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HISTORY OF CULTURE | THE STORY OF BALI KINGDOM | Bali is known as the "Island of the Gods" in the days prior to arrival majapahit duhulu when there is a kingdom that first appeared on Bali which is about 914 M which is known from an inscription found in a village near Sanur blanjong which has a beach sunrise. The inscription dates to 836 saka which mentions the name of king "Khesari Warmadewa" has the palace that is in Singhadwala. 

Khesari Warmadewa is Ugrasena in the year 915 AD - 942 AD After he died, Abu from the bodies of the king Ugrasena dicandikan at Air Madatu, then was replaced by the crown Jayasingha Warmadewa (960 AD - 975 AD). It is said that the king Jayasingha build two baths in the village Manukraya, now located near the palace of the country Tread Siring. 

King Jayasingha Warmadewa replaced by King Jayasadhu Warmadewa (975 AD - 983 AD), after which it died was replaced by a queen named Sri Maharaja of Srivijaya Goddess (983 AD - 989 AD). Then replaced by Dharmodayana (989 AD - 1011 AD) which is also called King Udayana. King Udayana married alias Gunapriayadharmapatni Mahendradatta of royal Medang Kemulan eastern Java and the marriage produced three children, namely: Airlangga, Marakata, and Children Wungsu. Later married the daughter of King Airlangga Dharmawangsa (king of eastern Java). 

King of King Udayana Marakata replaced because Airlangga in eastern Java. Udayana king died and the ashes were in candikan in Banu WKA. Marakata given the title Dharmawangsa Wardana Marakatta Pangkajasthana Uttunggadewa who ruled in Bali from 1011 to 1022. Later replaced by the child Wungsu (1049 - 1077) who ruled for 28 years and said the country during his reign the state securely. 
Wungsu child has no offspring and died in 1077 and in dharmakan in Gunung Kawi near Tread Siring. After Children Wungsu died, the state remains the kingdom in Bali to make contact with the kings of Java and Bali are told of a king who was named King Bedahulu or who are familiar with the name Mayadenawa which has a very powerful duke named Ki Kebo Iwa. The arrival of the kingdom of Gadjah Mada majapahit to Bali is like to conquer Bali under the leadership of the Kingdom of Majapahit, but not being able to duke it invites Majapahit Ki Kebo Iwa to Java and there was told to make a well and after the wells were completed Ki Kebo Iwa in the tomb alive with soil and rock, but in the palm of Bali Ki Kebo Iwa can not be killed with the easy way like that. Soil and stones being thrown into the well behind the thrown upward. In the end he gave himself until he gave up himself to be killed before she could be killed. 

After the death of Ki Kebo Iwa, Bali can be conquered by the Gadjah Mada University in 1343. Having conquered the kingdom of Majapahit Bali, Bali's most ancient inhabitants fled to the mountains which was then called the resident "Bali Aga". Now that their existence can be found in areas such as Bali in the village of Tenganan (Kab. Karangasem), tengangan pengringsingan (Kab. Buleleng) and many others, they have their own distinctive traditional dress which the material and its shape is slightly different from Bali in traditional clothing generally.

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