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The Mystery Of Beach South Queen

HISTORY OF CULTUREThe Mystery Of Beach South Queen  | The story of Nyi Roro Kidul is well known. Not only among penduduk Yogyakarta and Surakarta, but in the entire island of Java. Both in Central Java, West Java and East Java. In the area of Yogyakarta, the story of Nyi Roro Kidul is always connected with the story of the Kings of Mataram. While in East Java, especially in South Malang, exactly on the Beach Ngliyep, Nyi Roro Kidul was called with the title Queen of South.On the Beach Ngliyep Labuhan ceremony is also held offerings of the worshipers Nyi Roro Kidul is believed that the wealth that they get is the help Nyi Roro Kidul and his men. 


That said, Nyi Roro Kidul is a beautiful queen like an angel, her beauty never faded throughout the ages. At the bottom of the South Sea, namely the ocean that used to be called the Indian Ocean - the southern island of Java, he was enthroned in a kingdom of spirits are very large and beautiful.

Who was Queen of South? Perhaps, according to who owns the story, at first was a woman, who berparas lovely, Kadita name. Because of her beauty, he is often called the Goddess Srengenge, which meant the Sun Jelita. Kadita is the daughter of King Munding Wangi. Although Kadita very beautiful face, still mourning the King has no heir that can be prepared. Only after the king marry Goddess Pearl was born a boy.However, so get more attention, Goddess Pearl began to ask the demands, among other things, ensuring he will replace his son's throne and the Goddess Kadita should be expelled from the palace. Released the first request, but to expel Kadita, King Munding Wangi not willing. 

"It's outrageous," his saying. "I'm not willing to grant your petition which was infamous," he continued. Hearing this, Goddess Pearl even smile very sweet, so the anger of King, slowly disappeared. However, in the heart's second wife was smoldering resentment. The next day, early in the morning, care of Pearl pengutus host summoned a sorcerer, the Jahil name. Commanded him, for the Goddess Kadita shipped witchcraft. 

"Make her mangy and scabby," he ordered. "If successful, the great prize for you!" He continued. The Jahil menyanggupinya. In the evening, when Kadita was asleep, go into his room breeze. The wind was foul, carrion-like odor. When Kadita awoke, she screamed. Her whole body is full of scabies, purulent and highly smelled bad. When King Munding Wangi hear this news in the morning, very sedihlah heart. In my heart to know that the illness suffered by Kadita not unusual, but witchcraft. King also had expected, so maybe Pearl who planned it. It's just that. How to prove it. In the state of dizziness, the King must immediately decide. 

Want to do with Kadita. At the urging of the governor, which was originally a very beautiful daughter that should be thrown away so as not to make disgrace. So the Kadita alone, like a beggar who was expelled from the homes of the rich. His heart was shattered; berlinangan tears. But he still believes, that the Creator will not allow the creature creation persecuted each other. Mix hands will surely arrive. For that, like her grandmother had taught the deceased, that he should not hold grudges and hate those who hate it. 

Day and night he walked, and been seven days and seven nights gone through time, until finally he reached the coast of the South Seas. Then stood looking at the extent of the ocean, it is like hearing a voice calling him to plunge into the sea. When he followed the call, so touched the water, his body recovered. Be it a beautiful woman like normal. Not only that, he soon mastered all the oceans and its contents and establish the kingdom of the majestic, strong, beautiful and dignified. He is now called the Queen of the South Seas. 

The story of Nyi Roro Kidul is a lot of versions. There is a version of West Java, East Java and Yogyakarta. Nyi Roro Kidul is said that it was none other than a genie who has great power. Until now there are still people looking for property with a shortcut that is by worshiping Nyi Roro Kidul. They can be abundant wealth but had to sacrifice family and will even die before their time, their souls will become slaves to the triumph of the South Sea Palace. 

<--- These additional stories --->

Queen of Beach South 

At one time, there lived a beautiful princess named Kadita. Because of her beauty, she was called Dewi Srengenge which means the sun is beautiful. Srengenge Goddard is the son of King Munding Wangi. Although the king had a beautiful daughter, she was always sad because he really was always hoping to have boys.The king was then married to Dewi Mutiara, and get a son from the marriage. So, bahagialah the king. 

Goddess Pearl wants for his son later became king, and he was trying to get his wish was materialized. Then the Goddess Pearl came to the king, and requested that the king sent his daughter away from the palace. Of course the king refused. "It's ridiculous. I'm not going to let anyone who wants to act rude to my daughter ", said King Munding Wangi. Hearing the answer, the Goddess Pearl smiled and said sweetly until the king was not angry anymore. But even so, he still intends to fulfill his desire that. 

In the morning, before sunrise, Dewi Mutiara sent aides to summon a shaman. He wants the shaman curse Kadita, her stepson. "I want a beautiful body full with scabies and itching. If you succeed, then I will give a reward that you never imagined before. "The shaman to obey the queen. In the evening, the body Kadita been met with scabies and itching. When she awoke, she realized her body and filled with foul-smelling ulcers. The beautiful princess cried and did not know what to do. 

When the King heard the news, he became very sad and invited many physician to cure her daughter. He realized that his daughter's illness was not fair, someone must have been cursing or using gunainya. The problem becomes more complicated when the Queen Dewi Mutiara forced him to drive his daughter. "Puterimu will bring misfortune for the whole country," said Dewi Mutiara. Because King did not want her daughter to be rumors all over the country, eventually he was forced to accept the proposal of the Queen Pearl to send her daughter out of the country. 

The poor princess went alone, without knowing where to go. He was almost unable to cry anymore. He does have a noble heart. He does not hold a grudge to her stepmother, instead she always asked for God with him in a bear suffering .. 

Almost seven days and seven nights he walked until he reached the Southern Ocean.He looked at the ocean. The water is clean and clear, unlike other ocean water is blue or green. He jumped into the water and swim. Suddenly, when the Southern Ocean water touched her skin, miracles happen. Sores disappeared and there was no sign that she had scabies or itching. Instead, she became more beautiful than ever. Not only that, but now he has the power to govern the whole Southern Ocean. Now she became a fairy called Nyi Roro Kidul or Queen of the South Ocean Beach that live forever. 

South Queen  Is Mrs. Ratna Suwinda

Mentioned in the Babad Tanah Jawi (19th century), a prince of the kingdom Pajajaran, Joko Tell, met a hermit who ordered that he finds the Kingdom of Majapahit in East Java. Because of the hermit is a beautiful young woman, Joko Get fell in love with him. But the hermit who turns out is the aunt of Joko Tell, named Ratna Suwida, reject his love. When young, Ratna Suwida seclusion to meditate on a hill.Then he went to the south coast of Java and became the spiritual ruler there. He said to the prince, if the descendants of the prince became the ruler of the kingdom which is located near Mount Merapi, she would marry the whole ruler alternately. 

The next generation, Panembahan Senopati, founder of the kingdom of Mataram 2nd, retreated to the South Coast, to gather all his energy, in an effort to prepare the military campaign against the northern kingdom. Meditation attract South Queen and she promised to help him. For three days and three nights he learned the secrets of war and government, and love intrigues in the palace under the water, until finally emerged from Parangkusumo Sea, south of Yogyakarta today. Since then, Queen of South reportedly closely linked to the ruling Senopati offspring, and offerings presented to him at this place every year through the representatives of Solo and Yogyakarta palace. 

That's two stories or legends about Queen of South, or Nyi Roro Kidul, or Queen of the South Coast. The first version is taken from the book Folklore of Yogyakarta and the second version contained in the Babad Tanah Jawi. Both these stories are different, but you do not get confused. You do not need to bother to choose, which of the two most correct. The stories above are just a pengatar for the next article. 

South Queen and the Sultan Palace 

Can you believe the story of Queen Kidul or Nyi Roro Kidul, or Queen of the South Coast? Some of you might say NO. But when we ask to those who live in an age of Sultan Palace or the environment. They believe the truth of this story. Truth be the story of South Queen is still being debated. But apart from these polemics, there is a real phenomenon, that the myth of the Queen of South does have relevance to the existence of Sultan Palace. The relationship between Queen of South by Sultan Palace least not in the Babad Tanah Jawi (the story of the South Queen above, the second version). What kind of relationship that exists between them? 

Y. Argo Twikromo in his book titled Queen of South stated that the community is a community tradition that emphasizes harmony, harmony and balanced living. Because life is not separated from the surrounding natural environment, the functioning and interpret the natural environment are essential. 

As a reciprocal communication relationship with the environment according to the Java community has a stronger power, still according Twikromo, then the use of symbols is often actualized. If associated with ghosts, then the rulers know Javanism spirits as ruler of Mount Merapi, the ruler of Mount Lawu, Kaya nDelpin, and South Sea. Lord of the South Sea by the Javanese people is what is called Queen of South.The four authorities are circling the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. And to achieve harmony, harmony and balance in society, then the king should hold communication with the "delicate creatures" is. 

According Twikromo, for the king of Java to communicate with the Queen of the South is one of inner strength in managing the country. As the strength of compaction of the visible (invisible to the eye), South Queen should be asked for blessings in their daily activities to find salvation and peace. 

Confidence in the Queen of South actualized well. In the harbor activity, for example, a traditional ceremony conducted palace by the sea in the south of Yogyakarta, which is held every anniversary of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono, according to the calculation of Saka (in Java). This ceremony is aimed to the welfare of the sultan and the people of Yogyakarta. 

Trust in the South Queen is also manifested through sexual intercourse and dance Bedaya Bedaya Semang held to honor and commemorate the Queen. Other evidence is the establishment of a building in the complex of Taman Sari (Water Palace at the Bottom), about 1 km west of Ngayogyakarta palace, called the Well Gumuling. This place is believed to be the place of meeting with the Queen of the South Coast sovereign, Queen of South. 

Appreciation of South Queen myth is not only believed in and exercised by the palace, but also by society in general in the imperial territory. One of the proof is there that if people lost confidence in Parangtritis, then that person is lost because of the "taken" by the Queen. 

In addition Ngayogyakarta Palace, the myth of the South Queen is also believed by their brother, Keraton Surakarta Sultanate. In the Babad Tanah Jawi was mentioned that the South Queen had promised to Panembahan Senopati, the first ruler of the kingdom of Mataram, to keep the kingdom of Mataram, the sultans, the royal family, and community of catastrophe. And since the second palace (Yogyakarta and Surakarta) shared a common ancestor (the Kingdom of Mataram), then just as Kraton Yogyakarta, Surakarta Palace also carry out various forms of their appreciation to the South Queen. One of them is the most sacred dance performances in the palace, Bedoyo Ketawang, which is held once a year during the anniversary of the coronation of kings. Nine dancers dressed in traditional Javanese wedding invite Queen of South to come and marry Susuhunan, and said to the Queen and then the magic comes in the shape of the ten dancers who look shiny. 

Queen of South Trust was also extended to the West Java area. You must have heard that there is a special room (number 308) on the top floor Ocean Beach Hotel, Pelabuhan Ratu, which is presented exclusively for Queen of South. Anyone who wants to meet with the Queen, can go into this room, but must go through an intermediary who presents an offering for the Queen. Specialism this room is one of the 'magic' used by former president Sukarno. 

Until now, in a very modern times, the legendary Queen of South, or Nyi Roro Kidul, or Queen of the South Coast, is the legend of the most spectacular. Even when you read this story, many people from Indonesia or other countries admitted that they had met a beautiful fairy queen wearing traditional Javanese dress. One person who reportedly also been witnessed directly form the Queen is the maestro painter Indonesia, (deceased) Affandi. His experience was then he poured in a painting.

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