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The Tamansari Castle of Yogyakarta

HISTORY OF CULTUREThe Tamansari Castle of Yogyakarta | One of the attractions that are mainly located in Yogyakarta Kraton Ngayogyakarta environment is Castle. Tourism is administratively located in the village of Park, the Palace District. Castle in the wake since Sultan Buwana I, founder of Ngayogyakarta and proceed by his successor, namely Sultan Buwana II. Ngayogyakarta established in 1755 after the agreement Giyanti, Mataram split into two, Kartasura and Ngayogyakarta. After that, at least in Java, there are two kingdoms, known as Pakubuwanan and the Sultanate. Castle is in the area Sultanate, located in the Beteng Ngayogyakarta.

Castle Buildings which have passed through centuries and has been undergoing refurbishment, when seen in this century-that all these years, still can be enjoyed, but in the previous century, at least in 1881, Castle does not look like unkempt. Damage to the Castle as well as natural conditions, as well as "human activity" both during the war and meddlesome hands. In the 1970's for example, there is the Castle walls collapsed, because it was too old. Castle as a heritage building, the distance is not maintained long enough, but now, after the restoration of the Castle buildings can be seen again, though not exactly as before. But at least able to understand, that in the early establishment of Ngayogyakarta and so on, there are monumental buildings in Yogyakarta and can still be seen today.

Castle is a royal park or guesthouse Sultan of Yogya and his family. Actually, in addition Taman Sari, the Sultanate has some guesthouse Yogyakata like Warungboto, Manukberi, Ambarbinangun and Ambarukmo. All of which serves as a place to rest and meditate Sultan and his family. In addition to the components of the show as a resort, rest house, rest house is always a component of the defense. So is just to the Castle.

The location of the Castle is only about 0.5 km south of Yogyakarta Kingdom. The architect of this building is Portuguese, so briefly as if the building has architectural art of Europe is very strong, in addition to the symbolic meanings of Java will be retained. But if we observe, meaning more dominant building element of Java here. Castle was built during Sultan lane I or around the end of the seventeenth century AD Castle is not just a royal park, but this building is a complex consisting of swimming baths, water canals, special rooms and a large pool (when open water canal).

Parts - the Castle:
  • Section Sacred; Castle sacred part indicated by a building that is somewhat aloof. This room consists of a building serves as a place of hermitage Sultan and his family.
  • Section Swimming Baths; This section is used for the Sultan and his family have fun. This section consists of two ponds are separated by a rise buildings. Pool water out of the shower shape of a typical animal. The building is very unique pool with large pots therein.
  • Parts of the island of Boxwood; This section consists of several buildings of the island or the island Cemeti Boxwood, Wells Gemuling, and underground passageways.

Island or Pulau Cemeti Boxwood is a tall building that serves as a resting place, as well as a lookout. This is the only building that will be visible when the canal water and open water area of ​​the island commemorate this Boxwood. Mentioned that when viewed from above, the building as if a lotus flower in the middle of a very large pond. Gemuling wells is a circular building shaped like a well in which there are rooms that reputedly once functioned as a place of prayer.

Meanwhile corridors in the region formerly said to serve as a secret passageway that connects the Castle to the Sultan's Palace. There's even a legend that says that this hallway through to the south coast and is a way for the Sultan of Yogyakarta to meet with Nyai Roro Kidul reputedly became the wife of the kings of the Sultanate Yogyakarta. This section is a part that serves as a place of defense or protection of the Sultan family at any time if there is an attack from the enemy. Castle is a pretty interesting place to visit. Besides the location is not too far from the Sultan's Palace which is the city's main attractions, the Castle has several features. Privileges include Castle is located on the building itself is relatively intact and well-maintained and its environment that strongly supports its existence as a tourist attraction.

In the neighborhood mosque Castle can be found Saka Sole has one pole. Although the mosque was built in the twentieth century, but its uniqueness can still be an asset to this dikompleks. In addition, the region Castle with his hometown Tamam is very famous for its batik craft. We can shop and see firsthand the making of batik, batik paintings and convection. Castle Village is very well known so many requests received from both foreign tourists and tourist archipelago. Not far from the Castle, can be found Ngasem Market which is a traditional market and the largest bird market in Yogyakarta. Some supporters of the appeal is what makes Castle became one of the Kraton Yogyakarta tourism destination.

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