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Indigenous Communities Marriage Tolaki

HISTORY OF CULTURE Indigenous Communities Marriage Tolaki | Tolaki is one of the tribes in Southeast Sulawesi. These tribes inhabit the area around the Regency Kendari and Konawe. Tolaki tribe is one of the largest tribe in Southeast Sulawesi province next to the tribe of Buton and Muna Tribe. Origin of the word Tolaki believed to come from to "persons or human beings", men "men", then Tolaki often interpreted as human beings who have 'masculinity' high, bold, and uphold the honor and dignity. People Tolaki at first called itself Tolohianga (people of the sky).
The engagement of indigenous communities Tolaki a learning process and training for those who are getting married. Typically, the engagement occurs because those who will marry the immature, so it must wait until one of them is really considered an adult. That's why people Tolaki know and sometimes carry out processions engagement.

The engagement will apply since the application is received. Various matters relating to family life will be given a briefing. The aim is that both are used in dealing with various problems in their lives later. For the men, the engagement is a must own in order to be assessed directly by the woman before handing over their daughters. The prospective bridegroom to serve and be on probation with the prospective in-laws, this requirement is a requirement that must be met first by a party of men to women as part of the procession engagement. One example: join together to open farm or plantation in which the learning process in the stage of engagement for the prospective groom will take place until after the harvest.

Implementation of the wedding procession / marriage in general can be accelerated. However, the required readiness of men where the women will provide the broadest opportunity to prepare luanya requirements or the agreement previously approved both with respect to the value of dowry as well as organizing a party. However, the most important requirement is calom bridegroom is already quite mature. Tolaki ethnic wedding traditions also requires a good relationship between the men and women in determining the future direction for the bride and groom. As evidence, the dowry that must be met by a party of men to women at family engagement and marriage is a fruit of the agreements negotiated in advance. In addition, the implementation is basically a perfect marriage is when both parties are ready to hold the wedding party so as to avoid the occurrence of lack of funds or in the customary phrase Tolaki disebutsalabao.

The tradition of engagement in society has been carried out berkesinambuangan Tolaki from generation to generation onwards. Now life continues to progress with any changes to the lives of children growing nowadays. But with the preservation of the values ??of life, which is presumably it should not be eroded and lost as the grinding wheels of modern culture. As a way out, care and concern we all have to be increased to the customs and culture that has tremendous usefulness of these, so that we remain a great nation with the identity of which remains rooted in the valuable cultural past.

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