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The script Tells Eruption Of Krakatau Mountain 1883

HISTORY OF CULTUREThe script Tells Eruption Of Krakatau Mountain 1883 | Karam Lampung poetry manuscript entitled ", the manuscript was discovered by an expert in philology Suryadi, a professor of Leyden University 127 years later. This rare manuscript pages have been strewn home in five countries namely the UK, Holland, Germany, Russia, Malaysia and Indonesia. The manuscript is written with background of first tsunami in Indonesia, the tsunami that arise due to the eruption of Krakatau (Krakatoa, Carcata), namely the content of the manuscript:


Orang banyak nyatalah tentu
Bilangan lebih daripada seribu
Mati sekalian orangnya itu
Ditimpa lumpur, api dan abu

Pulau sebuku dikata orang
Ada seribu lebih dan kurang
Orangnya habis nyatalah terang
Tiadalah hidup barang seorang

Rupanya mayat tidak dikatakan
Hamba melihat rasanya pingsan

Apalah lagi yang punya badan
Harapkan rahmat Allah balaskan.

As we know that the eruption of the Krakatoa volcano that occurred on 26, 27 and August 28, 1883 it is a very powerful eruption, tsunami waves big waves at the time it reaches up to several countries in other parts of Europe. That's why people write and publish simultaneously writing it in the media over many days are consecutive or printed in book form to the public. Writing about the eruption of Mount Krakatoa in various versions of the manuscript is estimated at thousands.

But nevertheless there is a missing manuscript, Karam is Lampung manuscript written by Muhammad Salih, the manuscript was printed in Singapore in the form of a paperback book using Jawi script, ie the Arabic script with Indonesian / Malay. At that time the religion has been the entry of Islam in Indonesia is very prevalent Jawi letters are used for various activities pebulisan and printing as well as other communications.

A large iron by the society called the bomb lay didataran Telukbetung Bandar Lampung, the object is actually a giant iron ship moorings in the harbor, was found in front of Park Dipangga Lampung Provincial Police Office, has now moved in the Museum Ruwa Jurai Lampung. Al-Anwar Masid located on Jl. Malahayati Telukbetung, luluhlantak Krakatau tsunami hit in 1883. Mosque has been rebuilt and still stands today.

Many witnesses silent tsunami Karakatau pristiwa pristiwa this, which is why the work of Muhammad Salih entitled Lampung Karam mentioned above become special because Muhammad Salih was an eyewitness to swallow pristiwa sacrifice the lives of about 30,000 people's person. Walaupum concerned only got to see and estimate about a thousand people are buried on the island of Sebuku.

We expect to see immediate pristiwa sipenulis it, and he himself survived the raging waves, but he moved to Singapore Bangkahulu, new writings printed after three years of pristiwa. Probably not many copies were published, so that the manuscript was scattered up to five States. But so far it does not tell the author was in a position where he actually when this terrible event happened.

Even if the script being used is Jawi script, it is not surprising because in the 18th century Book of the Book is written by the scholars archipelago has many outstanding, and although in general the people are illiterate, but they are not al-Quran illiterate. That is why great works of the scholars archipelago written using this Jawi letters.

Based on stories from generation to generation that Telukbetung community around the 1880s, the arrival of a scholar named Ahmad Salah, he was a religious scholar, he was a scholar, who by the local community in Telukbetung call him as Mr prince, he is one plopor construction of the mosque of Al-Anwar as mentioned above. But whether the Sholeh Amad who is who wrote the script lampung wreck.

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