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HISTORY OF CULTURE | SLATE INSCRIPTION | Inscription Batutulis is indeed a part of the history of the city of Bogor. Located in Batutulis village, South Bogor sub-district, Bogor Municipality, formerly the location of these thousands of years ago was a quiet place, quiet and foggy. Even for locals as a place to nest tiger believed that then grow a relationship between the imaginary kingdom Pajajaran who vanished with a tiger.

Scipio, a Dutch expedition who were assigned to open up the interior jakarta, describe how they respect and khidmatnya (indigenous people in the group expedition), facing the site until they dare to forbid Batutulis Scipio who is boss set foot into it because he was not Muslims, it was obvious they considers it "sacred", because there, they say, lies the throne or the king's throne Pajajaran. With confidence like that, when at the time they first discovered the place and saw a tiger or some tail out of it, they will not consider it a normal animal.

According to historical records, the inscription was built in 1533 by King Surawisesa, as a memorial to his father, King Siliwangi, King Pajajaran. King Siliwangi ruled from 1482 to 1521. Mandraguna powerful king crowned with the title of King of the Gods Master Pranic, then the title Sri Maharaja Baduga Queen Hajj in Sri Pajajaran Pakuan The Queen of the Gods.

In the complex there are 15 terasit shaped relic, a stone found along the River Cisadane. There are six stones in the cupola, the cupola of the outside patio, two in the foyer and on page six. One stone branded footwear, stone stamped one knee, and a large rock that contains a wide Pallawa writing and speaking Sanskrit. It is said that the inscription was made by King Batutulis Surawisesa as penyelasannya form because he was unable to maintain the territorial integrity of the dimanatkan Pakuan Pajajaran him, due to losing the war with the kingdom of Cirebon.

Pakuan-Pajajaran War lasted for 5 years. Supported Cirebon Demak kingdom after defeating the royal artillery Demak Pakuan came to help just as the troops began Cirebon pushed back. Laskar Galuh (Pakuan) helpless against the "big iron arrows, belching steam ireng, sounded like thunder and spewed hot metal". Spears and arrows so that they are paralyzed by a cannon fell Galuh followed two years later with the fall of the kingdom also Talaga, the last bastion of royal Galuh.

The inscription is carved dibatu arranged in 9 lines of text. As for the sound and meaning of the inscription of each line are:
  1. This was sasakla prabu Wangna purane queen was diwastu: Wangna is a warning sign for the deceased King was crowned.
  2. Diya wingaran prebu teacher prana devata diwastu diya dingaran sri: He was named teacher prabu Parana gods crowned again with the name of Sri
  3. Baduga emperor queen ferns Pajajaran Hajj in sri baduga queen de: Baduga maharaja pilgrimage dipakwan Pajajaran queen the queen de-
  4. Wata was yes nyusuk nu na diya pakuan anaka rahyang god nis: Wata was he who made her son sangyang trench pakwan god-nis
  5. When the eunuch mokta in to three incu rahyang nisakala Wastu: when the deceased in order to tida grandchildren rahyang noetic Wastu
  6. Kancana the mokta sida ka nu siya homeland yes disallow sakaka singing: golden late to the nu salarang that it was he who made the sign of pe-
  7. He gugunungan ngabalay singing sanghyang Talaga: warning gugunungan, making terraces on the hillside make samida forest, lake
  8. Rena O maha wijaya saka siya i was five pandas: yes because he's great victory in the five pillars of li-
  9. Emaban earth Wa .. : Ma four-one (1455) => in a tender AD 1533.
Next to it there is a stone inscription long and round the same height as the stone inscription. Long and rounded stones (stone phallus) This figure represents the Maharaja Sri Baduga while representing the figure of the inscription itself Surawisesa. The placement of the stones are arranged so that the position of the child with the father so easily visible. The child wants to be commended on what his father could easily be known (read) people: but he did not dare to stand next to the father. Thus it is placed rather backward Batutulis left beside a stone phallus.

Surawisesa not display the name in the inscription. He just put two pieces of stone in front of the stele. One containing traces astatala hand carving and the other containing padatala, carving footprints. Possible installation of slate with a ceremony that coincided with srada of "perfecting soul" which is done after 12 years of a king died. With the ceremony soul of the deceased is deemed to have loose connection with the material world. In other words, the inscription is a proof Batutulis respect of a child against his father, and is something that needs to be exemplified by the current generation and future.

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