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The Birth Story Of Gatot Kaca

The Birth Story Of Gatot Kaca | HISTORY OF CULTUREAfter a long awaited finally Arimbi Goddess of the Milky bear children. All the people Pringgandani very glad, because this child will become the next generation as King Arimbi Pringgandani when Dewi was gone. It was all the son of the Pandavas accompanied Batara Sri Krishna did not miss the whole clown-servant Semar, Astrajingga, Dawal and Gareng Pringgandani gathered at the Palace, they see themselves being gathered awaiting the birth of the son of Bima. Not long ago a baby's cry sounded jarring rattle around Pringgandani, all of which are on the ward took a deep breath. A moment later there nursemaid who deliver to the news that the crown prince had been born male in good health as well as the condition of the mother.

Hearing this bertambahlah happiness all, each one of them congratulated Werkudara aka Raden Aria Bima on the birth of putrannya. Some time later they get in to see into the room, there appear Goddess Arimbi was lying on the bed decorated with gold jewel-blue silk repose seemed pleased with the welcoming smile lips Milky sometimes accompanied by all wargi (brother). Not far from where he lay seen a smaller bed, lay on top of a baby boy is very handsome and tampat like a warrior clan god, it's just from the baby's placenta is still attached have not been disconnected. When it is asked waistband replied that all efforts to cut the umbilical cord is always failed. There is no one who managed to cut senjatapun.

Hearing this Bima very upset and asked for help to his brothers to cut the umbilical cord and named her newborn Tutuka. Bhima tried to cut the nails Pancana failed, followed by Arjuna tried to use all his weapons begins with the transition kris, kris Kalandah, crossbow arrows even Sarotama Pasopati all else fails. Batara Sri Krishna who was present to try to Udaksana Chakra magic weapon, only produces sparks of fire when it attempted to cut the umbilical cord. Everything felt dazed, amazed and astonished with the despair, the Goddess Arimbi could only cry to see it abused feel worried if their children should carry umbilical cord into adulthood. Amid that atmosphere without the prior known that none other Abiyasa Begawan grandfather or great-grandfather of the Pandavas have been present from the newborn Tutuka the place is, everyone present gave him worship sungkem.

The magic Begawan mandraguna said that umbilical cord would only be cut by weapons kadewatan from Batar Guru. For that the Begawan asked Arjuna to go to heaven to find such weapons. After receiving orders from his grandfather and asked for permission to his brothers accompanied Arjuna was enumerated by the clown-servants immediately go to heaven to find the weapons in question by Abiyasa Begawan, Begawan alone while the rush to go back to Hero's mansion after giving a prayer and chanting some mantras to great-grandmother / The great-grandson.

Deep in the heaven where the state is broke down due to attacks from the Dragon Percona who want to marry one nymph named Dewi Supraba. Due to the Dragon Percona not just any creature, he is the king who has supernatural powers and capable same can be said even slightly above the above the gods, is obviously very inconvenient ranks of the gods led by Indra in his face. Indra lightning attack is not unlike throwing dried leaves of the children, the fire Batara Brahma just be a toy only. Batara Bayu mendoronganya with a big storm does not retreat despite membutnya tip of the nail, even the body does not shake at all. Udaksana of Vishnu Chakra Batar absolutely no mencenderainya, short of the gods was repelled by the conditions beaten.

Guru mantra chanting and see Trenggana Glass, obtained information that can beat the Dragons Percona Tutuka newborn child is newborn Bima. Furthermore, God Narada Guru ordered to give him a weapon called the arrow Konta Wijayadanu to Arjuna to cut the umbilical cord in exchange Tutuka newborn baby should be facing the Dragon Percona warlords. At the same time Aradeya or Karna was in seclusion on the banks of the River Ganges to find magic weapon for himself, when God Narada approached the place his heart is happy because she thought Aradeya Arjuna, because it seems really similar and Batara Surya who is the father of intentionally removing Aradeya ray shimmering around Aradeya so God Narada is not very clear to see, so it is not aware that the person entrusted with such weapons is not Arjuna.

After getting a magic weapon kadewatan Aradeya very excited and immediately ran without thanking God Narada, it makes God Narada realized that he was the wrong person, was soon accompanied by the Punakawan Arjuan dating place, with God Narada told me sadly that he had one person who should be handed weapons kadewatan Tutuka submitted to newborn through the hands of Arjuna, in fact handed over to strangers and have a way similar to Arjuna. Hearing this really blame God Narada Semar as reckless magic weapon handed to a stranger, and immediately asked Arjuna to pursue that person. Arjuna Aradeya ran and caught up, the arms were originally asked nicely and said to be used by him to cut the umbilical cord nephew. Aradeya ignored eventually be war-fighting weapon duel, until one day when Arjuna got hold of such weapons glove while holding the arrow shaft Aradeya Waijayadanu Konta. They attract each other and eventually fall off due to Konta weapon from the sheath / scabbard. Aradeya then ran back and this time Arjuna lost track.

With sad hearts showed Arjuna sheath Konta weapon to Semar, then on the advice of their return to Pringgandani Semar Batara while Narad sent home to the heaven and said that the newborn Tutuka will soon be brought to the heaven. Arriving at the palace Pringgandani sheath is used to cut the umbilical cord newborn Tutuka, magical umbilical cord was broken while the sheath was entered into senajata kadewatan udel Tutuka newborn. This is according to Semar is a twist that the later end of the war story / Bharata Yuda weapon would go back kewarangkanya, in other words Tutuka newborn will die if they encounter Wijayadanu Konta weapon. After a successful umbilical cord is cut Arjuna wanted to take newborn Tutuka to the heaven to fulfill a promise to God Narada, that the newborn will be Tutuka warlords and facing the Dragon Percona. Bima initially banned because his son was a baby and herself able to fight the Dragon Percona replace. Having said that newborn Tutukalah Semar who must leave because he was trusted by the gods and newborn Tutuka others have used weapons kadewatan not others. Besides, Semar guarantee in the event of a newborn Tutuka things that cause harm, Semar dare entrust his life to Bima. Hearing this from Semar, who has a view of Bima linuwih Semar and know who you really are, finally allowing the son fought against the Dragon Percona.

Arjuna accompanied Punakawan par Tutuka newborn immediately bring to the heaven, after approaching gerbanga Selapa Tangkep precisely in Tegal Ramat Kapanasan Arjuna put newborn Tutuka middle of the road toward the gate. Next Arjuna watched from a distance along with the gods, not so long ago the Dragon Percona dating and saw the baby in the middle of the road. He teased Guru was saying was crazy because of him fighting with a baby who can only cry. Then he lifted newborn Tutuka and thrust his face into the baby's face, not disangkan newborn hand and managed to swing Tutuka meluaki one eye so bloody. Dragon Cash Percona angry and slammed the door toward the newborn Tutuk Gerba to death. Seeing this the gods no exception Batar Guru, God Narada and Arjuna was shocked and alarmed if the Bima to know his son to death by the Dragon Percona will definitely mengamu to the heaven. Semar's just quickly whispered to the Guru to be brewing in the Crater Candradimuka Tutuka newborn, Batara Guru Yamadipati immediately ordered to immediately bring the body into the crater Candradimuka Tutuka newborn and menggodoknya. Furthermore, the gods sent toss / mix senajata accused had to establish a newborn Tutuka stronger, eventually forming the body of the gallant knight in the godogan. Then the gods membirkannya newborn clothes and jewelry for the new Tutuka, then he died too early diakarenakan successfully revived by Batar Guru.

In addition to their gift of clothes, jewelry and weapons that had formed her newborn Tutuka also obtain beberanama from the gods are: Krincing Wesi, Glass State, Purabaya, Buttons Jaya, Arimbi Suta, Bima Putra and Ghatotkacha. The last name is then used in the puppet world. With a view that is very different from the previous Tutuka newborn using the new name Ghatotkacha Percona fought back with a Dragon, and eventually tear the mouth and body behasil Dragon Percona into two parts. That was the end of his life that brings peace Percona Dragon in heaven, but it's early heroism Ghatotkacha the son of Bima.

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