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Sriwijaya Heritage Site Buried Settlements

HISTORY OF CULTURE Sriwijaya Heritage Site Buried Settlements  | When Compass with archaeologists from the Archaeological Institute of Palembang, Retno Purwanti, perform a search, some sites that evidence the existence of a growing empire in Sumatra in the 7th century it was not to be found because the closed settlements. The road to the former site was already beyond recognition. 

For example, when looking for Swimming pinisi site, where the discovery of the remaining boats of the 7th century, the site has not been found. In fact, residents in Kelurahan Bukit Lama, Kecamatan Ilir West II, not realizing that the housing they are sites associated with the kingdom of Srivijaya. 
In the same area, the site Kambang Purun, where found Inscription Siddhayatra and some fragments / pieces of other inscriptions could not be found. Likewise Unglen Kambang site which is thought to industrial centers of beads to complement the activities of pilgrimage in the days of the kingdom of Srivijaya. That site is inaccessible due to its location closed fence home residents. 

Site Angsoka Temple in Village 20 Ilir, Ilir Timur District I, also began beleaguered semi-permanent homes so that the historic objects in these locations, such as stone yoni size 112 x 130 x 130 cm as part of an unfinished temple, threatened damaged.Stone is expected related to Hindu religion in the 10th century AD. 

Meanwhile Awalokiteswara Bodhisattva statue from the 8th century from the site Sarangwaty Pendawa Street, Kilkenny, was used as an ornamental pond home residents. Appropriate information from the Classical Period sites in the region of Palembang issue of the Regional Government of South Sumatra province in 1994, there are 17 heritage sites Sriwijaya in Palembang. 

Retno Purwanti said the loss of historic sites are eliminating the opportunity to find more information about the activities of the kingdom of Sriwijaya in Palembang.According to him, new archaeologists digging up a few feet so that the actual potential for getting information is still very large. 

According to Retno, if any of these sites continue to be dug and maintained, can become very valuable information. Also, it can be sold as a tourist attraction because it is one of the legends of the Malay culture.

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