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HISTORY OF CULTURE | FULL MYSTERY OF KRAKATAU (PART I) | Halwany Michrob, historical anthropologist, found the frame of the alleged victims of the eruption of Krakatoa. will be tested in a laboratory in Jakarta, after which it will be stored in the Museum of Krakatoa. The discovery of the human skeleton on the beach sebah Anyer - Banten, West Java tip of the North. Human skeleton is a skeleton found someone who was devastated by the disaster in 1888, when it happened Mount Krakatoa erupted and who found a human skeleton Halwany Michrob tesebut is a historical anthropologist.

He conducted excavations near Anyer Lor with a team who were given the theme of rescue excavations, the original excavation was to uncover prehistoric relics. But the work that began on August 1, 1996 was another result. In front of Anyer District Office, just a few hundred feet from the shoreline of human skeleton was found in the prone position at a depth of 1.2 m. His right hand cupped her head seemed that lies between two rocks like squashed. While her left hand holding the stomach.

"It's definitely not a Muslim burial systems, which are usually both her arms crossed," added Halwany. Moreover, the soil layer did not show the former burial pit. Residents told us that there are many people who find a human skeleton or the animal when it wants to build houses. All this reminds us of the events of 105 years ago, when giant waves, which many people call the tsunami waves, as high as about 40 yards and tossed Carita Beach Anyer. Coral weighing hundreds of tons were thrown to the ground even Caringin District Municipality had disappeared under the waves.

But the findings in Anyer is not only a human skeleton but also obtained the beads, the currency of the Netherlands in 1880 and also found the former kitchen of its contents, among others, pieces of Chinese ceramics the end of the 18th century. The findings, according to the head of the National Archaeological Research Centre, Dr. Hasan Muarif Ambary, will still be tested in a laboratory in Jakarta. After that will be stored in the Museum of Krakatoa, which lies just across Carita Krakatau Beach Hotel.

The museum was just laid the first stone in the 105 years commemoration eruption of Krakatoa, Krakatau Foundation founder. Tourists and researchers will be expected to come, but the presence of the Museum was now living somewhere where Lippo condo hotel there.

Mountain which is located in the Sunda strait was once erupted explosively on 27 August 1883, with a voice that sounded eruptions up to the islands Rodriguez (writer did not know there where), a distance of 4653 km from the mountain and heard by about about 1 / 13 planet earth. Ashes until well into Singapore which is located 840 km north of Krakatau. Dust ejected into space close sunlight and cool the earth.National Geographic magazine from the United States recorded the decline in world temperatures by 1.2 degrees Celsius until one year after the eruption and the temperature returned to normal 5 years later (1888).

Krakatau eruption that ejects ejekta of dust and pumice into the sky as much as 18 cubic meters is the number three in the world in the number of ejekta are sprayed into the atmosphere. The first is the eruption of Mount Tambora, Indonesia volcano also that in 1815 threw 80 km cubic ejekta. The eruption of Mount Tambora caused cooling of the earth that is very clear that in 1816 called "a year without summer" in the United States.

Number two is the eruption of Mount Mazama in Japan in the year 4600 BC that spewed 42 cubic miles ejekta. This eruption also caused tsunami waves as high as approximately 40m. Carcasses humans, horses, cows, chickens, and dogs caught him. Although it is weak, the tsunami wave was up to the eruption of Krakatoa on the west coast of South America.

Krakatoa is a volcanic archipelago that are still active and located in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra that height 813 m (2.667 feet) and the coordinates are 6 ° 6'27 "S, 105 ° 25'3" BT, The eruption of Krakatoa volcano on 26 - August 27, 1883 is very powerful and lead to the occurrence of tsunami waves that caused the deaths of approximately 36,000 people around the soul. Krakatau eruption caused global climate change in almost parts of the world.

The world was dark for two and a half days due to volcanic ash that covered the atmosphere. The sun was shining dim next year. The explosion of Krakatoa is actually still less than the eruption of Mount Toba and Mount Tambora in Indonesia, but these mountains erupted deep in the human population is still very small. Meanwhile, when Mount Krakatoa erupted, the human population is dense enough, science and technology has evolved, the telegraph was invented, and subsea cable already installed.

This we can say that moment of information technology is growing and developing rapidly in times of Mount Krakatoa erupted. Noted that the eruption of Krakatoa was the first major disaster in the world after the invention of the telegraph under the sea. Progress is, unfortunately, has not been matched by progress in the field of geology. The geologist was not even able to give an explanation of the cracking.

The emergence of Mount Krakatau 
On the day Monday, August 27, 1883, promptly at 10:20, the mountain explodes.According to Simon Winchester, a geologist at Oxford University English graduate who is also the author of National Geographic said that the blast was the biggest, loudest voice and the most devastating volcanic event in modern human history. The voice sounded eruptions until 4600 km from the center of the eruption and can even be heard by the eighth inhabitants of the earth at that time. According to researchers at the University of North Dakota, with the explosion of Krakatoa explosion of Mount Tambora (1815) listed the value of the Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI), the largest in modern history. Krakatoa explosion had thrown stones pumice and volcanic ash by volume of 18 cubic miles. Shot of dust vulkanisnya mencavai 80 km.

Hard objects which flew into the air, falling on the plains of Java and Sumatra islands even up to Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Australia and New Selendia. Ocean wave when the eruption rose as high as 40 meters to destroy the villages and what was on the coast. As the tsunami in Aceh, this arises not only because of the eruption but also submarine landslide. Noted the number of the dead reached 36,417 people from 295 villages in coastal areas ranging from Peacock (Attack) until cilamaya in Karawang, West coast of Banten to display on the island of Cape Panaitan (Ujung Kulon) and the southern part of Sumatera. In Ujung Kulon, flood in. to 15 km to the west. The next day until a few days later, residents of Jakarta and Lampung hinterland no longer see the sun.

Anak Krakatau Mountein
Starting in 1927 or roughly 40 years after the eruption of Mount Krakatoa, a volcano that emerged is known as Anak Krakatoa caldera of an ancient region which is still active and still growing in height. High growth speed of about 20 inches per month.Every year it becomes more and more about 20 feet wide 40 feet. Another note mentions the addition of high-about 4 cm per year and if calculated, then within 25 years the addition of high-achieving children Rakata 7500 inches or 500 feet higher than the previous 25 years. The cause of the high mountain was caused by the material that comes out of the new belly of the mountain. Currently, the height of Anak Krakatau reach about 230 meters above sea level, while Mount Krakatau previously had 813 meters high above sea level.

According to Simon Winchester, despite what happened in the life of Krakatoa which was very scary realities of geology, seismic and tectonic in Java and Sumatra strange will ensure that what used to happen at some point will happen again. No one knows exactly when the Son of Krakatoa to erupt. Some geologists predict eruptions in will occur between 2015-2083. However, the effect of earthquakes on the basis of the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2004 also can not be ignored.

According to Professor Nakayama Uenda one vulcanologist Japanese nationals, Anak krakatau is still relatively safe although there are active and frequent small eruptions,there are only certain times of the tourists are prohibited from approaching the areabecause of danger of lava that spewed out of this volcano. Other experts claim there is no plausible theory about the Son of Krakatoa which will re-erupt. Even if there are any more or at least 3 centuries after 2325 AD But clearly, the number of victims causedmore awesome than the previous eruption.


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