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MALAY IN BANGA BELITUNG ISLAND HISTORY OF CULTURE | Malay language became the lingua franca in the archipelago, is now the Indonesian . Language that has spread through the empires of Srivijaya, Jambi Malay Empire, even Pagaruyung. But the empire had faded by the Majapahit attack until 1365, these attacks cause Parameshawara moved from Palembang to Malacca, Malay language, but it has been integrated into territory once occupied by Srivijaya.

Parameshwara has brought the language and customs are migrated to the Malay empires of Malacca and then founded Malacca in 1400, the spread of languages, customs and even Islamic. The spread of Malay culture is started from the East Coast of Sumatra, Borneo, the Malay Peninsula until Patani (Thailand), the spread of this language which was by Westerners, that the people who inhabit this archipelago called the Malay.

The spread of the Malay empires of Malacca, in the next century to form the Islamic empire as in Siak, Pontianak, Johor, and others. including the Riau archipelago. After Malacca fell to the Portuguese in 1511, Sultan Iskandar Shah of Malacca displaced and living in Bintan Island with its cultural center Tanjungpinang.

Until then around the year 1513, the region   Jambi and Palembang Malay controlled by Raden Patah of Demak. Raden Patah bring Javanese influence, until the system of the Islamic empire grew in the region "melayu" Sumatra until the next decade.

How in Bangka Belitung? Bangka region formed by the dominance of the Sultanate of Palembang, after the escape from the Sultanate of Banten as the Regent's daughter a master archipelago of Banten Bangka married to the Sultan of Palembang, Abdurrahman years 1659-1707. And the Pacific Islands at the time dominated by nearly the same   Mataram Ki Gegedeh Jacob, Cakraninggrat I in 1618-1661, after marrying the daughter of Ki Ronggo Udo, namely the ruling earlier Belitung.

Bangka Belitung until the fall of Malacca Malay Imprium year 1511, is still not dominated by Islamic culture such as the Islamic kingdom of Demak means do not stick the power in these two islands. Political dominance after the 1478 collapse of Majapahit, come the influence of Islam in the Pacific Islands and establishing a system for customs which refers to the Islamic. The entry of Islam in the Pacific we know for example Syech Abddurahman Sidik cleric Banjar of Kalimantan, West pushed into the region, along with other Islamic clerics.

Islamic culture has a big influence on the development of the Pacific Islands. Respect for the Religion of Islam by adherents proved with gratitude that is so prominent as we saw in the tradition of "party widths" which celebrate the joy of a good feast of Eid al-Fitr or Eid-ul-adha. Whereas   in the days of warnings about Islamic religion such as, Maulud Prophet also celebrate the "feast of Eid" and also held events in every nganggung mosques in almost every island of Bangka. Not only the show even sacred Islamic carnival event was held at the Village Kemuja, pushed West. Likewise on the bulk towards the fasting event, even the ritual of trust in order to welcome the fasting in the area actually held on the beach tempilang more famous with the show "Ketupat War."

Events indigenous traditions and ceremonies "Eid party" is a high sense of social relations in the Muslim community in the Pacific Islands. Billiton itself has its own influence after Islam arrived. The entry of Islam in Belitung direct touch to the system of government, namely the king at the time, such as Ki Ronggo Geresik Udo from East Java and then master the Hindu kingdom Badau previously under Majapahit, Kyai Massud or Ki Gegedeh who later became King James Beam.   Datuk Ahmad from Pontiac who later became Ngabehi Belantu region. KA Siasip who became the first ruler of Islamic Religion in the Pacific Islands. And a number of scholars such as Abdullah of Pasai Syech Abubakar, and others. When Islam is a political system touching the culture grew in line with policy us.

Islamic influence is strong enough in the Pacific Islands after the lords of the Islamic religion plays the influence of shamanic belief in each and every village throughout the Pacific Islands also integrate with these teachings, acculturation tradition of trust with the teachings of Islam to be quite significant, although the ritual belief system is still revered to this day. For example, the tradition village for safety, shower in children who were born, met with Islamic prayers and reading of poetry Marhaban.

But the tradition in the royal family to be slightly different from that in society, for example in the ritual celebration of child birth salvation, in any event the royal family tradition of ritual "Cane Ladder" by putting a symbol of trust that brought suggestive of Culture Kings Java. But that does not mean Billiton is Jawanis, akuturasi only to appear after the policy embedded centuries king who later formed his own culture in the region. Because it is also the title of the royal family descendants in this region have a separate identity from the other kingdoms in the archipelago.

Islam is identical to grow and wither after politically by the sultanate. But the culture of the Pacific Islands with the majority population is Muslim, he grew to form a separate Islamic culture, such as the development of such ngganggung tradition. While not wither completely custom for the king of policy influence, municipal leaders, tribal leaders, lords of his religion, and traditions of the society has established its own customs. That's why the Pacific Islands became the subject of customary law Bangka Belitung.

What about the Malay language and customs that go Bangka Belitung? Both aspects come in and entrenched in society Bangka Belitung gradually through the arrival of people from several regions around the Pacific Islands. For convenient geographic region Bangka by sea from the mainland of Sumatra, the distribution range of the population is more dominant than the region; of Sriwijaya and old Malay   Jambi had earlier inhabited the Pacific, it proved the existence of Inscription Lime City. Even the previously estimated the population of older again as already inhabiting the region known as the Water Abik tribe Urang Lom. Types of entry of this population carry their mother tongue, it is not strange if the Pacific has a rich language with a phonetic variety.

For example, Mentor a phonetic language tends to Bahasa Malay Peninsula, because we know this region is heavily influenced by Johor and Siantan; after Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Siantan refuge. And then Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin handed Mentor on Akup of Siantan Wan, on the merit aid Siantan army to occupy Palembang in master Queen Anum Kamaruddin. Only language phonetic similarity Belinyu same region with Palembang. And other Pacific region that became so diverse fonetikanya.

Islands closer to the inhabitants of Borneo, the dominant language more closely also with the region but the difference is not so significant fonetikanya, the sounds of language that distinguished only cengkoknya only. Up to the rhythm of the language phonetic sounds have different strains, this difference can be listened to sounds such as native language population Sijuk region with a population Belantu region. Other areas being almost the same and no distinction is outstanding.

Fonetika this difference may indicate personal identity and cultural origins of his birth then every member will be reflected through the language which is called the mind-language. Budi and language of the Pacific Islands is famous for its cultivation are friendly with the accompaniment of the polite language. So up to now, on every visit to the homes of community cultures, guests will get good service, the openness of the people making these two regions have a cultural aura to make the newcomers feel at home to stay and settle.

Unfortunately, the domination of immigrants that just makes the Pacific Islands as a field "matapenghidupan" do not always pay attention to local culture is not rare that there are social conflicts that led to the dispute. But it is not always a latent danger because of mind and language of the Pacific Islands community is reflected in their character can always be moderate on the entrants.

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