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History of the Pajang Kingdom

History of the Pajang Kingdom HISTORY OF CULTURE | In the history of the Display is the holder of the reins of power after demak royal Javanese Islam. There are historians who say that the actual shelf-shaped empire and not yet the king did not hold a sultan. Shelf, said historians are still a duchy. However, for the sake of simplicity, we use the first opinion by calling the shelf as a sultanate. Sultanate located in the area Kartasura shelf (near surakarta or solo), Central Java. The Sultanate is the first Islamic kingdom located in the hinterland. Previously, the kingdom of Islam has always been in the coastal areas, since Islam came via traders from western Asia are anchored on the coast. The first Sultan kerebet shelf is mas. It stems from pangging, villages in the southeast slopes of Mount Merapi. Mas is the son of the ruler Pengging kerebet last, handayaningrat, who was sentenced to death by the emperor of the Holy. The death penalty was given because Handayaningrat follow the teachings of Sheikh Siti Jenar deemed heretical. Mas karebet has another name, namely Jaka Tingkir. Tingkir Kerebet mas is the name of the place grew.

Syahdan, a raging bull in demak. A contest was held in Demak. Sultanate demak states that anyone who can conquer the bull, will be appointed as a retainer of the empire. Jaka tingkir these contests, and he succeeded in paralyzing the bull. Therefore, Jake received Tingkir serve, even then the son of Sultan Trenggana and given an area called the shelf, with Jake Tikir as adipatinya. After the sultan Trenggana died in 1546, his son is named Sunan Prawoto appointed as his successor. However, he later died were killed in the seizure of power by his own nephew, the Arya Panangsang.

Furthermore, Arya demak Penangsang became ruler. But because the duchy shelf has also been growing strongly and has a vast territory there was disagreement between the bachelor and arya Penangsang tingkir. With the help of other duchy duchy, which also did not like arya Penangsang, bachelor tingkir finally managed to kill Arya Penangsang. The story of the conquest of arya Penangsang recorded in the Chronicle story, of course with seasonings bumbus myth. Narrated in the Babad Tanah Jawi, Jake Tingkir received help from three people yaknik Ki Ageng Pemanahan, Penjawi Ki, Ki Mertani Savior. Arya Penangsang famous magic, because it is a major disciple of the Holy Sunan, senapati war demak kingdom. To deal with supernatural powers Penangsang, the three were making strategies. Run tactics, beginning with the capture and injured ear Arya Penangsang favorite horse, Crow Rimang. The horse was then returned to his cage. Knowing this, Arya Penangsang very angry, and immediately seek deemed responsible.

Seen, people who handle Rimang melekuia run to the edge of the Solo River, So arya Penangsang after him. There ki troops archery, Penjawi Ki, and Ki Martani Savior is waiting. At that time the child Ki Gede danang Sutawijaya Mataram, was waiting behind a bush across the river gerumul. When Arya Penangsang arrived on the shores of river, opposite released a mare. Thus, direct rimang crow chasing a mare is out of control, and cross the river solo. Across the river, Danang Sutawijaya ready, wielding tombank Kyai Plered. Position so close, Arya Penangsang was stabbed with a spear in hand Sutawijaya. He fell, his intestines spilled. However, arya Penangsang rose again, and wrapping his intestines on the keris, Kyai Satan Kober. Then he lunged Sutawijaya, while wielding keris. But he forgot, the pain dagger entwined his own intestines, to even scratch the intestines it. arya Penangsang killed instantly.

As the king shelf, holds a bachelor tingkir Hadiwijaya Sultan (1568-1582). The title was passed by the Sunan Giri, and soon gained recognition from the Grand Duke menjawa central and eastern Java. As a first step affirmation of power, Hadiwijaya ordered that all heirlooms demak moved to Pajang. After that, he became one of the most influential king menjawa. Sultan Hadiwijaya expand his power in Javanese countryside to the east until the madison, the flow of the largest child Solo river. Year 1554, Blora, near Jipang, occupied as well. Ditundukannya Kediri in 1577. year 1581, after the age of the sultan Hadiwijaya beyond middle age, he managed to gain recognition as sultanislam of the most important kings in eastern Java. Although the sultan Hadiwijaya very influential and powerful, but the display is not able to expand his territory into the ocean. Madura was not even included in a display territory. Perhaps, this is one result of shelf positions are entered into pedalamanjawa too. Although expansion of the region can not run optimally, during the reign Hadiwijaya, the field of literature and art that have been advanced in Demak and Jepara slow sea known in pedalamanjawa. Kaut Islamic influence in the coastal areas also spread and spread to the interior.

Hadiwijaya died in 1587. his body was buried in Need, an area west of the palace garden shelf. He was succeeded by son, Arya Pangiri, Sunan Prawoto child. Prior to his appointment to the throne shelf, Arya Pangiri is demak ruler. Meanwhile, the child Hadiwijaya sultan, prince Benawa, removed by Arya Pangiri, and made Duke Jipang. Prince Benawa then ask for help danang Sutawijaya Mataram ruler, to overthrow the Aryan Pangiri. They succeeded and rose to the throne Prince Benawa shelf. However, benawa end its rule by resigning from the throne, and then choose the service life untukagama. Furthermore, the empire overshadowed a display of the power of Mataram. In lieu of pengeran benawa, king of Mataram Crow lifted clear. However, his position is just as dukes Pajang. Unfortunately, age is not long. He died in 1591. finally, the king of Mataram raised as a duke's son prince benawa shelf. Bearkhi shelf in royal history in 1618.

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