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Dance Art history Gending Srivijaya

Dance Art history Gending Srivijaya | HISTORY OF CULTURE | As the region very rich in a collection of past history, Palembang also has many kinds of dance art. Of imagination and fantasy of the era palace of the kingdom of Srivijaya in the sixth century BC, which is very famous with the expansion area and the center of Buddhism to the golden age of Palembang Darussalam Sultanate. stages of past history that until now provide much inspiration for the people. One of them is a dance.

Gending Srivijaya Dance
In Palembang, which is famous for its tradition dance is dance Gending Palembang Srivijaya. The dance depicts the girls Palembang joy upon receiving the eminent guests. Slap that contains lime, betel, areca, and other potions offered as an expression of happiness. "Not limited to it, dance Gending Srivijaya which is also accompanied by gamelan and the song of the same name is also an expression of the beauty of palace life.

Creation Gending dance performed well after the life of Srivijaya Srivijaya kingdom. Poems created by Nungtjik AR, songwriter Mahiba by Dahlan, and the dancers are Sukainah Rozak. As an illustration, can be also referred to as the imagination of its authors describe it is all that life at that time so many people and then admire the dance. In fact, when called Palembang tradition, people will definitely call Gending Sriwijaya dance, complete with poetry and rhythm of the song. He also said that as the development time, Palembang dance tradition underwent a shift.

Not change fundamentally dance, but the artists can be more daring and creative. One is a dance fan. Dance with basic dance movements and grip of Batanghari Nine, it has its own peculiarities. Although creations, but not free from the traditional dance movement Sumatra, Fan, then became a symbol of conditioning, so that when watching it, everyone's heart will melt and be able to give the impression and intention to change themselves.

In addition, a symbol of beauty sway Musi River Musi. the colour Palembang tradition became an integral feature. Music used was very typical, ie accordion, gamelan, Malay drum, gong, and a single guitar. When viewed from the point of it, who says the dance traditions of Palembang do not move dynamically.

Kind of - kind of dance:

1. Gending Sriwijaya Dance
is a dance of welcome from the city of Palembang. This dance depicts the girls Palembang joy when receiving the visit of eminent guests. "Slap" containing, lime, betel, areca, and other potions offered as an expression of happiness.

2. Genta Siwa Dance
Geta Dance of Shiva is the dance offerings or cult that describes the greatness of Lord Shiva. This dance also describes the greatness of the kingdom of Srivijaya, the movements in this dance is a collaboration of dance Gending Srivijaya, dance and dance date of Candles.

3. Tampak Rebana Dance
Dance is a dance Rampak Rebana new claim is sourced from music and dance Rodat sarafol anam. But choreographer will take only a fraction of the sound of flying punches and movements found in music and dance sarofal anam Rodat, so at this Rebana Looks dance music played by a player not only music but also can be played by the dancers.

4. Dana Dance
Excitement for teenagers when they met with friends, chatting and joking with each other mutual fun. The feeling was realized through the swing-swing lenggak steps and hand delivered by teenagers in dance this Fund. This dance is usually performed in pairs, but the development of this dance is now generally performed by men only.

5. Melati Karangan Dance
This dance illustrates about the greatness of the girls and mothers Palembang area with his trademark respectively. Subangnya Lenggak and that's the girl Palembang, while clothes and scarves brackets are characteristic of mothers of Palembang.

6. Lenggok Musi Dance
This dance is inspired by the oscillation wavelength and jolt the Musi River. The fan is the epitome of coolness. Any person who definitely overheated fan to fan oneself-body feel cool. As a symbol of peace, the coolness, the fan is used as a property

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