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Trust Differences Hindu - Buddhist

A. Hinduism - Buddism

HISTORY OF CULTURE | Trust Differences Hinduism - Buddhist | Hinduism developed in India in the year 1500SM ±. Source of Hindu teachings contained in the Vedas kitabsucinya. Vedas consist of four Samhitaatau "set", namely:
  1. Reg Vedas, contains poems of praise to paradewa. 
  2. Sama Vedas, containing the sacred songs. 
  3. Yajur Vedas, containing the ritual incantations to safety. 
  4. Atharwa Vedas, contains prayers for healing diseases. 
In addition to the Vedas, Hindus also have other holy books, namely: 
  1. Kitab Brahmin, contains teachings about the halsesaji. 
  2. Kitab Upanishads, containing the teachings of the divine and the meaning of life. 
Hinduism embraced polytheism (worship of many gods), of which Trimurti or the "Unity of Three Supreme Deity" namely: 
  • Dewa Brahmin, as a creator god. 
  • Dewa Vishnu, the god of danpelindung keepers. 
  • Dewa Shiva, the god of destruction. 
Trimurti Gods addition, there is also the god who banyakdipuja the rain god Indra carrier is very important for agriculture, as well as the god Agni (fire) which is useful for cooking and religious ceremonies. According to Hindu society is divided into four levels or castes, called Chess colors are: 
  1. Kasta Brahmin, composed of the ministers. 
  2. Kasta Knights, composed of the king, the royal family, danbangsawan. 
  3. Kasta Vaishya, composed of merchants, danburuh medium. 
  4. Kasta Sudra, composed of farmers, small labor and slaves. 
In addition to these four castes there are also classes pharia or candala, that is, those outside the caste who have violated the rules of the Hindus kasta.Orang choose a place that is sacred for example, Benares as a place of Lord Shiva and bersemayamnya Ganggayang River water can purify the sins of Hindus , so that it can reach the top of nirvana. 


Buddhism taught by Gautama Siddharta ± diIndia in the year 531 BC. His father was a king named Maya Sudhodana and mother goddess. Buddha means one who was conscious and wanted melepaskandiri of the Buddhist holy samsara.Kitab Tripittaka means "TigaKeranjang" written in Poly. There is a Three beholdeth Basket is: 
  • Winayapittaka: Contains the rules and laws that must be run by Buddhists. 
  • Sutrantapittaka: Contains discourses or teachings of the Buddha. 
  • Abhidarmapittaka: Contains an explanation of matters required to implement the Tri keagamaan.Pemeluk Buddha Dharma or the "Lord's Day Three" are: 
1. Buddha that is devoted to the Buddha. 
2. Dharma that is devoted to the teachings of Buddha. 
3. Sangga that is devoted to people-Buddhists. 

Besides, for people to achieve nirvana should follow the 8 (eight) the path of righteousness or Astavidha namely: 
1.Pandangan correct. 
2.Niat correct. 
3.Perkataan correct. 
4.Perbuatan correct. 
5.Penghidupan correct. 
6.Usaha correct. 
7.Perhatian correct. 
8.Bersemedi correct. 

Since the emergence of different interpretations of ajaranBuddha, eventually growing the two streams of Buddhism, namely: 
  1. Buddha Hinayana, which everyone can reach nirvana on their own efforts. 
  2. Buddha Mahayana, which one can reach nirvana with the joint efforts and mutual assistance. 
Buddhists also have places that are considered holy and sacred, namely: 
1. Kapilawastu, which is the birthplace of the Buddha. 
2. Bodh style, that is where the Buddha meditated and gained Bodhi. 
3. Sarnath / Benares, where the Buddha first taught the doctrine. 
4. Kusinagara, where the death of the Buddha. 

B. Hindu Buddhist influence in Indonesia 
The influence of Hindu-Buddhist cultural elements from India has been changing and adding cultural treasures Indonesia in several aspects of the future. 
The spread of religion and Hindu-Buddhist culture in Indonesia widely influential in the life of Indonesian society, including in the following areas: 

Indonesia the nation began to embrace religion Hindudan Buddhist beliefs, although not abandon its original, like the cult of ancestral spirits. 

In the social field, there was a change in the order of social life. For example in Hindu society introduced the caste system. 

In the economic field, not so much influence and change, because the Indonesian people have known economic activity through shipping and trade long before the influx of Hindu-Buddhist influences. 

Hindu-Buddhist cultural influence can be seen from the results of culture such as building temples, art literature, in the form of the epic stories such as the Epic Mahabharata and the Ramayana Epic. Another influence is the writing system. Hindu-Buddhist culture introduced a system of writing very instrumental in Indonesian society. 

5. Religion 
When entering the era of history, people in Indonesia has embraced animism and dynamism. People are starting to accept the new belief system, ie Hinduism and Buddhism since interacting with the people of India. The new culture brought changes in religious life, for example in terms of manners, ceremonies of worship, and forms a place of worship. 

6. Government 
System of royal government introduced olehorang Indians. In this system of small groups of people united by the possession of a large area. Chiefs of the best and strongest power in the kingdom is entitled to. Therefore, the kingdoms were born, such as Kutai, Tarumanegara, and Sriwijaya. 

7. Architecture 
One tradition is the building punden megalithic staircase steps. Tradition is combined with a culture that inspires Indian temple building construction. If we look at the Borobudur Temple, it would seem that building a pyramid-shaped staircase steps. It inimenjadi evidence of an India-Indonesia cultural blend. 

8. Language 
Kingdoms of the Hindu-Buddhist in Indonesia to leave some of the most lettered inscriptions and language Sanskerta.Dalam Pallawa further developments even today, the Indonesian language to enrich themselves with the Sanskrit language. Sentences or words of Indonesian language is the result of uptake from the Sanskrit, the Pancasila, Dharma Dasa, Kartika Eka Paksi, Parasamya Purnakarya Nugraha, and so on. 

9. Literature 
The growing Indian influence in Indonesia brought major advances in the field of literary sastra.Karya they bring is the book of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The existence of these books to spur the poets Indonesia 

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