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HISTORY OF CULTURE | THE STORY OF RAMAYANA | Narrated in a land called nan Mantili there was a beautiful princess named Dewi Shinta. She was a daughter of the king of King Janaka Mantili. One day the King held a contest to get the Prince for his beloved daughter is Shinta, and finally the competition was won by Crown Prince Kingdom of Ayodhya, Rama, Raden Wijaya. But in this story there is also a king Alengkadiraja King Ravana, who also was in love, but not to the Dewi Shinta Dewi but he wanted to marry Widowati.

From vision Ravana, regarded as the incarnation of Dewi Shinta Widowati that had been dreamed. In a journey of Rama and Shinta and accompanied his brother Lesmana, going through the jungle called Dandaka forest, the giant King Ravana stalking the three of them, especially Shinta. Ravana wants to kidnap Shinta brought to his palace and be his wife, with his move to change a servant named Ravana Marica into a golden deer. With the purpose of fishing Rama went hunting deer 'imitation', for Dewi Shinta want it. And it's true after seeing the beauty of the deer, Shinta asks Rama to catch it. Since the request of the beloved wife of Rama is trying to catch the deer alone was Shinta and Lesmana wait.

In a long enough time left to hunt, Rama Shinta started to worry about, then ask Lesmana to look for it. Before leaving Shinta alone Lesmana not forget to make a protection order to maintain the safety Shinta is to create a magical circle. With this loop Shinta not be issued at all of his limbs in order to remain secure his safety, so Shinta only be limited to moving the circle. After the departure of Lesmana, Ravana into action for the kidnap, but the effort failed because there is such a magical circle. Ravana started looking for another strategy, namely how he disguised himself by changing into an old Brahmin and aims to take care Shinta to give alms. It turned out that Shinta trick succeeded in making out his hand for alms, unconsciously Shinta had violated provisions of the magical circle is not allowed to remove a limb a bit! It was also Ravana without wanting to miss an opportunity he seized his hand and pulled Shinta out of the circle. Next by Ravana, Shinta brought home to his palace in Alengka. When on the way home was a battle with a bird named Jatayu Garuda who want to help Dewi Shinta. Jatayu Shinta can recognize as a daughter of Janaka who are best friends, but in the meeting in the Jatayu can be defeated Ravana.

At the same time Rama continued to hunt the golden deer and Rama finally shot him, but the deer turned back into a giant. Marica is actually held in the form of resistance in the battle between Rama and become involved in both, and in the end Rama shoots the giant. At the same time Rama and Lesmana managed to find them both back into place where Shinta left alone, but when he got Shinta was not found. Furthermore, they both try to find and meet wounded Jatayu, Rama Jatayu suspect who abducted and with great emotion he wanted to kill him but have been prevented by Lesmana. From the description of Jatayu they know that is Ravana who kidnapped Shinta! After telling all this finally the eagle died.

They both decided to take a trip to the palace of Ravana and the middle of the road they met a white monkey named Hanuman who is looking for the warriors to defeat Subali. Sugriva Subali is the older brother of the uncle of Hanuman, the elder sister's boyfriend took the goddess Tara. Short story of Rama was willing to help defeat Subali, and finally it worked with the return of the goddess Tara to be the wife Sugriva. On that same opportunity Rama told the journey will continue to seek joint Lesmana Shinta Dewi Ravana abducted the wife in the palace Alengka. Feeling indebted to Rama then Sugriwa offers assistance in finding re-Shinta, beginning by sending Hanuman dispersion to the palace of Ravana hid Alengka Shinta find out and know the power of Ravana troops.

Argasoka Park is the place where the royal garden Alengka Shinta spent the days the wait was picked up again by the husband. In Argasoka Trijata Shinta accompanied by the nephew of Ravana, while also trying to persuade Shinta to be willing to be the wife of Ravana. Because Ravana had several times asked for and 'force' Shinta becomes his wife but was rejected, to the extent that his patience is exhausted Ravana wanted to kill Shinta but can be prevented by Trijata. In the sadness Argasoka Shinta in the garden he heard a chant song by a white monkey is Hanuman who was on him. After his presence known to Shinta, Hanuman immediately facing intent to deliver his presence as envoy of Rama. Once completed submit maskudnya Hanuman immediately wanted to know the power of the kingdom Alengka. You do this by raising hell that is destroying the beauty of the park, and eventually caught by Indrajid son Hanuman Ravana and taken to Ravana. Hanuman will be killed because of his anger but was prevented by his brother Kumbhakarna, because it is opposed, then thrown out of work Kumbakarna Alengka. But eventually sentenced to fixed Hanuman is by being burned alive, but instead of burning to death but Hanuman Alengka kingdom and managed to escape. Returning from Alengka, Hanuman tells all events and conditions Alengka to Rama. After the report, then Rama decided to leave the kingdom Alengka attack and followed the leadership of Hanuman monkey troops.

Arriving at the palace of Ravana war, where the party was initially led by Indrajid Alengka. In this battle Indrajid can be defeated with the death of Indrajit. Alengka pressured by the army of Rama, the giant Kumbhakarna wise requested by the Senopati Ravana war. Kumbakarna but instead undertakes to defend the wrath of his brother, but for the sake of defending the nation and state Alengkadiraja.Dalam this battle can be defeated also Kumbhakarna and fall as a hero of his nation. With the death of his brother, finally facing his own Rama Ravana. Pad the end of this battle Ravana can also defeated the entire army leadership of Rama. Rahmana die of Rama's heirloom arrow and squeezed the mountain Sumawana brought Hanuman.

After all the terrible battle with Rama's defeat on the part of Alengka it can freely enter the castle and find his beloved wife. With escorted by Hanuman go to meet Shinta Argasoka park, but Rama refused because he thought Shinta Shinta has been tarnished for being in the kingdom Alengka. Then Rama asked for proof of his holiness, namely to do with self-immolation. Because the truth of the sanctity of the God of Fire and rescue Shinta, Shinta survived the fire. Thus evident that Shinta is still sacred, and ultimately receive back Rama Shinta with emotion and feeling happy. And the end of this tale they returned to their palace.

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