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Story Of A Kresnayana

HISTORY OF CULTURE | Story Of A Kresnayana | On the balustrade of the temple Whisnu in there is the story of Krishna. In accordance with its function as a place to worship god Whisnu, reliefs carved on the temple story Whisnu describe scenes that relate to life and the majesty of the gods. As a savior god or maintainer, god will Whisnu turunke world to save the world from the threat of harm caused by evil desires. In the world, the incarnation of the god Whisnu can be either animal or other insane down from Khayangan. On temple reliefs Whisnu, god incarnate form of manifested as a hero by the name of Krishna.

The details of the story in outline is as follows: Narrated in a kingdom in Manthura on the edge of the river Yamuna, there was a king named Ugrasena who at one time sat down with the retainer discuss renana a princess Devaki journey that will leave home to live Manthura a new one, with her husband Wasudewa. King Ugrasena actually have two wives who each have children of Devaki and Kamsa.

At the time of Manthura to escort his sister Devaki new place to live, middle of the road suddenly, Kansa heard a voice saying that one day his sister's eighth son would kill him. Hearing that voice, Kamsa then immediately holding the hair with the intent to kill Devaki. At the time of Devaki's eighth son would give birth, Kansa ordered to tighten its supervision. A miracle happens the baby is born without the knowledge of Kansa, thus the eight babies are protected from the threat of Kamsa, the baby was later given the name Krishna.
Although Krishna was still in its infancy but already shows things that are special. In addition Krishna is also described very naughty and likes to tease his friends because it's naughty, it is not uncommon Krishna punishment from their parents, even with his brother Balarama, Krishna never punished with a stone tied to a mortar. At one point came Putana. He was a giant killer of children, who disguised as a beautiful woman, came to the house of Krishna, intends to kill Krishna. Putana pretend to want to breastfeed Krishna with milk that had been given poison. Knowing this, Krishna was angry and gripped the breasts firmly Putana so that eventually the giant dies.

When Krishna was a teenager, he was given the task of herding cattle, but cattle-herds are often plagued by a giant, one of which is Pralamba, he also disguised as a shepherd, but it can be known by Krishna, so he dibunuhya. Arista Likewise, the giant who transformed into a giant snake that wanted to kill Krishna and his friends herders by opening its mouth wide in the hope that Krishna and his friends can be eaten. Likewise Dhemuka giants who transformed into a donkey wanted to kill Krishna, Krishna finally able to kill both.

In Manthura kingdom, hearts Kamsa was always wary of the safety of his soul, afraid to be killed by Krishna. One way, Kamsa held a contest. Krishna wants to follow the contest. At the time wanted to enter the gates of the royal palace Manthura, Krishna oeh intercepted an elephant named Kuwalayapita. At that draw the bow when playing the giant no one could beat Krishna. Even Krishna can break the bow. Hearing the victory of Krishna, Kamsa increasingly angry, ordered to expel Krishna but to no avail. Kamsa then held a wrestling match. Jago-jago can beat all of Kamsa by Krishna. Eventually a fight broke out between Krishna and Kamsa. Victory in the Krishna and Kamsa killed.

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