rest area visitors and other supporting buildings not yet exist. Even the swimming pool or bathing place for visitors to accommodate the new waterfall is built around five years ago.

Thankfully with all the facilities that exist today such as changing rooms, toilets, rest areas and a variety of restaurants and souvenir shops, make visitors more comfortable and at ease to enjoy the beauty of a high waterfall about 100 meters. The sound of insects mingled with the roar of water pouring over the rocks to create the music of nature that makes us feel free from the burden of everyday life. For visitors who can not stand the cold but want to soak advised to choose the time when sun bathing. At such times even though the water remains cold, but not too much bite as the bones in the morning or late afternoon.

Blessing Ki Ageng Ngaliman

Every tourism certainly has more value, such as another story about the place, which makes it more interesting objects. So is the case with sedudo waterfall. At full moon in the month of Suro eg, in a ritual that many events are organized so as to make sedudo much more crowded than usual days. According to Rahman, who has dozens of years as a caretaker at the resort, based on stories from generation to generation, once the area is a place of hermitage sedudo Ki Ageng Ngaliman, a pioneer figure Nganjuk spread of Islam in that time. In honor of his services, then every month of Suro has always held a ritual ceremony. Ritual and popularly known as Air sedudo decision was filled with events cortege long-haired girl dressed in traditional Javanese, walked slowly to the pool which is right under the waterfall.

Tradition And Mystery Of Sedudo Waterfall
Five girls bring leading klenting (Javanese term for the urn-Red), while ten others were to accompany the bearer klenting. Ilir-ilir song accompanied their steps. Shortly thereafter, the 15th girl called Princess Tirtosari, arrived at the pond that has been waiting five youths, who also dressed man of the royal palace in Java. Five young men as cadets is bachelor, who will fetch water from the waterfall sedudo heirloom. Once the five girls klenting carriers already face to face with the youth cadets, colorful urn was presented. Before long, the five young men to basic voice thundering waterfalls. They tipped klenting it, and the water is believed sedudo full efficacy, meeting the five jars. Water sedudo within five klenting it, then offered as a ritual offering.

Younger And  Charismatic

From the offering is expected to bring the blessings of safety for the citizens of the City Nganjuk. The smell of incense are placed near the pond by an officer at the beginning of the ceremony mystique thicken it. The strong impression of this mystical, along with public confidence Nganjuk and also Java, about the efficacy of water sedudo. Residents believe, by bathing in the waterfall, they will get a blessing, whether it be young, cheap sustenance, or the blessings of the more authoritative, especially for officials or corporate bosses.

They believe, the water that flows ceaselessly flowing in sedudo, sourced from the shrine, the place where the gods dwell. No wonder, when New Year's Eve 1 Muharram AH, or commonly known as night 1 Suro by the Java community, thousands of visitors are always crowded sedudo. In the cold waterfall sedudo, they bathe in the pond abuzz.

Another historical aspect, particularly on the use of sedudo by the king and clergy at the time of the Majapahit kingdom and glory of Islam, greatly affects people's confidence about the efficacy of the waterfall. At the time of Majapahit sedudo often used to wash the heirloom weapons owned by the king and the duke in Pratista Prana. While at the time of the Islamic empire, sedudo is known as the monastery of Ki Ageng Ngaliman region.

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