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HISTORY OF CULTUREARAB CAPITALS ON MALAY / JAWI IN INDONESIA | All Event, the author was at the State Library Jln. General Sudirman no. 5 Banda Aceh. The purpose of the writer wants to find the ingredients in a paper in the field of the Agrarian Law. When I flipped through some kind of newspaper, terbacalah a headline that reads: "use back encouraged Batak script" The author continues to follow the sentences set out hereinafter: "The use of characters (letters) Batak in North Tapanuli regency, North Sumatra in the last year re encouraged by the support and great attention 

of government and society. Head Office of the County Department of P and K Taput, Dj. Gultom, when contacted "between" Wednesday, saying, at the instigation of the local regent all signboard government offices, plus a letter Batak. In the schools the students with interest to learn alphabet Batak outside the hours of formal learning. Meanwhile, among the people concerned to explore the growing Batak script and they are proud because his ancestors never had its own letter "(Reuters, Friday, September 5, 1980). Author digit salute to the Batak people, because they understand the value of inheritance of his fathers. 

More than a year ago, when the author was reading a magazine "Tempo" at the Main Library Unsyiah, there is also this news: Boasa Ndang Batak script? 

The next sentence of Ttempo magazine reads: "An official with the planning of P & K Office of North Sumatra, was confused after hearing the Batak script taught back in elementary and SLP in the North Tapanuli district. According to the story "Compass" that comes from MSM Sinaga Regents, the lesson Batak script has been started since the beginning of the school year 1978/1979. She says there are no difficulties when the curriculum was implemented. Enough teachers and textbooks. Pupils are also able to purchase textbooks which accidentally pushed the price low. "" Even the Batak with Java, Makassar and Bali, including the area that teaches aksaranya in school. Batak script itself, according Siahaan Nalom FSUI Batak linguists, have been taught since the Dutch era. But suddenly disappeared since 1960 .

A good example of our brothers in North Sumatra, which should be a model for the Indonesian people in other areas. Old manuscripts and ancient objects become our duty to preserve it, as well as with our heirloom-inheritance endatu another. 
Why Jawi script Banished? 

Culture of a nation is the result of process changes that occur in stages in the course of time. The function of culture is to meet the needs of everyday human life. 

Every nation that has a high berkebudayaan have or have a "script" her own, because the nation has been good at reading and writing in their lives, can we see to this day as the Japanese, Chinese, Arabs, they have their own script and still maintained and used to this day, in addition, they also use the Latin script. We are the nation of Indonesia has been using different kinds of characters since antiquity. One of them had ever used by our nation in this archipelago are the Jawi script. This script is a kind of script that has been very instrumental in uniting the tribes that inhabit each island in this archipelago, so therefore now been transformed into a nation INDONESIA.

Correspondence of diplomatic relations between the kingdom kingdoms in the archipelago, always use a script JAWI derived from the Arabic alphabet. So did the Ulama and scholars, in the era of the spread of knowledge they have by using JAWI writing, so that virtually no one in those days were illiterate. In Aceh the use of Jawi letters in those days, very widespread. In this case Prof. A. Hasjmy wrote: "Literature of Aceh which is generally in the form of" poetry "spoken or written in Aceh under the name" saga ". While the literature of Aceh in the form of "prose" in general is a mantra. Also a number of religious books written in the Acehnese language. After Islam came to Aceh's original letter is replaced with Arabic letters under the name "Font Jawi": Also written works in the Malay language written using the Jawi letters, "as among the other contents of the paper A. Hasjmy entitled: "Language and Malay Literature in Aceh", which he convey to Literature Day 1980 in Ipoh Malaysia, which lasted 19 s / d 23 April 1980 (2. 

It is true, this Jawi script service can not be denied by anyone, because this is indeed the reality of history. Posts JAWI no longer a foreign culture to the Indonesian people since time immemorial, but it was so for our own culture in Indonesia, which can be said is ingrained. So therefore deserves to be studied by the present generation and generations to come. That membudayanya JAWI script for Indonesia, to no surprise that in each and every school, since Indonesia's independence until about the beginning of the sixties is still in "enjoined" to be studied. The author of this article alone, never memperlajari Jawi letters during primary school. 

But it is unfortunate, JAWI writings that have been entrenched for the Indonesian nation, just easily just been ruled out or been thrown into the "dustbin of history education in Indonesia." 

Various kinds of new learning, now been incorporated into the curriculum of education in our country, but whether this Jawi script why not neglected anymore?, Would not we should emulate the positive attitude of the people of North Tapanuli, as has been the author alluded to at the beginning of this article? While Sanskrit and aksaranya (Nagari script), is still taught in the Faculty of Teacher Training Programs Indonesian in Unsyah / when in fact the first time, Sanskrit letter is not known generally in Indonesia, only known by the experts-experts only. As with the letter JAWI, it has been used in general at a time when the last. Is not the letter Jawi as a sign of the greatness of our nation's culture in the past? If to facilitate the investigation of history, is not the inscriptions and many historical documents also written in Jawi script, where to this day the inscription and the document was still much scattered throughout the country Indonesia?. 

Politics Continue Occupation 

Great diplomat and the great scientist Agussalim Hajj once declared his stance on the issue in Jawi script. Hajj is the character movement Agussalim Nationality Indonesia against the Dutch and the first Foreign Minister of the Republic of Indonesia, who allegedly mastered 12 languages. With a title like the above, namely Political Forwards colonization, H. Agussalim said: "So our government and the party's various associations, unions and institutions of society, devoting energy and cost effort to eradicate illiteracy in Latin and broadcast readings using Latin letters only. Thus we continue the politics of colonialism in the past, which was accidentally erased about reading and writing with Arabic characters and eliminate all Arabic literature from our society. " 
"The danger and the disaster situation to our original culture, a sound basis for progress of culture, according to the manners and morals of the original principal of our nation, it is worth once thought by the government and the leaders - leaders and the leaders - leaders of us all ". 

"Could we get a progress culture; if we let the first missed cultural staple as big as that?" 

From the above quotations we can clearly understand, how serisunya problem Jawi script in the opinion of H. Agussalim, which essentially says that the elimination of subjects Jawi letters (letter Jawoe = Acehnese language) in the education system in Indonesia, is a danger and a disaster for the Indonesian culture. It has become historical fact, that during the colonial era in Indonesia, is a time of eviction and penggayangan large scale nation's culture kit., Aim is to nurture and occupiers to plant the seeds of Western culture in every country child-generation generai later. Dutch politics is so, it aims to perpetuate colonial Indonesia on this earth. Dutch actions mensaoh all fields of culture, even to the point that the grave of Sultan Iskandar Muda also removed his tracks. 

Appeal And Expectations

For the sake of upholding the cultural values held by the Jawi script that has enriched the Indonesian culture, our heritage that must be maintained and cherished and we should pass on to generations of the Indonesian people to come. So by this author ledies and gentlemen urge and inspire hearts and saudara2 all, who loves culture. To give thoughts and views on the issue back to teach school-Jawi script schools in our state of the Republic of Indonesia. Call and hope ini.terutama author drafters addressed to the Committee of National Education, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), P & K Minister of the Republic of Indonesia, first gentlemen of University, both public and private, the Rector of IAIN throughout Indonesia, the central and provincial Ulema Council, the Council wah Indonesia, scholars and cultural experts as well as all lovers of culture in the entire country!

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