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Tribhuwana Tunggadewi (Bhre Kahuripan)

HISTORY OF CULTURETribhuwana Tunggadewi (Bhre Kahuripan) | According Kakawin Nagarakrtagama, in the year 1251 AD Saka/1329 the commandment of his mother, Gayatri Dyah, ascended the throne of Majapahit replace Tribhuwana Jayanagara, she accompanied her husband to rule Bhre Tumapel Dyah Krtawardhana. The reign of Tribhuwana an active period of territorial expansion of Majapahit. under his leadership also Gajah Mada say 'Palapa Oath', the ideals of uniting the archipelago, under the rule of the Majapahit Kingdom.

Tribhuwana Tunggadewi (Bhre Kahuripan), reigned from 1250 to 1272 Saka (AD 1328-1350). Nobat title of Lord Sri Tribhuwana Sakalayawadwipa Uttunggadewi Jayawisnuwardhani or Sri Sri Paduka Mahalaksmyawatara Tribhuwanottungga Rajanantawikramaottunggadewi. Tribhuwana Wijayatunggadewi or Tribhuwana Tunggadewi is the third King of Majapahit. Inscription Gajah Mada (1273 Saka/1351 AD) mentions that the king holds Tribhuwana nobat (abhiseka) Sri Tribhuwana Tunggadewi Maharajasa Jayawisnuwardhani.

Tribhuwana Tunggadewi It has a small name (garbhattpasutinama) Dyah Gitarja, Raden Wijaya first daughter from his marriage to Dyah Gayatri fruit. Tribhuana Tunggadewi has named Dyah Wiyat younger brother and half sister named Jayanagara. In the reign of Jayanagara (1309-1328) he was appointed as the ruler of subordinates in the title Jiwana Bhre Kahuripan. Tribhuwana husband who holds a named Cakradhara Kertawardhana Bhre Tumapel. Of marriage was born Dyah Hayam Wuruk and Dyah Nertaja. Hayam Wuruk was then appointed as the title yuwaraja Bhre Kahuripan or Bhre Jiwana, while Dyah Nertaja as Bhre Pajang.

Tribhuwana government known as the Majapahit period of territorial expansion in all directions as the implementation of the Palapa Oath. In 1343 defeated the king of Majapahit Kingdom Pejeng (Bali), Dalem Bedahulu, and then the rest of Bali. Year 1347 are still descendants of Malay Adityawarman sent to conquer the remnants of the kingdom and the kingdom of Srivijaya Malay. He later became uparaja (subordinate king) of Majapahit in the area of ??Sumatra. Expansion continued during the reign of Majapahit Hayam Wuruk, where the territory to reach Lamuri at the west end until Wanin at the east end.

In the year AD 1331 he crushed the rebellion Sadeng and Keta area. According Pararaton competition between Gajah Mada and Ra Twins in the fight over the position of commander in Sadeng crackdown. So, Tribhuwana set off alone as commander Sadeng attack, accompanied by his cousin, Adityawarman.

The next important event in the Palapa Oath Pararaton is spoken at Gajah Mada was inaugurated as governor rakryan Majapahit in 1334. Gajah Mada vowed never to enjoy good food (spices) before the territory conquered the archipelago under the Majapahit. Nagarakretagama Tribhuwana mention the end of the year 1350, along with the death of Gayatri. This information is less precise because the inscription according Singasari, in the year 1351 Tribhuwana still the king of Majapahit. Tribhuwana Tunggadewi expected to drop the throne in 1351 (after removing the inscription Singasari). He later returned to Bhre Kahuripan incorporated in Saptaprabhu, a kind of grand-member consultative council of the royal family. As for who becomes the next king of Majapahit was his son, Hayam Wuruk.

Not known with certainty when death Tribhuwana year. Bhre Kahuripan Pararaton just preach it died after appointment as grand vizier Gajah Enggon year 1371. Pararaton keterngan further provides that, in the temple Tribhuwana Tunggadewi didharmakan Pantarapura Panggih located in the village. While her husband, namely Kertawardhana Bhre Tumapel died in 1386, and at Temple Sarwa didharmakan Jayapurwa, located in the village of Japan.

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