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Love Story Of Pergiwa & Ghatotkacha

HISTORY OF CULTURE | Love Story Of Pergiwa & Ghatotkacha | Plan a wedding between the daughter Pergiwa Harjuna Ghatotkacha and has spread everywhere. preparations in place Werkudoro Yodipati Ghatotkacha father is very complete. The plan will be made a party in three places, namely Madukoro, Yodipati and Pringgondani. word spread to Hastinapura, the residence of the dynasty Kurawa.

There the great meeting in the title. Duryodhana prabu Korawas elders present, Vice Regent Sengkuni, Danyang Drona. they talked about ways that the Pandavas could be eliminated. Danyang Drona gave the proposal to divide the Pandavas to wed ahead Ghatotkacha Pergiwa Lasmana with the hope Werkudoro would get mad and kill his brother Arjuna. comprehensive plan be prepared.

Groups of applicants and manten Hastinapur went. complete with troops, and any kind of pennant pennant symbol of greatness and marriage. Arriving in Danyang Madukoro Drona who spoke and seduce Arjuna. So with all the cunning wiles, Arjuna finally unable to resist. Hastinapur application is received. Lesmana immediately coupled with Pergiwa. then sent a messenger to Yodipati to deliver the news that the proposal was rejected Gatotkaca, while the group is welcome to stay at the bride Hastinapura Madukoro.

In Yodipati clown-servants came in with news of the rejection of application. Werkudoro that had seemed fresh suddenly went quiet and lie down on the page duchy. and he said janagn disturbed. While Ghatotkacha looked very disappointed, but consoled by the Punakawan. and Petruk love promised to try to bring them both back. then went to Madukoro Ghatotkacha. Sneak along to Kaputren Madukoro Petruk Pergiwa place to live.

Petruk charge of maintaining the outside. while Ghatotkacha get into see Pergiwa. Pergiwa Ghatotkacha welcome.
Gatotkaca: is it true that the adi pergiwa news will menilah with Kakang Lesmana?
Pergiwa: true story Kakang Ghatotkacha
Gatotkaca: whether adi Pergiwa accepting applications from Kakang Lesmana?
Pergiwa: Kakang Ghatotkacha course, I receive and ready to serve Kakang Lesmana as a husband.
Gatotkaca: I'm so happy then, please accept my heart as a gift (Ghatotkacha menyabut kris)
Then Ghatotkacha ditomplok by Pergiwa, hugged tightly. Pergiwa admitted that he was just a test of love Ghatotkacha. and stated that he is accepting applications for bad by her father. Gatotkaca and Pergiwa finally entered the room. Outside Lesmana come Pergiwa visited his future wife. Petruk intercepted. and a fight. Lesmana know Ghatotkacha in memamanggil immediately attacked the palace of the Kauravas Kaputren. Gatotkaca defeat all forces including danyang Kurawa Drona.

Danyang Drona angry and complained to Harjuna that has Ghatotkacha indecency with Pergiwa. Arjuna was angry and immediately face Ghatotkacha. Arjuna out some inheritance while Ghatotkacha takjim not fight at all. Arjuna increasingly angry thought underestimated. Petruk very anxious to see this situation. moreover arjuna Pamuk clerics who issued a whip to the body Ghatotkacha dihantamkan over and over again.

Petruk run to Yodipati. and wake Werkudoro. but not be woken up over and over again. Petruk Kumbokarno remember the story of who can wake up when it revoked his leg hair. then fur leg Werkudoro revoked. and Werkudoro wake. Arjuna is told her child is being beaten. Werkudoro calm as he says, oh Arjuna's duty as an uncle to teach Ghatotkacha about truth. Petruk gets confused, and then he said Ghatotkacha could die, let alone Werkudoro say, no problem.

Petruk is not lost peace of mind to face Werkudoro. he says if Harjuna cursing and swearing when torturing Ghatotkacha Werkudoro vilify. Direct Werkudoro sangking immediately ran into Madukoro angry. Petruk was hit up backward. until Madukoro Werkudoro rampage and beat up uncontrollably Arjuna becomes. Switching Arjuna who had to run to the party Ngamarta ingoing.

Fortunately dilerai kresna and Puntadewa. ahirnya explained why Petruk do lie, all for the sake of Ghatotkacha. and finally Werkudoro peace with Arjuna. Arjuna realizes kesalahanya. Pergiwa asked if was willing to marry Ghatotkacha. Pergiwa received. Gatotkaca finally got married with Pergiwa. entourage Hastinapura Werkudoro and beaten back with empty hands to Hastinapura.

Note: The version above is the version without including the wedding scene Ghatotkacha Antasena looking for the Father. Another version is told within the time Ghatotkacha in Kaputren appear Antasena Werkudoro who seek his father. Petruk admitted into Werkudoro. and finally Antasena help Petruk so that all the whiz Hastinapura lose. Werkudoro even confronted and defeated. Antaredja finally realize who is actually his brother that which Werkudoro it. Eventually married and together Ghatotkacha Antasena Werkudoro bow down to his father.

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