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Harjuna Wijaya - Bedhaya Dance

HISTORY OF CULTURE | Harjuna Wijaya - Bedhaya Dance | Scared, quiet and magical covered Bangsal Kencono. When the gamelan hitter playing slowly “Gending Ladrang Prabu Anom”, where accompanied the nine princes dancer who walked into the Bangsal Kencono wings no less then slow.  In the swaying of the dancers began to crouch into position to worship, respect the human symbol of God as Creator and make jengkeng worship to Sultan as the palace ruler.

Lowering the shoulder motion, chin is pulled, bending the wrist snaps while occasionally waving scarves – created tension in the power expression of dancer’s body becomes The Bedhaya Dance characteristics. The female classical Javanese dance which is fine, noble – talk about a legend, chronicle, or history.

Like Angels, the faces of the nine dancer almost the same. Beautiful, elegant and shine – in her dressing and make up typical Javanese bride. Paes Ageng makeup composition groove begins on the forehead of a given paesan black colour. Prada (gold) lines layer clarify surround the outside paesan. Not miss wajikan (diamond) in the middle of forehead, make menjangan ranggah (deer) eyebrow  shape,and  Hair rolled up a series of jasmine flowers.

Dodot Dressing, the form of batik cloth patterned Cinde and kampuh with cement colour combined with a necklace of light and the plates are piled on the shoulders add a touch of the upper arm. Wearing subang and sumping ron in the ears. Dodot tight clothing does not restrict the movement of dance for an hour without stopping. Curved movements are still flowing into formations that make change an interesting story.

Not always classy, high-tempo battle scenes in the last two dancers with half running trying to push a keris to each other. War is used as a symbol of internal confusion people a choice of good or bad, muffle lust, must be humble, honest in word and action that is realized through Harjuna figures.

“Harjuna Wijaya” Bedhaya Dance, is the third creation of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwana X. His debut in 2007 entitled “Arjuna Wiwaha”. In 2004, coincides with the celebration of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwana IX as the national hero created “Amurwo Bumi” is a form of respect for his father (Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwana IX). Helped by R Riya Kusumaningrat (RAy Sri Kadaryati) as senior stylist dance received orders from Sri Sultan for this Bedaya Dance. Motion search process begins with translating synopsis of the story directly by Sri Sultan.

By Sri Sultan “Harjuna Wijaya” Bedhaya Dance, is about Harjuna figures – not a figure who frequently change partners, but he is a  true warrior as well as a real human being that led to the perfect level, a man who know the events that had happened and deserve to be role models for the knights and humans.

Harjuna is a true Warrior, a perfect example of people who live their lives with a focus on three things: Tirta Martini; springs of human life, “banyu  penguripan” became the core of water resources in the human body (sperm). Tirta Kamandanu; Container of the sperm (ovary) human beings, the principle of sperm and ovaries fulfilled at the time of husband and wife make sexual intercourse. The last, Tirta Prawita Sari; when tirta martani and tirta kamandanu blends in wife’s body, will grow the strength charisma radiated light. From the beginning that people always have to remember to know and evaluate each event so that people will get lessons that mankind would become world light.

If bedhaya dance embodied in the life of an individual may be interpreted as a symbol of wind direction, the position of planets in the life of the universe, and symbol nine air holes in the human body as the completeness of life. Hole in the both eyes, two nostrils, one mouth, two ears, one male/female sex, and one hole in backside.

According to Javanese society, the nine elements of air holes that have in the control of human life and can cause many problems if not maintained and controlled. Received message, that human beings are expected to surrender, and always doing introspection through reflection, meditation and dialogue with God.

Motion of Bedhaya Dance which is laden with symbolic values and philosophy of krawuh dance Mataram, draw conclusions on the lives of the world will link, and more oriented toward self-understanding, self-reflection among human beings as individual persons with the gods. Life must be seen as a struggle not only done without meaning.

Dance Bedhaya guide us in determining the choice of good or bad, should curb appetite humble, honest in word and action. Toward the human level though not as perfect as perfect Harjuna figures.

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