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History Keris Mpu Gandring

HISTORY OF CULTUREHistory Keris Mpu Gandring | Mpu Gandring Keris is the heirloom weapon in the history of the founding of the famous Kingdom of Singhasari in Malang, East Java now. Keris is famous for his condemnation that took the lives of elites Singasari including the founders and the wearer, Ken Arok.

Keris is made by a blacksmith who was known to be sacred by the name of Mpu Gandring, on orders Ken Arok, one of the robbers who according to a Brahmin named Lohgawe is wisnu bead. Ken Arok was ordered to the Mpu Gandring dagger with a one night only, which is an almost impossible job done by the "Mpu" (a clever title for a very powerful metal) at the time. However Mpu Gandring menyanggupinya with supernatural powers they have. Even the force was "transferred" into a homemade dagger was to increase the capability and the magic dagger.

After finishing a dagger with a perfect shape and form even has a supernatural ability that supposedly said to exceed that period keris. Mpu Gandring completed its work to make the dagger sheath. However, gloves are not yet completed, Ken Arok come to take the dagger which he had taken one day and haris. Then Ken Arok and final test Keris Keris is ditusukkannya the Mpu Gandring that supposedly he did not keep their promises (as sarong keris is not yet completed) rest even be said to test the ability of the keris is the creator of the supernatural forces of kris (keris is actually stored in it to add to his ability). In dying, mpu Gandring issued a curse that Kris will ask the victim lives of seven generations of Ken Arok. In his journey, a dagger is involved in the dispute and murder of the royal elite Singhasari namely: killing stumps Ametung.

Ametung stump, regional head Tumapel (forerunner Singhasari) then a subordinate of the Kadiri Kingdom was ruled by Kertajaya the title "Dandang Gendis" (last king of this kingdom). Tumapel itself is a fraction of a large empire that was once a kingdom that was destroyed Jenggala Kadiri, which both originally one region led by Airlangga.

Ken Arok killed stumps Ametung to get his beautiful wife, Ken Dedes. Ken Arok himself was an employee of the trust of the stumps Ametung very believable. The background of this murder is because of Ken Arok heard of Brahmins Lohgawe that "he who marry Ken Dedes will be King of the World".

Before Ken Arok killed stumps Ametung, this dagger was loaned to her coworkers, who named Kebo Ijo are interested in Kris was and always carried it with him where where to draw the public attention. For Ken Arok himself, borrowing Kris was a ploy to later publicly accused by Kebo Ijo Tumapel is a murder case designed by Ken Arok. The trick was successful and almost all public Tumapel including some officials believe that the murder suspect Kebo Ijo was Ametung stumps. Ken Arok who was the confidant of killing the stumps directly Ametung Kebo Ijo which it is said, with the keris.

Killing of Ken Arok
After killing the stumps Ametung, Ken Arok take his job, marry Ken Dedes, who was pregnant and expand the influence of Tumapel so eventually able to destroy the kingdom of Kadiri. Ken Arok eventually established their own kingdom Singhasari. Apparently murder is wafted by Anusapati, child with father Ken Dedes Ametung stumps. Anusapati, which was adopted by Ken Arok knew it all from his mother, Ken Dedes and determined to take revenge. Anusapati eventually devise retaliatory killings by having a warrior sacred trust, the foundation of Ki.

At the time alone in a room the royal heritage, Ken Arok had observed the royal treasures. One of the treasures which he possessed was made sheathless dagger Gandring Mpu known as Kris Gandring. Seeing the blood spills on the dagger, he felt more scared in advance unseen voice from within the keris is requesting tumbal. He remembered the curse Mpu Gandring killed, and immediately to the ground until mebantingnya shattered. He intended to destroy it. But apparently the keris is floated and disappeared. While designing the foundation of Ki Anusapati and killings, the keris is suddenly in the hands Anusapati. Anusapati handed the dagger to the foundation of Ki according to the language now, served as the "executor" of Ken Arok. The task was implemented, and to eliminate the traces, Anusapati kill Ki foundation with the keris.

Killing Anusapati
Anusapati Ken Arok took office, but not for long. Because Tohjaya, son of Ken Umang Ken Arok eventually find out the killings. And Tohjaya was revenge. Tohjaya cockfights held a very popular royal Anusapati. When Anusapati guard, took the dagger Mpu Tohjaya Gandring and instantly killed on the spot. Tohjaya Anusapati killed by penalties which are believed to kill Ken Arok. After killing Anusapati, Tohjaya set himself up as king instead of Anusapati.

Tohjaya himself not long reign. Emergence of discontent both among people and even among the elite palace which is his family and his own brother, whom Mahisa Campaka and Dyah Ox Tal. Dissatisfaction and palace intrigue is finally flared into warfare that resulted in the deaths Tohjaya. Having successfully mastered the situation, eventually followed by a royal throne ruling Ranggawuni said is quite old and peacetime Singashari kingdom. Since the killing of Tohjaya, Kris lost mpu Gandring rimbanya unknown.


The story of the professor Gandring keris can be found in the book Pararaton. This story can not be released from the figure of a beautiful woman, Ken Dedes, who is said to be the master curse emergence particulars. Associated with burning love. Many of us know the stories about who has the good luck or kris linuwih power. Each story tells how a dagger that has the power of supernatural power could help change the fate of the owner, sometimes the hard way the human mind.

However, from a variety of magical dagger tale, nothing is more exciting and legendary master of the story kris Gandring property of Ken Arok Tumapel the period before the royal Singosari. Once the fiber Pararaton mentioned, Ken Arok Ametung intended to kill stumps, a akuwu (ruler) in Tumapel. This intention comes after inadvertently Ken Arok, who was a servant in Tumapel, saw Ken Dedes smooth calf, wife Ametung stumps, when Ken Dedes got off the train.

Not only that, the "secret items" property of Ken Dedes was seen by Ken Arok. From the "secret stuff" visible presence of the goddess of light rays. Ken Arok was interested at once surprised and looked at the goddess. Really beautiful women who no unrivaled in the world, thought Ken Arok. Ken Arok later recounts to the Dhang Lohgawe Hyang, a Brahmin who clairvoyant. According to the Brahmin, a woman with a sign like that is called Nareswari. He was the leading lady, the queen of all women. Although a man is poor and lowly, if a married woman like this then he will certainly be a king or a high jabatnnya.

Hearing this explanation of the Brahmin as the bilat Ken Arok his determination to marry Ken Dedes, no matter the risks, including by way of killing the stumps Ametung. Ken Arok went down to the shelter Gandring master, a master craftsman who is very famous kris maker. By kris-made masters of this Gandring Ken Arok intends to kill stumps Ametung.

"Ki master, please bikinkanlah me a powerful dagger. I expect to be completed within five months. Please note, Ki, so that the keris can be done. "
Gandring master replied, "If you want a good, should be within one year. If in five months is not enough. "
Ken Arok said again, "Engraving dagger that's up to just how the shape and the s type. I do not care about the issue promises, pkoknya must be completed within five months. "

After five months, then Ken Arok was reminded of his promise, which will be orders to the master kris Gandring. Gandring masters at that time was carved dagger.
Ken Arok spoke slowly, "Ki, already selesaikah dagger that my order?"
Similarly Gandring master replied softly, "duh foot. Kerismu kukikir it is precisely this." When I heard the reply, Ken Arok become happy and to be less polite.

Ken Arok see the keris is being stingy (refined). Kris Gandring given by the professor, received by Ken Arok and scrutinized. Concurrent aware that the keris has not been completed, then Ken Arok angry. "This dagger has not finished! I is not been told many times. There was no point in me saying this kalu fact, Ki. Too bad you are, Ki. Cuisine filing anything until five months still not finished. Completely ignoring my message, you're the professor Gandring! "Ken Arok was raging blindly.

Mpu Gandring in tusuknya with homemade dagger itself the master. Soon the master Gandring fainted. KenArok keterlanjuran indulge in the fire of anger. Kris disabetkan in place kikiran iron mortar. Mortar made of stone was split in two. After that kris disabetkan toward anvil (base to forge iron). Berkepingan anvil broke. After that came a voice professor who swore serapahi Gandring, "Ken Arok, tomorrow you yourself will die by the dagger that too. Children and grandchildren, seven kings will die anyway with the same weapon. "

After saying these words, mak professor Gandring soon died. Ken Arok deeply regret the death of the professor Gandring. Keris master Gandring proved powerful. The proof, it managed to kill stumps kris Ametung, Ken Arok himself, and his descendants. So just as the professor Gandring oath that the keris killed seven kings.

Keris Mpu Gandring: Hypothesis

Gandring known as a famous metalworkers at the royal Tumapel (Singosari embryo). He is also known as magic. Because the "professional" and powerful that he was later given the title "Mpu". Ken Arok, a person believed to be the incarnation of Vishnu, order a dagger to him. "One day", so Ken Arok giving a deadline for Gandring. One day passed and Gandring has completed the keris. But the dagger sheath unfinished. Because of impatience, Ken Arok took it, then kill Gandring. Gandring had cursed Ken Arok and his descendants: seven generations would die dagger pierced it.

That time, metal or metallurgical processing technology is still very traditional: the iron is heated and wrought; or in terms of metallurgy, heat treated (heat treatment) and formed (forging). Later, the science of metaphysics in, and iron that has been formed (eg, sword, dagger, etc.), given the prayers, and become powerful. Is that so? I do not know.
How Mpu Gandring making keris so powerful? Mpu Gandring choose a strong but lightweight materials. That time, the process of integration of metals with other metals might not produce a satisfactory blend. Thus, monolithic material is preferred. Mpu Gandring choose meteorite as a keris. It also needs to be further investigated whether the meteor rocks and heat treatment can be established. Meteorites can be seen and touched at the Museum of Geology - Bandung. But, whether the material was used Mpu Gandring or not, this is still a question.

Once, a dagger form, mpu Gandring dipping kris (still hot) into the snake venom. There is a process of diffusion of the venom into the dagger that was still smoldering. Snake venom is only partially attached to the surface, and another part diffuses into the keris. After it cools, a dagger is inserted into the sheath, and stored. It is conceivable if it is touched or dagger thrust into the body: as soon as snake stick and into the blood, then the human body will be paralyzed and die. At that time, few people know kris-making process in a "scientific"; one of them is Mpu Gandring. Because knowledge and considerable experience in the manufacture of advanced kris, maybe Mpu Gandring also known as the guru of that era.

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