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The History Of Tradition Pasola In Sumba Tribe

The History Of Tradition Pasola In Sumba Tribe | HISTORY OF CULTUREPasola is 'at war' conducted by two groups of riding. Each group teridiri of more than 100 youths use of weapons spears made of wood about kira1 diameter, 5 cm in the left blunt ends. Despite the blunted spears, Pasola sometimes even claimed casualties. But there was no animosity in Pasola, if still curious Pasola please wait until next year.

Tradition Of Pasola
If there are casualties in Pasola, according to the trust Marapu, the victim gets a punishment from the gods because it has already committed a violation or error. The tradition of Enchantment Sumba part of a series of traditional ceremonies are performed by people of Sumba are still adhered to the original religion called Marapu. Every year in February or March a series of ceremonies performed in order to invoke the blessing of the gods in order to harvest that year did well,

Pasola, Tragedy Asmara in Padang Savana
Dissecting the island of Sumba is the island of Sumba message terbesit the spirits. In every corner of the city and the village saved offerings and praise the servants. Humba Sumba name or mother's name comes from the model signs Humba, Umbu Mandoku sweetheart wife, one of the tribes laid the foundation for kabisu-kabisu Sumba. Two-thirds of the population are adherents of a solemn devotion to the spirits of his ancestors, in particular his father grew up with, the pengasal all the tribes. Marapu according to the instructions and the calculation of the Rato, tribe leader and high priest of the Merapu. Megalik altar tombs and sacred stones that decorate the heart of every village and hamlet (paraingu) is evidence that would have animist beliefs.

Sumba, an island that dipergagah savanna wild horses strong tireless surf the hallway, valleys and rocky island heritage. Animals mondial eminent degree is increasingly penetrated the great war Pasola rampant, war spur the javelin throw with a wooden horse, to welcome Nyale daughter, the beautiful princess who manifest themselves in the shape of sea worms tasty delights. Pasola derived from the word 'sola' or 'hola', meaning a type of wood used for javelin throwing from a horse that is being driven hard by two opposing groups. After obtaining affixes `pa '(pa-sola, pa-hola), it means to be a game. So Pasola or pahola mean game of dexterity wooden javelin throw of each other on horseback who were driven tight between the two opposing groups.

Pasola held in West Sumba once a year in February in Kodi and Lamboya. While the month of March in Wanokaka. Pasola carried out in broad expanse of desert, witnessed by all members Kabisu and Paraingu from both groups that competed and by the general public. While the game is the male participants select a match from the second Kabius must master two skills as well as spur the horse and javelin throw (hola). Pasola usually the climax of the whole series of activities in order Nyale party.

Tradition Of Pasola
Beautiful Widow scandal
Exploring its origins, comes from the scandal Pasola beautiful widow, Wednesday Kaba as narrated in the tale of Waiwuang. Once upon a time there were three brothers: Ngongo Tau Masusu, Yagi Waikareri and Umbu Dula told residents that they wanted to go to sea Waiwuang. But in fact they went to the southern coast of East Sumba to take rice. After a long awaited and increasingly sought to let no result, citizens Waiwuang feel confident that the three brothers their leader was gone. They also held a mourning with condolence over the death departure of their leaders.

In mahadahsyat grief, the widow of the late `beautiful 'Umbu Dulla, Wednesday Kaba got Rda Gaiparona heart field, the Ghatotkacha from the village of Kodi. They are entangled in love and mutual promises to be a lover. But the custom did not want their marriage. Because it is a pair of human children who are unable to bury this affair desperate longing to elope. Kaba beautiful widow Wednesday Teda carried off the glass gatot Gaiparona to his hometown. While the three leaders Waiwuang back to the village residents. Residents Waiwuang greeted with great joy.

But cloudy grief irresistible when Umbu Dulla ask about his wife. 'The noble Queen has been rushed to the village of Teda Gaiparona Kodi,' replied sadly Waiwulang citizens. Then all citizens Waiwulang deployed to search for the two lovebirds who was intoxicated. Both were found at the foot of the mountain Bodu Hula. Although the results found at the foot of the mountain residents Waiwuang Bodu Hula but Wednesday Kaba has sipped the honey of romance Teda Gaiparona and did not want to return. He asked for accountability Teda Gaiparona to replace belis received from family Umbu Dulla. Teda Gaiparona ago menyanggupinya and pay belis replacement. After all belis paid wedding ceremony was held Wednesday Kaba partner with Teda Gaiparona.

At the end of a family wedding, Teda Gaiparona Waiwuang commanded the citizens to have a party in the form Pasola Nyale to forget their grief for the loss Wednesday Kaba beautiful widow. On the basis of this saga, every year villagers Waiwuang, Kodi and Wanokaka held in West Sumba (wula) Nyale and Pasola party. Pasola roots are embedded deep in the culture of West Sumba Pasola not just make noise and become terminal pengasong human population daily. But it becomes a form of devotion and obedience to his ancestors acclamation. Pasola is the command to be a resident of the ancestors Marapu adherents. Therefore Pasola the first place is the heart of the religious cult religion religiosity Marapu.

It is very clear on the implementation Pasola, Pasola begins with prayer and Lakutapa semadhi (fasting) of the Rato, foturolog and religious leaders from every kabisu mainly involved in Pasola. Meanwhile, a month before D-day implementation of Pasola already proclaimed the month of purification for each citizen and at the time of execution Paraingu Pasola, blood tercucur very nutritious for soil fertility and crop success. In the event of death caused by the game Pasola, seen as evidence of violations of norms of customary law, including the month of purification before Pasola. In the second place, Pasola is a form of solving the crisis through `bellum pacificum tribes' war Pasola peace in the game.

Events Wednesday Kaba minggatnya widow of Family to Family Waiwuang Kodi and switch the status of the wife of a wife Teda Umbu Dulla Gaiparona not enjoyable event. But the events that are very painful and slap in the face of the family and especially Umbu Dulla Waiwuang who has a wife. Waiwuang family is definitely a big angry and ready to swallow up the family, especially Teda Gaiparona Kodi. Kodi family was aware of the disaster. Then look for the road completion ceremony by making a direct Nyale inherent to the core of worship of ancestral spirits to invoke blessing for fertility and a successful harvest, as a crowd together to forget the sadness of being left Wednesday Kaba. In third place, Pasola become adhesive fabric of brotherhood between the two groups that participated in Pasola and the general public.

Game of any kind including Pasola always been a powerful social tool. Moreover, the second bagu kabisu involved directly in Pasola. During Pasola lasted all participants, support groups and spectators are invited to laugh together, rejoice together and cheering together while watching the dexterity of the players and the girls shriek neigh supporters of each faction. Because it is a terminal pengasong Pasola daily population and establish a friendship and brotherhood. As a cultural stage Pasola certainly has charm charm very fascinating. Support the government by him by making Pasola as one of the 'major event'.

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