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HISTORY OF CULTURETRUTH OF RAFFLESIA FLOWERS | At a time when people began to recognize the largest flower in the world, where would think? when? and how the process of growth. And who was the first person to find it? the answer is a phenomenon in the colonial period in Indonesia. From the Dutch or English, is still a question mark. And the existence of Rafflesia flowers are not only growing in Sumatra, precisely in the province of Bengkulu, the parasite was also grown in some countries and regions. Maybe Bengkulu city flower of Rafflesia in because it often grows in moist mountain areas in Bengkulu. in Malaysia, Indonesia, Fhilipina, even in European countries has grown. Unique flower color and variety, although its very busuh smell but this flower became a favorite flower of several experts Botany in the World. 

Rafflesia flowers according to some historians say was first grown in Indonesia, when it is found by immigrants from the Netherlands who wanted to explore in the area of Java Island, Indonesia. In 1797 it was reported that on found the biggest flower and smells very rotten like a carcass. In 1797's first and oldest Rafflesia flower in the world, for the first time and found out there is the greatest interest in Indonesia. Flowers that are in named Rafflesia Patma Trelah. Later in the year 1818 Rafflesia flowers have been found by Thomas Stamford Raffles (Sir Raffles) in Bengkulu and was named Rafflesia arnoldii.

Rafflesia flower botanical researcher who first found so much to know about him in because of his archives and he was taken into British custody, just as Mr. Raffles find it at the same instant that flower only difference is host to the famous Raffles doing it official. So before Mr. Raffles find the giant flower in Bengkulu, there are already reporting massive interest the first time. 

Some experts Botany, and experts say Taxonom Bengkulu is one of the various regions in the world who know the existence of growing interest in the giant, and Bengkulu have many types of Rafflesia flowers, among others, in addition to arnoldii Rafflesia, Rafflesia is a very interesting kind of Hasselti Rafflesia, Rafflesia Bengkuluensisi, and Rafflesia Gadutensis. According to experts Taxonom, plant seeds called Tetrastigma arnoldii Rafflesia, Rafflesia and each has a different seed. In the vicinity are also usually grow Rixhantes Rafflesia, Rafflesia plant with one family. And now Rafflesia Flower Puspa Rare made in Indonesia. 

At the time of Rafflesia flowers in Announce at Bogor Botanical Gardens Park, on the history of Flower Rafflesia was first found, there are researchers reported that there are types of Rafflesia Titant Jack, but never in the know of its existence, some experts agree if the Rafflesia Titant Jack has Extinct existence, finally after unpacking the archive of Rafflesia, the researchers now agree that it is a jack titant Rafflesia Rafflesia Rafflesia arnoldii and Acehensis. 

And now the Rafflesia flower is often grown in the Region Kepahiang, Bengkulu. What makes Bengkulu City Rafflesia. even so, for me and Culture Experts in Bengkulu. Cities disagree on bengkulu Rafflesia. because Rafflesia not live in Bengkulu alone but in some balahan World. 

Now my question is, Rafflesia is not in fighting for its existence, but how to preserve it and to sell tourism to the tourists. But however they Rafflesia Flower researchers are my heroes, brave and gallant to provide information about the interest.

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