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History Of Batik Semarang

HISTORY OF CULTUREHistory Of Batik Semarang | Batik is an Indonesian national heritage, but since when people know the art of decorating fabric or batik called that? Does batik really originated from the Javanese? None of the experts or researchers dared to make sure the origins of batik batik. 

What is clear Elliot a researcher, batik lovers and collectors from the United States dare say that batik has existed on the island of Java, three centuries before, namely in the 16th century. Definition batik generally agreed upon convention Internaional Batik in Yogyakarta in 1997 is the process of writing a picture or decoration on any media by using wax batik (wax) as a color barrier. When the process without the use of batik wax it can not be called batik, batik textiles and it is said. Then, How to Batik Semarang?

Historical traces Batik Semarang
Semarang is the harbor area and one of the largest industrial investment centers in Indonesia. Semarang often stop off nations and foreign cultures, so many acculturation occurs. In the field of batik, many thought that was the center of batik in Semarang, Central Java. But until now there is no showing of Semarang has a tradition of batik, let alone have a motive and a clear grip.

Why Batik Semarang as a region lacking a lot called? this is very possible because the region is relatively small number of batik producers when rising batik entrepreneurs Indo-European and Peranakan Chinese. It was so different when compared with pekalongan region.

Semarang Tempo Formerly

On July 24, 2007, Semarang government through Disperindag Batik Semarang to launching it through a seminar that discussed the motives and identity of batik. And agreed that that batik Batik Semarang is produced by the people or citizens of the city of Semarang with a motif or decoration associated with the icons of Semarang. Understanding it is not definitive because it does not rule out the continued study of batik in Semarang.

The Motif Of Batik Semarang
Robyn Maxwell, a researcher on Southeast Asian textiles, find a glove in the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam made in Semarang. In his book, Textiles of Southeast Asia: Tradition, Trade and Transformation (2003:386), Maxwell called a fabric production Semarang 106.5 × 110 cm size made of cotton with decorations of natural color have very different motives or motives of Surakarta Yogyakarta.

Pepin Van Roojen, find some kind of batik from Semarang as written in his book titled Batik Design (2001:84). There is a sarong made in the late 19th century, in Semarang. Gloves that have a board and tumpal with ornament in the form of pine needles or similar bhuta pointed Kashmiri origin. Motive body of fried. It shows though specifically batik Surakarta, Central Java and Yogyakarta represented differently by coastal batik, Semarang is included, but the patterns are used as standard equipment also shown in the pattern was fried.

Researcher other batik, batik semarang asserted in some ways shows the main character laseman laseman style of red color (bangbangan) with ivory background (whitish yellow). Lee Chor Lin (2007:65) says laseman with cirri bangbangan affect batik creations in several places on the north coast such as Tuban, Surabaya and Semarang.

Maria Wonska-Friend who reviewed batik collections owned by Rudolf G Smend (Smend et al, 2006:53) mentions the characteristic pattern of floral batik in Semarang, which in many ways similar to the pattern Laseman. No wonder in the collection are a lot of batik cloth from the 20th century called batik Lasem or Semarang. That is, batik-batik is not specifically referred to as the creation of a city such as batik or batik Semarang Lasem only just.

All Product For Batik Semarang

1. Franquemont and Oosterom
Batik Franquemont have varied with the color green color as the specifics and have patterned patterns of European, Chinese and especially the northern coast of Madura and the pattern of the palace. Franquemont also took figures setting and attributes of various European fairy tales that appear repeatedly on the body of batik cloth. While Batik Oosterom character has a complicated pattern of one of his creations with a motif pattern depicting circus rider, people dancing, castle-like buildings, palm trees, foliage and equipped like a phoenix bird.

2. Tan Kong Tien
Batik motifs from "Batikkerij Tan Kong Tien" is the result of acculturation motives open coastal character and motive of the palace. Examples of the basic motif which is a batik parang palace, often combined with a peacock motif.

3. Neni Asmarayani
Neni batik gallery opened in the 1970's in Semarang and involves several famous painters and artists in the creation of designs. There are two motives that created the feel of Semarang Warak Ngendog and Pandan Arang. But the batik business then do not continue.

4. Retno Sri Batik
The uniqueness of Sri Retno batik is made in terms of innovation motive for production located in Semarang, traces the city's uniqueness is also a source of exploration of the creation of batik motifs. Unfortunately the company that actually has got the market and popular as the creator of a typical batik that operate less than a decade.

5. Batik Semarang 16
After a long vacuum in 2005, Umi. S. Adi Susilo active revive batik activity. In addition to many well established training company batik handicraft Batik Semarang 16. Hundreds of patterns have been generated mainly Batik Semarang 16 new motifs associated with city landmarks such as the Tugu Muda Semarang, Lawang Sewu, Tree Asem, Blekok Srondol and more. 11 motive has dipantenkan on IPR.

6. Kampung Batik
Is the center of batik in Semarang who have experienced glory in the Dutch era. Not only Kampung Batik which is where batik artisans, but also Bugangan, Rejosari, Kulitan, Kampung Melayu, and Kampung Darat, which incidentally is the villages located around the central city of Semarang tempo first. Based on the research of Dr. Goddard Yuliati MA from the Department of History Faculty of Letters, Diponegoro University, Semarang Generally people past naturalist batik motifs (fish, butterflies, flowers, trees, hills, and houses), not symbolic like batik-batik in Surakarta and Yogyakarta. Naturalist motif is characteristic of batik, which is produced by the north coast of Java. Traits that can be interpreted as a character of coastal communities, a more open and expressionistic than society in Surakarta and Yogyakarta, which is more covered by the system of symbols, norms, and rules under the rule of kings.

7. Village Gemawang
Based on the literature, since the Dutch East Indies in the region has indeed been there batik industry. After the great eruption of Mount Ungaran circa 1800's, batik then spread to various regions. Batik Gemawang began to rise in 2005, after a training batik. This batik batik elements have characteristics of coffee, honey and baruklinting tuning. While the main staining using indigo (Indigofera).

8. Batik Loka by Hanna Lester
Batik Loka is a label and a gallery for the creation of cultural products and creative fashion product with batik motifs Semarang Central Java in particular and general. Batik Loka cooperating with the craftsmen to produce a quality product and high artistic taste. By using e-commerce as one of the media market is expected to specifically and batik Batik Semarang in Central Java are generally more widely known to both domestic and foreign.

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