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JAGARAGA WAR IN BALI | HISTORY OF CULTUREJagaraga war lasted for two days, namely on 15 and 16 april1849, but the war can reveal the historic event back in Bali. The historic event was later called jagaraga war, namely the People of Bali in the history of heroism expel the Dutch occupiers. Jagaraga is the name of a village in the kingdom of Buleleng, north Bali, then became famous after use as the central defense in the face of Bali's troops attack the Dutch soldiers. Actually the war was a continuation of the war jagaraga Buleleng that occurred in 1846. 're At war from 1848 and 1849 is commonly called the war jagaraga. On war and war Buleleng jagaraga Buleleng king accused the Dutch did not keep the agreement that she had made in 1841 and 1843, because it was reasonable to attacked the kingdom it. In this war I Gusti Ktut jagaraga Jlantik jagaraga vigorously defend the fort. Gusti Jlantik consequence of wisdom in dealing with strangers is that Buleleng kingdom and its people must have the courage to face the Dutch attack. On the war in 1848 jagaraga a dutch expelled from jagaraga.

In the mid-19th century in Bali there are 9 pieces kingdom: Klungkung, Karangasem, Mengwi, naughty, bangle, tabanan, Buleleng, and Jembrana. Founder jerajaan Buleleng are I Gusti Ngurah Bannerman Way. His offspring continue the reign of Buleleng, even though their government is not always covered by dsn serene tranquil atmosphere. At the end of the 17th century I Gusti Ngurah Sakti Bannerman died, then succeeded by two sons, who together rule and dwell together in the puri Sukasada. The eldest named I Gusti Ngurah Gede Bannerman, and the government was represented by his brother I Gusti Ngurah Made. In 1804 the war between the I Gusti Ngurah Bannerman with I Gusti Ngurah Jlantik. I Gusti Ngurah Jlantik received help from the king of Karangasem I Gusti Karangasem. In that war the king Sukasada lose. Not long after I Gusti Ngurah Jlantik died. Buleleng Kingdom government is held by I Gusti Gede Karangasem. In 1816, I Gusti Ngurah Agung replace the I Gusti Gede Karangasem. This king ruled not long because people do not like government. Then in 1829 was replaced by I Gusti Agung Pahang

In mid-1596 de Houtman at Bantam layover, then proceed east pelayarannyake and in early 1597 to the coast of Bali. Netherlands can force the kings of Bali for the agreement to approach in 1841 and 1843. Netherlands succeeded because his efforts are sneaky and dishonest. The provisions contained in the agreement that the Dutch intended to divide the power of the kings of Bali. This then becomes an obstacle to the kings of Bali for a new agreement with the government to approach the Indian-Dutch. In 1839 Dutch commercial airline NHM managed to open trade office in Kuta, naughty. Between the years 1839-1843 Huskus HJ Koopman commissioners appointed by the Dutch government to make treaties with the kings of Bali. His efforts have failed first.

For the second time trying to make perjanjiandengan Koopman great god, Klungkung and King of Badung. The contents of covenant is that the kings are:
  • State land is owned by the Dutch East Indies government
  • It will not give up his country to the other European nations and make a covenant with them,
  • and Allow tricolor flag-raising in the region.
At the end of the 1841 agreement ditandatanganioleh King Buleleng and Karangasem. Both kingdoms were willing to approach the agreement because at the time of Mataram in Lombok king refused to recognize the power of the king of Karangasem. In an effort menfembalikan this power Koopman will provide assistance to face Mataram.

Although the kings of Bali, Buleleng and Karangasem try to defend the right of journalists reef, Dutch diplomacy in the end managed to thrust a treaty to remove it. Thus the king Karangasem believes will restore his control over Mataram, Lombok which at that time did not subject him. This is a diplomatic victory obtained by the kings of Bali in the face of the Netherlands. Buleleng keep running the captive corals against ships stranded on the beach. In 1844 there athun seizure of the ships damaged or wrecked on the coast and beaches Sangsit Jambrana prancah in the region. This event is a series of causes of war and war Buleleng Jagaraga ie as evidence of the courage of the people of Bali to maintain customary law still run captive reef. According to the reporter right now all cargo ships belonging to the king and the coastal population, while the passengers bought sold, enslaved and sometimes killed. To avoid severe consequences because the executable seize the rock in its original form, then later the kings of Bali make the rules together. Cargo and passenger ships are stranded will be submitted to the king's ship and the place of origin within 25 days there is a chance to redeem cargo and passenger ships. Tawan reefs as indigenous legal institutions must be maintained not only in Bali, but also found in Tanimbar islands and southeastern Borneo.

In 1844 came two seizure of two ships stranded on beaches in the region Sangsit Buleleng and Jembrana Prancah region. Assistant Resident Banyuwangi Ravia de lignij dating to Buleleng with the intention that the stranded vessel and the cargo delivered immediately. In May 1845 Resident Maijor dating Basuki itself to Bali for the elimination of prisoner treaty meratifisir reefs. Maijor the king's request ditolakoleh Buleleng. The Maijor task is to deliver provisions to the king as he investigates the power of the kingdom of Buleleng Buleleng.

King Buleleng and patihnya know that Holland will attack. Protection holes are made, reinforced fortresses in central defense in Buleleng and Singaraja. In this war soldier Bali using a light gun called lilac. Force comprised of Dutch war army and navy. Command troops landing infranteri held by Lieutenant Colonel G. Bakker. Dutch forces landed shore Buleleng on 27 June 1846. Maijor sent an ultimatum to the king Buleleng. If the member does not answer the next morning the attack can not be deferred again. E.B. Van den Boschdan eskader assistance in Sangsit and tabunkus. Prajuri Bali trying to maintain places of landing. But they were driven out by shots from the Dutch ship. Buleleng king and his family fled to the village Jagaraga, Gusti Jlantik while still leading the battle with a Brahmin Ida Bagus Guests. Because of pressures Dutch finally Gusti Jlantik mundursampai Jagaraga village. In this place was built with defense places the villagers to construct the power back.

King Buleleng and Karangasem signed an agreement in 1846 which is binding. According to the agreement that the two kingdoms were placed under the Dutch East Indies government. Thus the two kingdoms were reduced its sovereignty. In 1847 and Badung kusumba beach stranded vessels that are not clear kebangsaanya. Passenger and cargo subject to prisoner reefs. This incident is used by the Dutch reason to carry out the war a second time, in addition to other reasons because of Buleleng and Karangasem did not keep the agreement ever made. War is called war years 1848ini Jagaraga I. In the war of 1848 Jagaraga a Balinese warrior can expel the Dutch. The number of soldiers Buleleng, Karangasem and Klungkung about 7 to 8,000. This amount far greater than expected Netherlands. On 20juni 1848 Dutch troops to leave Bali. This defeat led to the Dutch Government sent a third expedition in 1849, which was then called Jagaraga War II

In the war of 1848 dutch Jagaraga I was expelled from Jagaraga. This is a proof that the soldier is quite able to deal with attacks launched by the Dutch. Balinese kings began to get ready to face the Dutch. Defense centers repaired and strengthened. At that time soldiers under the command of Gusti Jlantik Baliu've been dealing with Dutch troops. Two opposite forces that no one opened fire first, although they are waiting for the signal to attack. Meanwhile, both sides retreated while waiting for negotiations to be held. In the attacks on 15 April that the Dutch army in the third column. Column 1 is the car as a troop carrier forces. Column 2 is much smaller force. Column 3 as the troops remain in sengsit assistance. In that battle casualties 33orang Dutch soldiers were killed and 148 wounded; of the Bali's troops had killed 6000 people. Those days are days of mourning. Jagaraga occupied by Dutch troops. Bali soldiers and their leaders will hold a resistance elsewhere.


The kings of Bali along with his people against the Dutch with gigihwalaupun weapons and the equipment they are less than perfect. In war there Jagaraga II triumph on the part of the Netherlands. Thus the Dutch military expedition which ended third. The agreement signed by the kings of Bali was by the Dutch intended to break belahkekuatan the kings of England, so there is not one of the great strengths of the several kingdoms that will be against the Dutch. In 1858 I Nyoman Gempol, a java Banjar perbekel up arms against the Dutch. Perbekel gather people to fight the king of Buleleng and the Netherlands. But the effort failed because the plan has been known by the Dutch.

In 1868 occurred the resistance Ida Made Rai, a retainer of Western Buleleng diangakt by the Dutch to "regent". To confront this resistance Ida Made Rai. Dutch East Indies government has sent another expedition. Heroic resistance that was to be discontinued due to Ida Made Rai was caught and thrown into Java. It is obvious that the fire of the spirit of resistance soldiers in pernag Jagaraga Bali to expel the Dutch occupiers remained diwarisa soldier Bali. Senagat ardent opposition was not only inherited by the soldiers of Bali alone, but also Indonesian soldiers generally, especially in fostering a spirit of national struggle.

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