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Sultan of Ternate Baabullah

Sultan of Ternate Baabullah | HISTORY OF CULTURECaliph of Islam Nusantara and Conquering The imperialists. Ternate is currently a 'hot area' due to the nuances of racial conflict, save the gold scratches glory of Islam. History records the existence of several Islamic empire under the wise leadership of the king there. Not surprisingly, the famous adventurer Ibn Battuta called the region as Jazirat Al-Mulk (Kings Peninsula). One phase of the glory that is under the control of the Sultan Baabullah (SB), Ternate Muslim figure who could act as a wise ruler. Under the control of his reign, the kingdom of Ternate able to appear as a fair, could protect all levels of society, including among non-Muslims.

Of course, the Christian missionary movement that devastated the nature of tolerance with the firm will dilibas. This is evidenced when the SB led the resistance against the Portuguese colonialists, who intend to colonize not only economically but also aqeedah. Ruler of Ternate, dubbed `Caliph of Islam Nusantara 'was finally able to get rid of the Portuguese, with a beautiful model and the Islamic resistance.

Baabullah the Conqueror, Born in Ternate, February 10, 1528 M, Baabullah is the 5th generation of Sultan Zainal Abidin (1485-1500). Sultan Bayanullah is the first generation (1500-1522), the second Sultan Noekila Maharani (1522-1532), the third Sultan Tabarija (1532-1536), and the fourth Sultan Chairun Janil (1536-1570).

In youth, Baabullah been trained by the military problems and Salahaka Salahaka Sula Ambon. Both the Commander of the Kingdom of Ternate. Thanks to the guidance of these two characters, in a relatively young age has been appointed Baabullah Kaicil Paparangan (supreme commander of the armed forces).

In the field of Islamic religious knowledge, the court also did not weary of preachers-jemunya Baabullah guide. This gallant young man was prepared to hold the reins of the kingdom of Ternate. Be it, in addition to administrative and military control, mentally as well educated as a potential replacement Chairun sultan. One more, one day he was expected to carry out the task of leading the holy war against the arrogance fi sabilillah Europe. When the Sultan of Ternate, who was appointed to-25, age Baabullah already quite mature, about 42 years. All the inhabitants of the kingdom did not hesitate because he has trained in various real-time battlefield struggle against the Portuguese.

Proved to be. Increasingly fierce resistance against the Portuguese in his reign. In her mind she always remembered the times dodora grief (grief) when he had carried the corpse Chairun Sultan, his father, who destroyed his body, his heart was taken by Portuguese soldiers to be presented to Rajamuda Portuguese in Goa India (1570). But the spirit that made him give up the Ri Jou's to nonakogudu moju se to suba (Only to God poured out hope, though unseen still be worshiped because He exists).

Portuguese arrived in Ternate itself around the year 1511, led by Admiral Francesco Serrano. They received Bayanullah Sultan (King of Ternate the time) very well. But perhaps because of the unpleasant nature of the Portuguese, the arrival of the Europeans that eventually sparked the war. Bayanullah successor to the throne, Sultan Maharani Noekila, emphatically declared war against the Portuguese. Sultan Tabarijja also rekindle the flame of resistance, until the captivity in Goa and finally died in Malacca. SB's father, Sultan Chairun Janil, continued resistance, before it finally died tragically. The father is what continues to rekindle the spirit and consciousness as an independent nation in his son's chest, SB. One of his counsel tape recorded in history are:

"Between Islam and Catholicism there is a huge gap. The history of the triumph of Islam in Andalusia (Spain), Caliph of the West, making them hated and envied the greatness of the Sultanate of Ternate. They suffer from hatred and destruction anywhere at any look at Islamic countries, both in Goa, Malacca, Java, and here we are in the Moluccas. If we lose then at Ternate our fate would be similar to the lands of Islam in Java, Sulawesi and Sumatra. "

An advice that was so impressive for the SB. Moreover, during the Portuguese crafty so this is also known Ternate a few times a fool. For example when the crown prince killed Dayle (1532), the handover of sovereignty to the Portuguese under King Alfonso II (1536), violations of religious oaths and Musquita Chairun Sultan agreed, and the peak of deaths Chairun sadistically. Be the kingdom of Ternate in the SB as the toughest rivals that made the Portuguese colonialists dizzy. Ternate famous mighty fleet, plus vessels from Java (Jepara), Malay, Makassar, Buton, making a complete fleet of Portuguese arms as if he did not mean anything. Finally Tolocce Fort (built in 1572), St. Lucia Fortress (1518), and Saint Pedro (1522), fell into the hands of paramilitary kora-kora Ternate.

Assault tactics made carefully for months, even years. Canga-canga troops consisting of the tribe fire arrows equipped Tobelo toxic. Warriors armed with cannons Kolano Baabullah spoils of the Portuguese fort at Sin Hourra Castel Del Rosario who is the center of Portuguese atrocities in Southeast Asia. In this castle was educated missionaries to spread Catholicism in the Moluccas and the surrounding region. Unfortunately, the Catholic population of Ternate less acceptable because it was too forced.

The war continued raging, both on land and at sea. Ternate kora-kora fleet capable of making frenzy corvette (small warship) and frigates (warships medium size) Portuguese. Dream of the Portuguese as the sole supplier of commodity spices colonial empire as well as forming part of the movement of glory, gospel, gold (glory, spread religion, and wealth) also buried by the mighty army of Ternate.

Governor Alvaro De Atteyda immediate offer of peace with, but was rebuffed. As a result, full of war for five years running (1570-1575). During that same spirit of jihad army was always able kindled SB Ternate. Real victory has begun to appear, being Portuguese more helpless. Defeat barrage, attacked by the disease, food shortages, and the help that never arrived, making the Portuguese increasingly lethargic and weak. SB led the war according to the original pattern of the empire in which Tomagola responsible for the area of  Ambon-Ceram. Toraitu responsible for the kep Sula, Bacan, Luwuk, Banggai, and Buton. Jougugu Dorure and Sultan Jailolo including the coordinator of the destruction in Halmahera and Sulawesi.

Dated December 24, 1575 with a heavy heart, Governor Nuno Pereira de Lacerda raise the white flag of surrender totally to the SB, and presented the town and fortress of Santo Paulo, or the city of Mon Del Rosario Hourra known cruel. Portuguese people flocked out of the city dwellers, in rhythm with the chanting of the Holy Mass on Christmas Eve full of emotion with tears of separation.

Witnessing this, the army Ternate be a gentleman. The Portuguese were allowed to bring their belongings except arms and armaments. The enemies of Islam continue to be killed soldiers gripped by fear of jihad Sultanate of Ternate, was treated like a brother. Once stripped of their weapons, they dintar to the ship to leave the waters of Maluku. They were brought to Manila to join the Spanish and partly to East Timor.

Caliph of the Islamic Empire in the archipelago SB is very uphold Islamic values. Many royal princes yaang end up feeling disappointed with the action SB. For the enemies of Islam who murdered his father SB actually treated well. When many who questioned it, SB gave the word, "O joumbala (the people), know that Islam does not allow a Muslim to take advantage because of the weakness his enemies in the war on the battlefield."

Testimony SB speech that makes the Catholic Portuguese captives increasingly touched by the attitude of religious tolerance is practiced SB. This reflects the attitude of a warrior leader. Like the Caliph Al-Ayyubid Saladin during the Crusades (1187-1193), SB freeing prisoners who can not afford to pay the ransom, as well as prisoners who have mourning his wife.

Power of the Portuguese has been disabled without exception. Proclaimed the victory of the Muslims shouted Ternate, echoed everywhere, calling on God's majesty asthma: Allahu Akbar ... Allahu Akbar!

And this is what poetry is always sung Ternate jihad army in order to bring unity to drive out the Portuguese colonizers:

Moro-moro as my old gise
No ma buluke kakoro siwange
The ma wange sosiru
Jo sara Mapolo sekore noodles
This formoni Bismillah!

(If the call of jihad has been announced wajiblah forwarded to the people, In the sun rises and the people in the sun in, unite with the people in the south wind, And the people of the north wind, rise up to fight. With the intention Bismillah!)

Caliph of Islam Nusantara Empire

SB victory in the war led the `break 'from the Portuguese archipelago widely regarded as a milestone victory for Islam in the archipelago. Ternate Sultanate having a glorious, free from the influence of Portuguese and Spanish. Activity was so intense propaganda carried to all corners of the country. Nusa Tenggara Islands become the most crowded field mission personnel envoy SB preachers. With charisma as a leader, SB has been reliably demonstrated prowess as a coordinator of various different tribes genealogical roots. That's why he was recognized and confirmed as a "caliphate the Islamic Empire" by the Assembly Session of the Kings allied with Ternate in Makassar, the center of the kingdom of Gowa.

As the Caliph of Islam Nusantara 72 ruling the country, putting SB 6 Sangaji in Nusa Tenggara, namely: Sangaji Solor, Sangaji Lawayong (NTT), Sangaji Lamahara, Sangaji Kore (NTB and Bali), Sangaji Mena, and Sangaji Dili (East Timor). On the island of Java, there are 4: Sangaji Lor, Sangaji Kidul, Sangaji Wetan, and Sangaji Kulon. There Sangaji Palembang in Sumatra. While in New Guinea there are five, namely: Sangaji Raja Ampat (Kolano Fat), Papua Sangaji Gamsio (Sorong), Sangaji Mafor (Biak), Sangaji Soaraha (Jayapura), and Sangaji Mariekku (Merauke). In Sulawesi, Makassar was placed in the kingdom of Goa, Bone, Buton Raha, Gorontalo, Sangir, Minahasa, Luwu, Banggai, and Selayar. There is the kingdom of Sabah in Borneo, Brunei, Sarawak, and Kutai. Similarly in the Philippines, there are in the kingdom Mangindano, Zulu-Zamboango. While there own in the Maluku islands Sangaji Seram, Ambon, Sula, Maba, Pattani, Gebe, and others. Even to the Micronesian island near the Marshall Islands Mariana, there Sangaji Gamrangi. Similarly, in Polynesia and Melanesia. Territory so vast, so many who call that Ternate the SB can be used as a model Islamic state in the archipelago.

Great Islamic empire that continues to persist until the SB offspring. His son, Sayeed Barakadli (Sayiyudin), substitute SB, capable of maintaining the existence of Ternate as a great nation. His grandson, Sultan Zainal Abidin, representing the empire of Ternate in the establishment of Aceh-Demak Alliance-Ternate (Triple Alliance). Caliph of Islam Nusantara Empire SB, died on 18 Ramadan 991 H or May 25, 1583 at the age of 53 years. Dodora grief (anguish) struck the earth Ternate, perhaps similar to the current situation when the area was kept raging.

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