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HISTORY OF CULTURE SALAKANAGARA OLDEST KINGDOM | When asked the oldest kingdom in Indonesia, most people would answer Indonesia Kutai kingdom. This assumption was even penetrated into the official books which should be based on serious research and surveys. In the history books or books that much smarter on the market, Kutai has been regarded as the oldest kingdom in Indonesia.

Kingdom that could be called the kingdom of Kutai in fact there are two, Kutai and Kutai Kertanegara Martadipura. Kutai Martadipura is a Hindu kingdom a century is estimated to stand around 4 and 5. Kudungga first king is emperor. Kingdom of Kutai Kartanegara own new stand at the beginning of the 13th century. The new kingdom in the Stone Edge or Kutai Lama is the first king, Dewa Agung Sakti Aji Batara (1300-1325).

With the two kingdoms in the area of the Mahakam River is certainly cause friction between them. At the beginning of the 16th century came the great battle between the two kingdoms of this Kutai. Martadipura Kutai kingdom ended when the last king named Maharaja Setia Dharma was killed in battle at the hands of the King of Kutai to-13, Aji Prince Panji chances, Anum.
Return to the original question, what the kingdom actually deserve to be called the oldest kingdom in Indonesia or Archipelago. Noted there is a kingdom that has written quite old relic, the kingdom Tarumanegara. Tarumanagara or Taruma is an empire that once ruled the territory that is now the province of Banten, West Java and Jakarta in the 4th century until the 7th century AD. The evidence of this empire was widespread in the offerings, but the main source of evidence for the existence Taruma is 7 inscriptions found in western Java. From the inscriptions it is known that the kingdom was built by Rajadirajaguru Tarumanegara Jayasingawarman year 358 AD.

Culture Tarumanegara already high, as noted in Tugu inscription, which describes the river excavation and trenching Rajadirajaguru Candrabaga by Gomati River by Purnawarman in year 22 of his reign (in 417). Excavation of the river is the brainchild of the kings of Tarumanegara to avoid the natural disasters of flooding that often occurs in the reign Purnawarman, and the drought that occurred in the dry season. The concept of 'flood canal' which is considered solving the problem of flooding in Jakarta right now, it has been thought by the kings of Tarumanegara.

But if the kingdom is the kingdom's oldest Tarumanegara in Indonesia? The question was once again could not immediately approved. Ever hear Salakanagara? In the script library Rajyarajya i Bhumi Nusantara (composed of a committee headed by Prince Wangsakerta) narrated that Jayasinghawarman Tarumanagara founder is the son of King Dewawarman VIII, ruler Salakanagara. Therefore considered Salakanagara existed before Tarumanagara.

Salakanegara kingdom, based on the Manuscript Library Rajyarajya i Bhumi Nusantara is thought to be the earliest kingdoms in the archipelago. That said, the city was called Argyre by Ptolemy in the year 150, is located in the Gulf region Lada Pandeglang. Argyre described as a royal city (polis) which houses a prosperous trade and agriculture.

Early leaders of the ruling here is Aki Tirem. The first king named Dewawarman Salakanagara originating from India. He first became ambassador of his country (India) on the island of Java, then become law or the Aki Aki Tirem Luhurmulya or Angling dharma. His wife or child named Aki Tirem Pwahaci Larasati. When I became king Salakanagara, Dewawarman I was crowned with the name of Haji Raksagapurasagara Dewawarman Dharmalokapala Prabhu. Rajatapura Salakanagara which is the capital until the year 362 became the seat of government of the Kings Dewawarman (from Dewawarman I - VIII).

If Salakanagara have been recorded in the notes to Ptolemy in 150, could mean that Salakanagara was the first kingdom in the archipelago which can be proven through a legacy. Unfortunately its existence is still debated, because there's nothing legacy in the form of inscriptions. Most legacy in the form of agricultural or religious sites. However, the existence of this kingdom should be a record in the history of Indonesia, especially if we want to answer the question about the oldest kingdom in Indonesia.

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