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HISTORY OF CULTURE | THE BANGKA ISLAND | Bangka Island is one of the areas under the authority of the Sultanate of Palembang, since the collapse of the power of the Sultanate of Palembang and Bangka territory handed over to the UK in 1812. In 1814, the British government of the island of Bangka bartered with Cochin in India, which had belonged to the Dutch. During World War 2 pemerintahJepang the winner at that time controlled the island of Bangka tahun1942 to 1945.

After the Japanese in 1945 surrendered unconditionally to the Allies as well as almost all parts of Indonesia experienced a power vacuum, then the island of Bangka after the proclamation of independence became part of Indonesia in 1949. The island of Bangka Belitung island along with initially a part of South Sumatra province through 2000 after a change in the political map of Indonesia and the upheaval in 1998 that led to the fall of the Suharto regime, at the insistence of the people on the island of Bangka and Belitung islands later in the year 2000 Bangka and Belitung islands then passed as an escape from the province and South Sumatra and passed into a province called Bangka Belitung Islands.

Historical records reveal that under the Bangka Island during the Srivijaya empire once inhabited by Hindus in the 7th century and Bangka island as well as an area including the subject of a great empire. Aside from being a territory of Sriwijaya, Bangka Island was also the region kekausaan some great empire of Majapahit kingdom of Java such as when it was under the rule of King Hayam Wuruk with companion mahapatih Gajah Mada and the kingdom of Mataram was recorded as well as the kingdoms that once ruled the island of Bangka.

But both in the kingdom and the Majapahit kingdom Sriwijawa nor Mataram Bangka island received less attention, although the location is very strategic in the middle of the cruise line international trade traffic. Only after the trade of mainland Asia and Europe are competing to the Indonesian island of Bangka began to attract attention, after the discovery of spices. Lack of attention to the islands of Bangka and Belitung cause many pirates who made the island of Bangka and Belitung used as pirate hideouts that have an impact on the misery for residents.

Sultanate of Johor
To overcome the chaos and security around the Strait of Malacca shipping, then the Sultan of Johor by the allies and the Raja Alam Sutan Garang Tigers rally the troops to this island. After the liberation mission of the islands of Bangka and Belitung Island did well, the Sultan of Johor and its allies also developed a position of Islam in their respective places and Bangkakota Kotawaringin. But unfortunately this did not last long, then go back into the nest of the Pacific island of pirates.

Sultanate of Banten
Because he felt aggrieved by not amanya also cruise around the waters of Malacca, especially around the island of Bangka and Belitung, especially after they take away from the ships of the merchants of the Sultan of Banten Banten sent Regent archipelago to exterminate pirates operating around the island them. Having both is successfully controlled puleu then Regent ruled the archipelago for some time with the title of Viceroy of Bangka. It is told also that the Commander of Banten, Ratu Bagus who was forced to withdraw from pertikaiannya with the Sultan of Palembang, Bangka toward the city and died there.

After Regent archipelago's death, power passed into the hands of his only child and because her daughter is married to the Sultan of Palembang, the Sultan Abdurrachman then by itself the island of Bangka and Belitung back into power Palembang sultanate of years (1659-1707).

Sultanate of Palembang
In 1707 Sultan Abdurrachman died, and was succeeded by his son Muhammad Mansyur Queen (1707-1715).

But the younger brother of Queen Queen Anum Mohammad Kamaruddin Mansyur then raise himself as the Sultan of Palembang, replacing his brother (1715-1724), although his brother had been advised prior to death, so that his son Mahmud fled to Johor Badaruddin and Siantan, although officially been appointed as the Sultan of Palembang.

But Mahmud Badaruddin in 1724 with the help of the Armed Forces of the Sultan of Johor retake Palembang from his uncle.

Power over the island of Bangka subsequently submitted by the Wan Mahmud Badaruddin Wing, which has since some time has been moved from Siantan to Bangka with two of his brother Wan Wan Abduljabar and Serin.

The discovery of lead and VOCs
Around the year 1709 found lead, who first excavated in the River District Olin in Toboali by people upon their experience in the Johor Straits. With the discovery of this lead, begin to Bangka island visited by all sorts of boats from Asia and Europe. Tin excavation companies became more advanced, so the Sultan of Palembang send his men into the Peninsula Affairs of China to look for experts who increasingly felt very necessary.

In 1717 began to be held nexus of trade with the VOC for the sales lead. With the help of this Company, the Sultan of Palembang trying to eradicate the pirates and smuggling-smuggling tin. In 1755 the Dutch government to send trade missions to Palembang, led by Van Haak, who intends to review the results and pepper in Bangka tin. In about the year 1722 VOC entered a binding contract with the Sultan Queen Anum Kamaruddin to buy a tin monopoly, which according to reports Van.
  • The right treaty between the Netherlands and the Sultan of Palembang contains:
  • Sultan only sell the leads to the Company
  • The Company may purchase the required amount of tin.
  • As a result of this agreement then many of the island of Bangka tin sold by smuggled.
Subsequently in 1803 the Dutch government sent a mission again, led by VD Bogarts and Captain Lombart, who intend to probe carefully about tin in Bangka.

British Colonies
Tuntang Agreement on 18 September 1811 has brought another fate for the island of Bangka. On that date the deed was signed from the Dutch surrender to the British, where the island of Java and the regions surrender, Timorese, Makassar, Palembang and the following areas of a colony of the British conquest.

Raffles sent emissaries to Palembang to take over the Dutch lodge at the River Aur, but they were rejected by Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, because the Dutch power in Kilkenny before the capitulation Tuntang is not there anymore. Raffles was unhappy with the rejection and still demand that the Sultan River lodge Aur handed, also demanded that the Sultan gave tin mines on the island of Bangka and Belitung.

On March 20, 1812 Raffles sent to Palembang expedition led by Major General Rollo Gillespie Roobert. But Gillespie failed to meet with the Sultan and the British began to implement the policy of "divide et impera" her. Gillespie picked Duke as the Sultan of Palembang prince with the title of Sultan Ahmad Najamuddin II (1812).

British recognition of Sultan Ahmad II Najamuddin made arrangements so that the islands of Bangka and Belitung handed over to Britain. On the way back to Batavia via Mentok by Gillespie, inaugurated the two islands became a British colony was named "Duke of Island" (May 20, 1812).

Back to the Dutch Colony
Then on the basis of the Convention of London on August 13, 1814, Holland received back from the UK regions which had occupied in 1803 before Napoleon invaded the Netherlands in Europe, including some areas of the Sultanate of Palembang. The receipt is carried out between M.H. Court (England) by K. Heynes (Netherlands) in Mentor on December 10, 1816.

Fraud, extortion, dewatering and transport of lead an uncertain outcome, conducted by the VOC and the UK (EIC) has finally arrived on the situation of the people lost patience. Moreover, after returning to the Dutch, who began digging a massive lead and did not think about the fate of the natives. Guerrilla warfare conducted in Musi Rawas against the Dutch, also has raised the spirit of resistance of the people on the island of Bangka and Belitung.

Then came the uprisings, for years the people of the Pacific held a resistance, fought desperately to repel the Dutch from its territory, under the leadership of Depati Merawang, Pangkal Pinang, Depati Bahrin, and Tikal and others.

Then the wife of Mahmud Badaruddin that because it does not match her husband be allowed to stay in Palembang settled in the Pacific, which is said that the wife of Sultan Mahmud was the son of Wan Abduljabar. History says that Wan Abduljabar was the second son of the Sultan of Johor Abdulhayat a trust for the government in Siantan, Abdulhayat originally was a high-ranking Chinese empire named Kian Lim Tau, which is due to dispute then fled to Johor and get protection from the Sultan. He later converted to Islam as Abdulhayat, because expertise is appointed by the Sultan of Johor to the head of State in Siantan.

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