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SEA TRIBE - Riau Province

HISTORY OF CULTURE | SEA TRIBE - Riau Province | Sea Tribe or often also called The Sea is a tribe that inhabited the Riau Islands, Indonesia. In broader terms include the Sea People "various tribes and groups that settled in the islands and estuaries in the Riau Islands-Linga, Seven Island, Batam Island, and coastal areas and islands off the coast of East Sumatra and the Malay peninsula south. "

Another name for the Sea People are People Strait. Sea People are sometimes confused with other maritime tribes, pirates People

Historically, The Sea used to be a pirate, but plays an important role in the kingdom of Srivijaya, the Sultanate of Malacca and Johor Sultanate. They guard the straits, repel pirates, traders guide to the port of the kingdom-the kingdom, and maintain their hegemony in the area

The language of the Sea

The language of the Sea has a resemblance to Malay and Malay is classified as Local. Currently, they generally work as fishermen. As The Sea Bajau tribe is sometimes dubbed as a "wanderer of the sea", because they moved to live on a boat.


In the glory days of Malacca, The Sea is an important supporter of the maritime kingdom. When Malacca fell they continued their allegiance to the descendants of the Sultan of Malacca who later founded the Sultanate of Johor. When the Dutch were planning an attack that began to rise rival Johor Malacca - which in the 17th century the Dutch seized upon - the Sultan of Johor threatened to order the People Sea People Sea to stop the protection on Dutch ships.

In 1699 Sultan Mahmud Shah, the last descendants of the Malacca-Johor dynasty, was killed. Sea People who refuse to acknowledge the Treasurer dynasty ascended the throne as the new sultan of Johor, as Treasurer of the family suspected of being involved in the murder. When in 1718 the King of Small, a Minangkabau adventurers claim to the throne of Johor, the Sea People give their support. But with the support of soldiers from Bugis Sultan Sulaiman Shah dynasty Treasurer regained the throne of Johor. With the help of the people of the Sea (the tribe and the tribe headdress Bentan) helped establish the Sultanate of Siak Raja Kecil, after being expelled from Johor.

In the 18th century role as the Sea People guard the Strait of Malacca to Johor-Riau Sultanate gradually replaced by the Bugis.

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