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HISTORY OF CULTURETHE ORIGINS OF MALAY | Malay supposedly taken from the name of a kingdom's oldest known Malay Kingdom of Sumatra, where the kingdom is situated on the edge Batanghari River (now in Jambi Province). Then strengthened with the inscription from Mount Kedukan Siguntang Hill, Kilkenny. Inscription which is thought the oldest record of the Malay language.

Chinese surfers are also writing the word Mo-lo-YEU. Old Malay language also thrives in the kingdom of Srivijaya which spread to southern Thailand and the Philippines, and because trade and commerce, Papuan Malay reach the earth. This proved that long ago the people of Maluku and Papua are familiar with the Malay language since hundreds of years ago. 

Well, who's actually called a Malay? Maybe if diulik-ulik of the race, there are two groups namely Malay Deutro Proto Malays and Malay. Claimed so far people have come from the Malay race in South China since thousands of years ago. Proto-Malays are a group of Malays who came first, and occupy the inland areas of Indonesia, for example, is the Dayak, Batak, Nias, Sakai tribes, Bonai, Sulawesi inland tribes and so forth. While Deutro Malays are a group who came later and occupied the coastal areas. 

Even more unique, most of the people of Madagascar (a large island off the coast of Africa), characterized by similar physical Indonesian people, judging from the shape of the face, straight hair, yellow to dark brown skin. And has similar language in the interior of Borneo Dayak Maanyan.While the people of East Nusa Tenggara and Maluku is a mixture of Malay race by race Melanesia. Filipinapun also arguably the Malay race. 

Well, who's actually called a Malay? Perhaps this question is confusing at the same time understanding the different causes in each country. In the understanding of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei (perhaps you know, sorry if wrong), which is the one who called the Malay language, Malay culture and Islamic religion. While the tribes Bidayuh, Murut, Kadazan etc referred to as the Bumiputera. There are also migrants from Java, Minangkabau, Bugis, Banjar, Buton, Madura and Bawean (which is there called Boyan) are assimilated into the Malay also known as a Malay and his descendants eventually became a real Malay. Although some still apply some ancestral customs. 

What about in Indonesia alone? Maybe a bit ambiguous, since most people Indonesia is Malay race. According to the understanding as I know, as is the case in the island of Borneo ... so-called Malay there are two groups, namely: 

Immigrants Malay origin Sumatra, Riau Islands and the Peninsula who settled the western coastal area of Borneo, and Indigenous people (Dayak) who embraced Islam, and moved to the edges of the river and thought of himself as a Malay. Although at the present time, the Dayak people who converted to Islam while maintaining the his-Dayak. 

The same thing happened in the Riau Islands, where if the Tribe Sea convert to Islam, so he called into Malay and adapt all aspects of Malay culture. Although true of their bahasapun including the Malay dialect. 

While understanding of the Malay East Indonesia is different again. In the past, the so-called Malays are local people who embraced Christianity and adapting the Malay language as a substitute for his ancestral language. An example is a Malay kampung in Larantuka, Flores, who initially were settlements of people fleeing Catholics from Makassar in the 17th century. 

The tribes are called the 'Malay' in Borneo was actually a descendant of Dayak tribes who converted to Islam or mixed with migrants from Sumatra, Malay and Javanese. Mixing Malay, Dayak Bukit, Dayak Lawangan, Ngaju, Maanyan and Java to produce what is called as Tribe Banjar current (divided into 3 sub-tribes such as the Banjar Hulu Sungai, Banjar Batang Banyu and Banjar Kuala more 'Malay'). While the results of his tribes of Dayak-Malay other than Banjar is Kutai tribe, Tidung, Pasir, Berau and so the cultural mix of Malay and local, the local language and are still closely related to the surrounding Dayak tribes. Now, the Dayak people who converted to Islam, claiming he still Dayak (Dayak such Bakumpai or Lamandau), no longer a Malay or Banjar. 

While the so-called 'Melayu Betawi in Jakarta also compound to be assured. Because aspects of culture which is a mix of various regions, according to the ancestors of the Betawi people themselves. Arabic, Malay, Sundanese, Chinese, Javanese and Europe to form the color of their culture, although the language can still be traced kemelayuannya (but very strong influence of Sundanese and Javanese) and folklore that are still in touch. 

As South Africa's Cape Malay and 'Malay' in Sri Lanka, they are descended from various places in Indonesia and Malaysia Netherlands disposed of the land of their ancestors. They then formed groups of Malays, although physically they are more like India or Europe because of mixed marriages.Cape Malay itself many already do not speak Malay, but this ancestral ties to the land that still makes them as 'Malays'. 
Malays own meaning now refers more to the society that adheres to Malay culture, Malay and Muslim. Perhaps more visible Malay identity in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and southern Thailand than in Indonesia which of these countries into a political manifesto. Sumatra Island in fact is known as 'Malays' although there are exceptions in some areas that in Aceh, the Inland North Sumatra, West Sumatra, the islands off the west coast of Sumatra and Lampung, which has its own language and culture even though the same Malay race. The so-called Malay in Indonesia are also people who speak Malay and Malay culture as well as identical to Sumatra and Kalimantan (West). 

Well, who the hell called the Malay? It may need to be readjusted. Because race Malay (Malayo-Polynesian) are also large (from Madagascar to Tahiti and the Philippines), but eventually formed the languages and cultures very different from each other. As Arabs, now called the nation or the Malay-again-probably are people who have tribes Malay, Malay culture, Malay-speaking mother and a Moslem.

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