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History Mine Workers Teonghoa Malaysia Until Belitung

HISTORY OF CULTUREHistory Mine Workers Teonghoa Malaysia Until Belitung | Malaysia since the end of the 17th century have started managing the tin.While Indonesia tin from managed since the 18th century mining is the oldest mining in Indonesia and Malaysia. Chinese immigrants coming to Malaysia and lived in Silver. One of the famous Chinese leader Ah Chung Qwee.Their who contributed to bring workers to Malaysia in 1872, and the number of workers they brought in about 40,000 general of Canton and Hakka. In 1883, Malaysia became the largest tin producer in the world. Until the late 19th century, supplying about 55% tin world.
Tin is the main pillar of the Malaysian economy. The most important area is the Kinta Valley, and includes the city of Ipoh, Gopeng, Kampar and Batu Gajah. Alluvial tin is mined in a belt stretching from the Kedah state to the Kinta Valley and along the foothills of Perak, Selangor and Johor, Kuala Lumpur is a place even Tin Mining. Belitung Island Depati KA Hatam Cakraningrat memeritah VII in Belitung Island 1785-1815.


Manage cerucuk tin on the banks of the river in a traditional way to learn from people who first manage Bangka tin, K. A Hatam bring in Chinese workers from Johor Malaysia . Islands in the molten tin in Singkep then taken to the Johor and Malacca through Tumasik currently called Singapore. In 1856, after the Pacific Islands in the Dutch controlled the Chinese began to be imported on a regular basis in Belitung tin trench workers. Siburik River City Tanjungpandan currently a colony where the workers Teonghoa.

Immigrants Teonghoa Bangka Belitung own most of the tribe into Jia (often called tribes Khek) They are experts in mining Tin. Generally they come from certain districts, such as villages, Sin Neng, San Wui, Hoi P'eng and lasted until the 20th century. The first flow of migration, not accompanied by women, so that there was intermarriage between migrant workers with local women.

How the lives of the Chinese miners, the History does not record much about their lives. as a mine worker, but a movie filmed by CL Hor Brother Fighting Tiger's title gives an overview of 19th century mine workers in Malaysia in the Kinta Valley Regional Teonghoa workers from southern mainland China is undergoing a difficult life they are bound by the contract Opium Judi also be part of their lives clashes between workers and foremen tambangpun into a turbulent near the mine, the people of ethnic Malays became their protector.

The film also provides an illustration of the Chinese migration to Malaysia to become miners. Belitung Island in the historical records that the first time Teonghoa Mine workers to come from Johor Malaysia. Malay history of the past, especially the Pacific Islands will not escape the role Teonghoa Discuss this at the time of the event Yin Galema Novel Book works at Café UNJ Ian Sancin Jogjakarta 14 nov 2009, Nations Novel Which raises Pluralism Indonesia Belitong Island tells of the situation in the century 17. with the character Princess Teonghoa.

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