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Dreadlocks Hair Cutting Ceremony Of Dieng Tribe

HISTORY OF CULTURE | Dreadlocks Hair Cutting Ceremony Of Dieng Tribe | The tradition of the people who live in Dieng, Wonosobo and surrounding areas require children over the age of 7 years who have tangled hair (like growing dreadlocks naturally) have to do Ruwatan tangled hair shaving. The goal is that all the 'reinforcements' posed vanished.

For society Wonosobo, children who have tangled hair is considered to bring misfortune or trouble in the future, but if the child is believed diruwat will bring fortune. Besides, it is intended that Ruwatan the child can live with normal hair. Because according to Tito Dimejo, spiritual leaders who often make this trash Ruwatan barbershop, when children are tangled hair is shaved without doing Ruwatan could be tangled hair grew longer and the possibility the child could be sickly.
The existence of tangled hair could be a phenomenon, because only the children in Wonosobo and surrounding areas who experience it. In addition tangled hair is also not due to heredity because beggars can grow hair on anyone. "Usually the characteristics of children who will grow hair tangled with a high heat for a few days," explained the man who is usually called Tito. After that, a few strands of hair becomes matted and fused. "That is why it is called tangled hair because her hair like bums who never care for her hair," he explained.

Tangled hair can grow more than one strand, even a child named Wulan, 7 years, which diruwat in late April and has 23 strands of tangled hair. According to Tito tangled hair of children who are the descendants of Ki Kolodete who was one of three founders of the City Wonosobo. Various myths that underlie the existence of this tangled hair. Some say this hair is hair that live in the wild Kurowo the gods and hereditary hair grow to his descendants until the Ki Kolodete who live in the human realm.
Another version states that Ki Kolodete swear I will cut her hair and would not shower before the village to be built prosperous. Later, the offspring will have traits like himself. That sign will bring prosperity to the village he lived. Parents who have children dreadlocked must treat the child with special. Whatever prompted the child will be granted. If not, their parents believe the catastrophe will come.
There are still many other myths like a favorite child dreads Nyi Roro Kidul while others say that the child is a child's hair tangled Keling incarnation that became the favorite "ladies" who "inhabit" Dieng area. The diversity of myth is not too mean, certainly for parents who have children tangled hair, should treat their children with special because it can bring fortune but if there will be no catastrophe. "Even when the child will diruwat to his head shaved, parents must comply with all demands," said Tito.
Request the child will be taken when Ruwatan place while it is indeed possible. According to history the request should be fulfilled because the child would otherwise sickly could even lead to death and parents will experience a disaster.
The ritual of shaving the hair tangled hair tangled aims to restore to the Almighty, and that the owners who entrust hair tangled in her hair shaved the child willingly and in return it to the divine. Besides the boy who shaved his hair in order to obtain blessings and health. To do Ruwatan core spiritual leaders or healers have to bathe the child first. Usually the water is obtained from venues kramat in Dieng Plateau region as well in Goa.
Then offerings such as white cone with decorated fruits are plugged in, it describes the tangled hair. Cone is considered the head while the strands of fruit as gembelnya hair. Then there is the chicken that has been fried (bakakak), 15 kinds of traditional snacks and drinks, like coffee sweet and bitter, sweet and bitter tea, basil, milk, barley, and so on. After praying and the child's head smoked with incense before the shaman tangled hair cut before entering the ring with magical deemed to each strand of hair tangled and then shave it one on one. Hair that has been shaved and wrapped in white cloth and then dilarung Dieng Colors by Lake or the river.
Until now the existence of tangled hair is still a mystery in Dieng Plateau (Wonosobo and surrounding areas). And no medical studies about the phenomenon. But behind it all, Ruwatan barbershop beggars who have been able to become entrenched in Central Java tourism attraction, especially Dieng.

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