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PAMONA TRIBE - South Sulawesi

HISTORY OF CULTURE | PAMONA TRIBE - South Sulawesi | Pamona tribe, or often called Poso tribe, inhabiting almost all districts of Poso, Tojo Una-Una, Morowali, even South Sulawesi (North Luwu). While a small part of life wander in various regions in Indonesia. If there is a tribe in an area Pamona, Poso Pillars are usually always there, the container assembly of the tribe to do the activities in the area. Religious affiliation of nearly all members of this tribe are Christians.

Christianity entered the area about 100 years ago and until now accepted as a popular religion. Now all like-minded churches to this church shelter under the auspices of the organization's central Sulawesi Christian Church (GKST), based in Tentena, Poso district, Central Sulawesi. Most of the people's daily use of language Pamona (Bare'e) and Indonesian language with local language style. They work as farmers, civil servants, Pastor, entrepreneur, and others.

Real interest is not synonymous with ethnic Pamona Poso Poso Because in principle there is no tribe. That there is an area called Poso, inhabited by a tribe of Pamona. The word "Poso" itself in Pamona language means "broken". Origin of the name of Poso, which means broken, supposedly starting from the formation of Lake Poso. That said, Poso lake formed from a slab of hilly land, where under the slab of the hill there is a spring. Lowlands around the hill is, so that the flow of water from the mountains of gathered around the hill.

Stagnant water eroded the soil around the hill so the longer the water is sipped into the ground, met with the water in the bowels of the earth. The result is abrasion is the cause of volatility in the structure that is rather sandy soil. Gradually the outskirts of the hill no longer hold back the hill on which the load, resulting in rupture of the bottom of the hill came in, fell into the pool of spring water under the hill, thus forming a small lake. For the people of the era Pamona tribe narrated this incident as an outbreak of the mountain that forms the lake, so dinanai "Danau Poso" the newly formed lake, more and more enlarged, because the springs in the mountains surrounding the lake to flow towards the new. As a result, lake water discharge from time to time continue to rise, so that its surface area to be so wide. accordance with the properties of water are always looking for the lowlands, then at a certain altitude, tebentuklah sebua river that leads to the sea shore of the lake as a result could no longer accommodate the flow of water. Because the river comes from the Poso lake, then the new river, named the same name, namely Poso (Poso river). New river estuary which formed was then inhabited by some residents, because in the new river was there a lot of fish. Collection of new settler population was then named the village with the same title, namely Poso.

Dero dance, or Madero is a dance popular among the Tribe Pamona. This dance is held at folk festivals. Usually performed by young people. Circular dance performed by holding hands, while unrequited rhyme cheerful music lacks. Some areas in Palu prohibit activities or Madero Dero dance because it is often triggered fights among youths who fought the attention of the girls.

Following the customs of Europeans who have a family name or clan or family name, then the Pamona people also have clans like the following:

Banumbu, Bali'e, Baloga, Betalino, Beto, Botilangi, Bulinde, Bungkundapu, Bungu, Buntinge, Gilirante, Gimbaro, Gugu, Gundo, Kampindo, Kalembiro, Kalengke, Karebungu, Kayori, Kayupa, Kogege, Kolombuto, Kuko, Langgari, Lambangasi, Labiro, Liante, Lu'o, Lumaya, Manganti, Meringgi, Mossepe, Mowose, Nyolo-nyolo, Nggau, Nggo'u, Nua, Nyaua, Pakuli, Palaburu, Parimo, Paroda, Pasunu, Patara, Pebadja, Peninnah, Penyami, Pesudo, Poa, Pobonde, Podala, Purasongka, Pusuloka, Rampalino, Rampalodji, Rantelangi, Rare'a, Ruagadi, Rubo, Ruutana, Sancu'u, Sawiri, Sigilipu, So'e, Sowolino, Tabanci, Tadalangingi, Talasa, Tarante, Tasiabe, Tawuku, Tawurisi, Tekora, Tepara, Tiladuru, Tobondo, Tolimba, Toumbo, Ule, Ululai, Warara, Werokila nce'i to mori, Wuri, Wutabisu, etc..

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