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The King Of Samu Samu

The King Of Samu Samu | HISTORY OF CULTURE | In prehistoric times the island of Nusa Sea is the best producer of Cloves, Abubu Affairs is one of 7 country that is in the island of Nusa - Sea. Maluku - Indonesia. Ancestors of King is the King of State Abubu Silawane first, when the King died Ancestors Silawane forwarded by his brother, King City Ancestors. King Samu Samu has existed since the XVI Century - 1556 AD, initiated since the death of King City forwarded Ancestors biological child named Abigael Samu Samu King Ancestors. Ancestors of King Samu Samu Abigael who have great posture and height are the Warriors Ocean (tough sailors) and the highly regarded and respected throughout the State - State in the Moluccas; Kapata ancestors (ancestral history) King Samu Samu: King Samu Samu helped fight Islands waters Sultanate of Ternate Ternate help fight the forces Purtugis, still in Kapata ancestors (ancestral history) King Samu Samu: when there is another king of Fam want to go to the Land of Abubu - Nusa Sea, then by the power of prayer King Samu Samu make another King of Fam located in the middle of the ocean can not see Abubu Affairs and the island of Nusa Sea, and finally King of the other Fam go, that the incident was witnessed by King - King of the top island of Seram.
When the Dutch VOC into the Moluccan Islands by seizing spices - spices and cash crops as well as kezoliman kepda communities in Maluku Islands, including in Nusa Laut, the King Ancestors Abigael Samu Samu is the first King of Maluku and Maluku people who dared to resist and oppose greed and kezoliman VOC Netherlands, and did not participate in attacks Hongi (dawn raids) administered the Dutch VOC, then the army / KNIL Dutch VOC labeling that King Samu Samu Abigael Ancestors are rebels (extremists) and sought to arrest. So King Ancestors Abigael Samu Samu disappear away from the State Abubu - Nusa Sea and the first stop on the Beach Galala Ambon Island and met with Rich Fam Yoris (the landlord and the forerunner of Fam Samu Samu in Galala Ambon Island) to ask for help to his brother King Abigael Samu Samu ancestor, King Batu Merah - Wali Ancestors Ulu and King Halong. Because King was labeled a rebel Samu Samu (extremists) the name or the name of King Samu Samu Fam is not recorded or recorded in the books - books that moment the Dutch government, with the intent and purpose to Samu Samu Fam subsequent offspring or society or the people - not the Moluccan knowing the origin of descent from Samu Samu actual, political strategy and this is done is to eliminate the identity (identity) and to not know asala-proposal and Fam King Samu Samu.

When there is fighting in Aceh, the Sultanate of Aceh asked for help to King Samu Samu II and King - King of the other Moluccas, Aceh after the war; King Samu Samu moved to the East of Batavia (now known Kampoeng Ambon) with the King - King of the Moluccas and the people - people of Ambon Another, after World War II; King Samu Samu II and King - King of the Moluccas others returned to their country - each in the Moluccas, and when it heats up the atmosphere in the Bantam area, the Sultan of Banten - Ven. Sultan Hasanuddin married his grandson by the eldest son of King Samu Samu III (settled in Tengkele, Attack - Bantam), and at the time of the Sultanate of Banten will be attacked by the army / Dutch Colonial Army, led by Designation. Ancestors Yongker Capitan, when aware of the people of Ambon (Maluku) in Banten, the Designation. Ancestors Capitan Yongker changed plans and instead help the strength of the Sultanate of Banten. When King Samu Samu III died, then forwarded the eldest son of King Samu Samu IV (settled in Tengkele, Attack - Bantam). At that time King Samu Samu IV trusted to take care of all of Rice Milling in that area kekuasa Sultanate of Banten, and King Samu Samu IV assisted by his best friend is Yth. The father.

Kaking (settled in Attack - Bantam); King Samu Samu IV in addition to taking care of all of Rice Milling starting from Jakarta to Karachi - West Java Dear assisted. The father. Kaking, King Samu Samu IV worked as a prosecutor in the Office of the Attorney Batavia (d / h. Harmony Road - Jakarta Pusat); during IV becomes King Samu Samu Attorney often assist and help the community or the people - people kampoeng; King Samu Samu IV is one one who reconciles when the feud between the tribes Bantam with the Bugis in the Cape Coastal region Priok to Grogol; King Samu Samu IV did not have biological children and the offspring raised a daughter named Rohana who was married to a champion (Swordsman) Kampoeng Pekarungan named Bantam Designation . Nasrudin. When King Samu Samu IV died in 1976, continued by his brother, King Samu Samu V (dwelt in Kramat VII/no.5. Jakarta Central Army and complex. Street. Salemba Raya No.28. Jakarta Pusat); King Samu Samu V after retiring from the Army Health Bureau (JANKESAD) employed to work at the Jakarta Arts Center - Taman Ismail Marzuki, by Designation. Jenderal.TNI.AD. Dr. Suwarno and Governor KDKI Jakarta Raya - Designation. Bang. Ali Sadikin. King Samu Samu V died in 1980, continued his biological child of the King Samu Samu VI; known Upu Latu ML Benny Ahmad Samu Samu.
That the appearance of clothing VI King Samu Samu is simple compared with the King or Sultan and others; so that when King Samu Samu Informant together VI became Sultan of Deli North Sumatra, Lampung Brak Scale Sultan, Crown Prince Sultan of Gowa in South Sulawesi and Raja Iskandar Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Palembang in the show Kick Andy on Metro Tv, October 26, 2008 (which aired December 5, 2008); that is, when Ven. Andy F. Noya (Kick Andy Metro TV presenter) asked about the King Samu Samu VI clothes and things - things that customs are very sensitive (sensitive) what else matters related to Ancestors - Ancestors, then there is something beyond human ability that is all the lights and light which is in the studio Kick Andy on Metro TV station went dark instantly though not extinguished from the PLN, after King Samu Samu VI perform the prayer before the light there is life again, and this happened several times, when the audience she looked up the sky - Kick Andy sky studios, then known to exist creatures - creatures cover a lot of hanging light - light that is in the studio Kick Andy. Another thing from King Samu Samu VI namely;
  • King Samu Samu VI is often called on to keep the weather so as not to rain, or make the weather is not too hot with a breeze - breeze
  • Sometimes King Samu Samu VI withstand aircraft not to fly though the flight time has passed until the arrival of King Samu Samu VI or shared with family and entourage into the aircraft
  • The entire King - King of the Moluccas; King Morella, King Hitu Meseng, King Wassu, Kaitetu King, King Rohomoni, Kaibobo King, King Kaimana Papua, and YM. K.R.A.T. Mas'ud Thoyib Adiningrat (Kasunanan Surakarta Sultanate - Solo) King Samu Samu VI witnessed the power of prayer to change the weather from hot to scorching once a weather shade with the breeze - breeze before the traditional event held Broom Sticks At Morella in the kingdom of Ambon - Moluccas (previously the event could not be started because the weather is very hot), and many lgi things - the things done by the King Samu Samu VI.
King Samu Samu VI is pemerakarsa National Gathering of King and Emperor archipelago - Indonesia together with the Sultan of Ternate - Ven. Mudaffarsyah Sultan, King Rohomoni - Ven. Fachri Sangadji, King Crown Princess Kaimana Papua - Ven. Heidy Diana Ahmad Abdul Hakim Aituarauw, Sultanate of Banten - Ven. Tubagus Ismetullah Al-Abbas, Crown King Fatagar Fakfak Papua - Ven. Zainal Abidin Uswanas, Breeds I Mangkunegaran - YM.RM Soerjo Goeritno, Sultan Iskandar Mahmud Badaruddin Palembang, Sultan Skalan Brak Lampung - Ven. Edwardsyah Pernong Sultan, King of Indigenous Stakeholders ranging Maluku Islands - Designation. Butje Balthazar, Kutai Sultanate Kertanegara Ing. Martadipura East Kalimantan - Ven. Adji Prince Haji Hary Prawiro Gondo, Sultan Kutawaringin Bun Base Central Kalimantan - Ven. Prince Muasjiddinsyah, Kasunanan Surakarta Sultanate. Solo - Ven. K.P. Edy Wirobhumi, Kesepuhan Cirebon - Ven. P.R.A. Arief Natadiningrat, Crown King of Gowa - Ven. Andi Komala Ijo and several other of the Sultanate and the Kingdom of the archipelago and YM.

K.R.A.T. Mas'ud Thoyib Adiningrat. King Samu Samu VI that make up and make the Statement of the King and the Sultan of the archipelago; (1) Returns the identity (identity) of the King and Sultan Collection (2) directly involves the King and Sultan archipelago in the process of formulating, manufacturing and validation Plan Act ( bill) Customary Law (3) Return the history of the Empire and the Sultanate in Schools - Schools (4) Empowering the Creative Economy in the Kingdom and the Sultanate of the archipelago, with a budget through the State Budget (5) Making of the King and the Sultan of the archipelago as a partner of government, both at the Central Level, Provincial and Regency / City; That the King Samu Samu VI is a plan and stick Heritage Collection is made entirely of Pure Silver with Sticks Head-edged stone bearing the Lion Head Rubby Red (Red Rubby) and has been handed over to Dear. President of the Republic of Indonesia - Ven. DR.H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, at the opening of the National Gathering of King and Emperor archipelago, August 7, 2009, at the Merdeka Palace - Jakarta, which was also attended by Designation. Mother of President of the Republic of Indonesia - Ven. Ani Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and Menkokesra, State Secretary, Menseskab, Minister of Home Affairs, Culture and Tourism, MenHum and human rights, Menkoinfo, and the minister. Samu Samu VI, King led the Working Committee of the National Gathering of King and Emperor archipelago to stay in touch Designation. President of the Republic of Indonesia - Ven. DR. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, July 5, 2009, at Puri Cikeas - Cullinan. West Java, and then led the group met State Secretary, Menseskab, Menkokesra, and Minister of Culture.

Currently King Samu Samu VI King and Emperor of the entire archipelago are preparing and will realize a "DREAM - I DREAM" Dear. President of the Republic of Indonesia - Ven. DR. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, to build the Museum of Civilization or the National Gallery traces the Kingdom and the Sultanate of the archipelago, and the King Samu Samu VI is providing initial ideas to promote BROTHERHOOD OF KINGS AND SULTAN NUSANTARA unite for the sake of the King and Emperor archipelago and unify the organization - the organization palace, and the Kingdom of the Sultanate existing, as well as expected by Designation. President of the Republic of Indonesia - Ven. DR. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Forums - Ven. H.R. Agung Laksono and Minister of Culture - Ven. Wacik.; Result is a BROTHERHOOD OF KINGS AND SULTAN NUSANTARA been declared in Denpasar, Bali, March 27, 2010, which was attended by the Sultan of Yogyakarta - Ven. Ngarso Dalem lane X, King of Denpasar XII - Ven. Ida Tjokorda Pamecutan Pimple, King Kaimana Papua - Ven. Abdul Hakim Ahmad Aituarauw, Crown King of Gowa in South Sulawesi - Ven. Andi Komala Ijo, King Rohomoni - Ven. Fachri Sangadji, Prime Minister Ing Martadipura Kertanegara Kutai Sultanate of East Kalimantan - Ven. Adji Haji Prince Harry Gondo Prawiro, Crown Prince Sultan of Kutai Kartanegara Ing Martadipura East Kalimantan - Ven. Adji Anum Solar noble Prince, the Prime Minister and Crown Princess King Luwu of South Sulawesi - Ven. Andi Siti Opu Cenning Luwu, Ven. K.R.A.T. Thoyib Adiningrat Mas'ud and others.

King Samu Samu VI, in addition to running status of the King; a lot more helpful and help communities and people - people who can not afford and or who have difficulties in various fields; hopefully in addition to the vision and mission is a mandate ancestor of King - King Samu Samu, also can a useful contribution to the Nation and the Republic of Indonesia.

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