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Ponan custom that still exists in Sumbawa

Ponan custom that still exists in Sumbawa | HISTORY OF CULTUREIndigenous PONAN is one tradition or custom that is done as a form of indigenous expressions of gratitude to Allah SWT ponan for having finished the Rice Plant. Ponan is a thanksgiving to the creator is also one moment to unite and strengthen kinship. On a small hill which is right in the heart of Orong Rea (rice field name in the indigenous residents have ponan) The third meeting ponan indigenous residents and relatives from outside the traditional family even to the outer regions. During the meeting three residents ponan customary to thank one another for mutual support and cooperation which made starting from the plow to finish planting rice in paddies. With a prayer to the Creator, ponan indigenous residents hope that the new rice crop grown saj given fertility and kept away from all kinds of pests and diseases.

The value contained in a custom implementation ponan is an expression of feeling full of joy. This joy is expressed by reciting poems Ratib containing praises to Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad. Ponan custom implementation has been going on for centuries on the ground PAROSO (Moyo District Downstream). Indigenous ponan is done at the time of rice began to enter the period of conception. With customary ponan expected agricultural output will increase, and any pest or disease away from the rice plant. Ponan custom implementation is followed by Poto Village, Hamlet and Hamlet Malili Bekat Downstream Moyo District. Formerly these three villages located in a rural area called Bekat Loka. Because of the floods, villagers are also looking for a high place so the split and form their respective villages.

Ponan customary hereditary remain to be implemented, because it is a testament of our ancestors know paroso (Moyo people downstream) specifically applies to the three village residents ponan customary. The contents of the will stated that the customary activities conducted ponan will bring good crops. And conversely, if not implemented will give bad consequences for agriculture. Indigenous ponan've not done deliberately, to prove the truth of the will and proved it when agricultural output at that time was not very good and farmers suffer from hunger because of poor agricultural output.

Ponan string of ritual process starts from the preparation of the community to confront ponan celebration. This event consists of a welcoming and implementation ponan own custom event. In welcoming the event with the event ponan disemarakkan cultural attractions are presented which have been entertaining the local community. On the eve of welcoming ponan is showcased several local dances, folk songs, and games tana Samawa should remain preserved.

These people become healers entertainment tiredness and fatigue for the citizens of indigenous ponan after three days earlier to prepare ponan event. This celebration is usually held at night and next day continued with the implementation of the ritual ponan. The next preparation is to prepare a dish or food become customary celebration ponan elements that must exist. petikal, domestic poultry, onde paralyzed and the other is a type of food that must exist in ponan celebration. What is interesting is the type of food served should be made from raw rice.

Uniquely, all the cakes are presented should not be fried or cooked with oil. Cooked must use fuel from wood. If the use of fuel oil, the taste of the less savory dishes. It is intended as a form of gratitude and local wisdom in preserving the culture for retaining the ordinance as did their ancestors. In addition, smoke from wood stoves and steam cooking of rice that must be made before, is a form of prayer offered up to heaven and is expected to last vaporized into a cloud that will bring rain so the rice will not be short of water because the rain is always down.

Implementation of the traditional rituals of gathering community ponan starts at the door of the village before heading to the hills ponan. After the whole community gathered together the whole community go hand in hand with bringing food and drinks to be presented to all the people who follow the customs ponan. After arriving at the hill ponan community, then the next event is to pray together, led by tetuah custom. This prayer of hope that the results of the agricultural community in the three villages have an abundance of agricultural products. In addition, on occasion it is also customary ponan people forgive each other, if during the processing field distribution of irrigation water for errors or any other thing that offends neighboring fields, so there is no grudge and the load on the heart that would damage the unity and brotherhood that will be also resulted in agricultural output. Because they are very closely related to the agricultural output by silaturrahmi ponan customary among fellow citizens. If fellow citizens ponan custom continued to get, then the crops will be good and vice versa. because God will give rizki sesungguhnnya the unexpected to his servant, who always keep the DI.

What is interesting also from indigenous ponan this is the package of cookies or foods made from banana leaves or coconut leaves and leaf bambo, should not be carelessly thrown away after being eaten. For the citizens of indigenous ponan, the leaves have been discarded in fields or around the rice field, being able to keep pests and diseases. It is believed also that this kind of thing as a balance between keeping your home clean and natural with rice plants.

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