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Beginning of Regional History Lombok

HISTORY OF CULTURE | Beginning of Regional History Lombok | History of the land of Lombok is unclear because until now there is no data from experts and evidence which could support about the pre history of this land of Lombok.

Sasak tribe including the type of Malay race who is said to have lived in Lombok as long as 2,000 years ago and is estimated to have occupied the coastal areas since 4000 years ago. Thus the inter-island trade has been active since the era and with it the mutual influence between cultures has also spread.

Mirah Sasak Lombok Adi is one of our Negarakertagama quote, a book which contains about power and governance Majapahit kingdom. The word "Lombok" in Kawi language means a straight or honest, the word "ruby" means jewel, the word "sasak" means a reality, and the word "adi" means the good or the principal. Then the whole meaning of honesty is a gem of a good or a main fact. Maybe that's the meaning of philosophy that has always dreamed of ancestral inhabitants of the land in Lombok is created as a form of local wisdom that must be maintained and dilestariakan by their offspring (children Sasak). In the book - the book of old, the name is found is called Lombok Lombok Lombok ruby ??and adi. Some are also calling Lombok Lombok ejection by gumi Selaparang or selapawis.

The origins of the population of the island of Lombok are in some versions, one that is the word "sasak" in etimilogis according to Dr. Goris. s. derived from the word "legitimate" which means go and "shaka" meaning ancestors. Means go to the ancestral land of the Sasak (Lombok). From this etymological ancestor suspect Sasak people are Javanese. It was determined from the writings of the Sasak people of Lombok are called Jejawan, the Javanese are more diresepsi by Sasak literature.

A traditional Sasak ethnic majority of the inhabitants of the island of Lombok, Sasak tribe is the main ethnic covering nearly 95% of the population entirely. Other evidence also suggested that the inscription on the barrel - the barrel was found in Pujungan, Balinese, Sasak tribe had inhabited the island of Lombok from IX to XI century AD, the Sasak word in the inscription refers to the ethnic or population such as customs of the Balinese to date often refer to the island of Lombok with gumi sasak which means land, earth or island where bermukimnya Sasak people.

History of Lombok is not free from control and alternation of war that goes on within it both the internal conflict, the warfare between the kingdom in Lombok as well as external ie outside the control of the kingdom in Lombok island. Development of the era Hindu, Buddhist, led to some like Selaparang Hindu kingdom, and Bayan. Kingdoms in his journey in the bow by the ruler of the kingdom of Majapahit at Gajah Mada expedition in the century XIII - XIV and mastery of the kingdom Gel - Gel from Bali in the sixth century.

Between Java, Bali and Lombok have some cultural similarities such as language and writing. If the trace of origin - their origin much rooted in the Hindu Javanese. It did not escape the influence of the Majapahit kingdom mastery of the possibility to send family members to govern, or build a kingdom in Lombok. Bali is very strong influence in the culture of Lombok it can not be separated from the expansion is carried out by the Balinese kingdom around the year 1740 in the western part of the island of Lombok in a long time. So much happened acculturation between the local culture with the culture of immigrants. This can be seen from terjelmanya genre - mixed genres in the arts. Many genres of traditional performing arts derived or taken from the tradition of both ethnic performing arts. Sasak and Bali each take and borrow so that creating a new genre of art that attract and complement each other.

Gumi Sasak experienced successive transition of power to the Islamic era that gave birth to the Islamic kingdom and Pejanggik Selaparang. There are several versions of Islam to Lombok during the XVI century AD. The first comes from the Javanese Islamic way in through the east of Lombok. The second Islamization from Makassar and Sumbawa. When the doctrine was accepted by the nobility teachings quickly spread to the kingdoms on Lombok and Lombok middle east.

Sasak ethnic majority are Muslim, but so in fact the influence of Islam as well acculturated to the local belief that such flows are formed wektu telu, if analogous to abangan in Java. At this time the existence of wektu telu was less a place because it is not in accordance with Islamic Shari'a. Strong Islamic influence in shifting the power of the Hindu island of Lombok, until now its existence can be seen only in the western part of Lombok island alone, especially in the city of Mataram.

Alternation of mastery on the island of Lombok and the inclusion of other cultural influences impact increasingly rich and diverse repertoire of Sasak culture. As a form of meeting (diffusion, acculturation, inculturation) culture. As in the case of art, art forms in Lombok is very diverse. Original art and each other entrants melengakapi so as to create new genres. Influences most noticeably acculturated with the local art bali art and influence of Islamic culture. Both bring a major contribution to the development of art-art that is in Lombok to the present. Implementation of the meeting of cultures in the arts that is, which is a Balinese influence; Arts plash, quarts gerantang, jangger Dance, Gamelan Thokol, and that is the art of Islamic pengaru Rudad, Cilokaq, Wayang Sasak, Gamelan Rebana.

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