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Indonesian language In The Era Of Globalization

HISTORY OF CULTURE | Indonesian language In The Era Of GlobalizationHandling Time Travel Research Language in the language in various aspects, both past (diachronic) and present (synchronous), to plan the handling of the language problem is a step forward language planning. From time to time aspects of language that was wrought in the study of language is the vocabulary and grammar which later evolved into the study after the phonological aspects of language experts take advantage of physics.

In subsequent developments affecting the study of sociology was the language so that language study is not only about the words and procedure for its use and how to produce language, but includes people who use the language in question. The third statement implies that:

(1) priority over the interests of Indonesian in other languages
(2) gives the right to live the regional languages in Indonesia
(3) provide opportunities for the use of a particular foreign language.

Dictionaries and Grammar Language Development Guide Expansion of the use of such language would expand the purposes of vocabulary / term in the various fields of science, especially for purposes of education / teaching. The development of the political functions of the struggle peaked when the Declaration of Independence declared in the Indonesian language and the language was a day later as the official language of the Republic of Indonesia in the Constitution of 1945 (Article 36).
The history of recording language starting from a list of words to the dictionary and grammar and language tests and study local languages ??in Indonesia is the handling of evidence documents the language problem in Indonesia. In some provinces have emerged that use the local language on the situation of government official and local languages use it in advertising services, in Jakarta, for example-have used dialects Jakarta in advertising appeals services to maintain and build Jakarta. However, in this paper will emphasize the national language planning, namely the Indonesian language, which includes attempts

(1) improving the quality of language
(2) strengthening the language system,
(3) improving the quality of language use
(4) increasing public awareness of the language,
(5) provision of means of linguistic
(6) improving the quality of linguistic power,
(7) institutional.

In connection with a foreign language, language planning research includes the use of foreign languages in connection with the enrichment of the Indonesian language, improving the quality of foreign language use through improving the quality of foreign language teaching. Quality Improvement of Indonesian development of science and technology from abroad, enter Indonesia to bring foreign languages, especially English. Vocabulary of regional languages have no equivalent in the Indonesian language, should be, incorporated into the vocabulary of Indonesian citizens.

If there are differences in pronunciation or spelling to the system in the Indonesian language, necessary adjustments to the system of pronunciation and ejan in the Indonesian language (see the General Guidelines for Establishment of term). Efforts involving regional languages in Indonesian vocabulary development is an attempt to make the Indonesian people feel a sense of nationality language that directs the development of growing concern and sense of belonging to the Indonesian language which in turn increasingly to cultivate a love for the Indonesian language.

Increased Use of Quality Use of Indonesian Indonesian language in various fields of life, especially written language, it is necessary ditingkatka quality that all our written document describing the use of Indonesian language tat on the system / rules of language. Increased Concern for Indonesian However the rate of development of vocabulary / terms accelerated and system / language rules established and the quality of its use in various fields of improved, as noted above, if people do not want to use the results pendukungna development of vocabulary / terms and stabilization of the system / rules, the effort pemacuan rate of development of vocabulary / terms or stabilization of the system / rules will be in vain.

One effort to keep the Indonesian are not displaced by the world's major languages, foreign languages, is the affirmation of the position and function of Indonesian in the midst of community supporters, namely in all levels of Indonesian society. Efforts to instill a love of language kebangsan that, inter alia, be achieved by improving the quality of the campaign "the use of Indonesian as good and true" to all levels of society with the approach and methods in accordance with the times. Efforts to extend the use of Indonesian society to the outside of Indonesia is another step to improve Indonesia's image in the international community through improving the quality of the teaching of Indonesian for foreign speakers (BIPA), which in turn will make Indonesian as a language of wider communication in the international world.

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