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Once the natural beauty of the adventurers, mountaineers,
explorers and panoramic beauty tourism,
but we don't know how? why? what? the trust of local people.

HISTORY OF CULTURE MYSTERY OF BROMO MOUNTAIN | In the past when the gods are still happy to come down to earth, Majapahit kingdom under attack from various regions. Residents confused seek refuge, as well as with the gods. That's when the gods began to go toward a place, around Mount Bromo.
Mount Bromo is still quiet, upright shrouded in white mist. The gods who come to places around Mount Bromo, seated on the slopes of Mount Pananjakan. That's where the sunrise can be seen from the East and set in the West. 

In the vicinity of Mount Pananjakan, where the gods dwell, there is also a recluse.Hermit is working every day just to worship and silence. Once a happy day, the wife had given birth to a boy. His face was handsome, bright light. It's really a child born of a holy incarnation of the soul. Since birth, the child health and showed remarkable strength. When he was born, the child has been to shout hermit. Very tight grip, kick his legs were strong. Unlike other children. The baby was named Joko Seger, which means Joko healthy and strong. 
In places around Mount Pananjakan, at that time there was a girl who is born of god incarnation. Her face was beautiful and elegant. He was the only child of the most beautiful in the place. When born, the boy did not like the baby is born. He is silent, do not cry when you first breathe in air. The baby was so calm, was born without a cry from her mother's womb. So by her parents, the baby was named Rara Anteng. 

From day to day Rara Anteng body grow. The lines of beauty clearly visible in her face. Rara Termasyurlah Anteng get to various places. Many sons of the king proposed. But the proposal was rejected, because Rara Anteng already captivated his heart to Joko Seger. 

One day Rara Anteng dipinang by a famous pirate magic and powerful. Plows are known to be very bad. Rara famous Anteng subtle feelings just do not dare deny the applicant a magic. So he asked that made the ocean in the middle of the mountain.With a strange request, he considered the magic applicants would not meet his demands. Ocean who requested it must be made within one night, which begins at sundown until the end when the sun rises. Rara Anteng Disanggupinya request it. 

Applicants magic had started working on the ocean with a shell tool (coconut shell) and the job was nearly finished. Given this, Rara Anteng heart began to get nervous.How to thwart the ocean that is being done by the plow it? Rara Anteng contemplating his fate, he could not live people who are not married to his beloved. Then he tried to calm herself. Suddenly arise intention to thwart the work of the plow. Rara Anteng began to pound rice in the middle of the night. Slowly the sound of collision and friction alu chickens wake the sleeping. Rooster started shouted, as if dawn had arrived, but residents have not started with morning activity. 

Plow hear chickens crowing, but the white thread on the east side has not been visible. Means dawn came before his time. After that he was contemplating bad luck.Shell (Shell oil) used as a tool to dredge the sand was tossed and fell face down on the side of Mount Bromo and turned into a mountain called Mount Batok. With the failure of a sea plow in the middle of Mount Bromo, like liver citalah Anteng Rara. He continued his relationship with his girlfriend, Joko Seger. Rara later Anteng and Joko Seger as married couples who are happy, because they love each other. 

Couple Rara Anteng build settlements and then reigned in the region as Purbowasesa Mangkurat Tengger Ing Tengger, meaning "Lord of the Tengger Yang Budiman". Tengger name taken from the final syllable name Anteng Rara. The word also means Tenggering Tengger Budi Luhur or the introduction of high morals, a symbol of eternal peace. From time to time Tenggerese prosperous and peaceful life, but the ruler does not feel happy, because after a while the couple Rara Anteng and Jake Tengger married yet also blessed with offspring. Then decided to ride to the top of Mount Bromo to meditate with full trust in the Almighty for karuniai descent. 

Suddenly there are voices saying that magical meditation but they will be granted on condition that when you've get a descent, the youngest child to be sacrificed to the crater of Mount Bromo, Couples Roro Anteng menyanggupinya and then the acquisition of 25 people sons and daughters, but the instincts of people parents still can not bear losing his sons and daughters. In a word pair Rara Anteng break a promise, God became angry with threatening to inflict evil, then there was a tempest state into darkness of the crater of Mount Bromo spewing fire. 

Kesuma youngest daughter disappeared from view terjilat fire and into the crater of Bromo, concurrent loss of Kesuma magical voice came: "My brothers and sisters that I love, I have been sacrificed by our parents and Hyang Widi save you all. Live a peaceful and serene, worship Hyang Widi. I remind you every month for Kasada on day-to-14 hold offerings to Hyang Widi in the crater of Mount Bromo. This practice was followed for generations by people Tengger and every year a ceremony was held at Poten Kasada sea of sand and crater of Mount Bromo.

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