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Form of Interest Form Marriage In Lembak Tribe

HISTORY OF CULTUREForm of Interest Form Marriage In Lembak Tribe | Bengkulu culture is a culture that incorporated in other cultures, the art of dance, music, traditional clothing, and other cultures, but you know, was in Bengkulu still keep the original culture of the largest tribes in Bengkulu, which is about all kinds of marriage, which was held in customs Lembak tribe. In which case the other tribes, then the purpose of marriage for the Tribe Lembak can be divided into two groups:

Ordinary Marriage

This is a form perkawianan marriage between men and women through the normal process, either fully meet the requirements specified customary or based on ability. Customary forms of marriage that follows through the normal process of this kind is done mainly for seseoran man who still virgin with women who are still virgins, or at least for women who are still virgins, even though he is not a virgin anymore. And for women or men who did not virgin or virgin anymore, marriage sufficient to meet the requirements of Islam and rarely interspersed with traditional ceremonies.

Kawin Lari

Eloped actually no norms that shape marriage. The process of marriage is not on the run Lembak society, but in pelaksnaannya recognized, there are women and men agreed to implement the yag marriage, is not approved by the parents of both parties or one party, was forced to flee from the responsibility of parents. The term run here can not mean customary, but is an attempt to find another place to perform marriages according to Islamic norms or according to the prevailing customs.

If one family / parents are aware of these events, they usually normalize it by fulfilling marriage customs or at least meet the norms of religion or the applicable legislation. It is clear that the elopement of society Lembak not diadatkan and disliked by the public.

Hanging Marriage (Nikah Ga-Ngang).

Marriage is actually hanging and not in the traditional marriage ceremony. But implementation of these terms can be recognized there, due to the influence of the prevailing custom in areas other to call the marriage process called Ga-Ngang Marriage. Ga-Ngang marriage is a form of marriage which was legally implemented in an Islamic ceremony in physical but not mixed or in other words not yet married.

Such an event is done to convince the relationship between mother's family physically marriage has not been implemented due to reasons such as college still needs time to complete their studies or critical tasks that can not be abandoned, to implement custom perkawianan well in fulfilling certain norms nor gather members -members who have not completed other than that the woman is not mature enough according to health and religion.

At the present time it is so rare that in Ga-Ngang marriage both parties have officially become a new partner, only the obligation of each party man or woman in charge of this new family has not been fully implemented. The issue of marriage is absolutely ga-sanctioned Ngang parents, by itself konskwensi more weighted to the elderly, behind the days when there is no match, the issue is placed on divorce law Divorce law as married people. And in previous studies to maintain the continuity of family ties each family usually determined by the negotiations of mutual benefit to both the children and parents respectively.

Married proxy

Marriage is almost the same proxy marriage in character with the Ga-Ngang give syarak applicable provisions in Islamic law. Such an event is a belief that integration of family kinship between the two sides has been the implementation of its implementation wedding, held in which the men have not had a chance to come perform marriages. While the female is ready and can not be postponed again.

In implementing the custom usually unilateral course that is only valid on the part of women while the men only perform in accordance with Shari'a, Islamic law and to send representatives to attend the marriage ceremony took delivery. Representatives from the male parent is the older brother / younger men from the prospective husband with yag convincing evidence when the time is possible then marriage to a man who could be directly represented her home for a ceremony salvation.

Replace mat Married (Married Tuko Tiko)

Such marriages are more social is essentially an attempt to keep alive the bonds of kinship that have been previously applicable. These events occurred as a result of someone dying man who abandoned his wife, then held consensus between the family approved by the widowed wife and family to carry out the re-marriage with the sister of the late wife who is usually still a virgin. Because these events are more social and kinship in the implementation of the customary marriage is usually incomplete.

This is reasonable if it met the requirements of Islamic Shari'a and the function of woman as virgin opposite can also happen if the woman that her husband's death and legacy have been berputra her husband. Before carrying out mating with another man or still want to be widowed, then the family of her husband mandiang party seeks to marry a wife by her late husband's brother and preferably a virgin.

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