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Old Civilization Trace Kerinci Of Incung Script

HISTORY OF CULTURE | Old Civilization Trace Kerinci Of Incung Script | Kerinci, in the course of its history, has had political and cultural relations with the Minangkabau in the north and east of Jambi. This area is now again being part of Jambi. Because of his close relationship with South Sumatra he entered into the literature of South Sumatra, which were prepared by Helfrich and Wellan and published by the Zuid-Sumatera Institute (Institute of South Sumatra).

In the field of literary writing, a very striking difference between the Minangkabau and in Kerinci Kerinci is that there are many documents or manuscripts written in the writing Rencong (Ker. Incung), writings that have been used by people of Kerinci before the arrival of Arabic-Malay along with the entrance of Islam into Kerinci, and kept as heirlooms from generation to generation, while the Minangkabau such things do not exist at all. Posts Kerinci has distinctive characteristics and different from the Rejang Rencong writings and the writings of the Middle Malay.

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