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HISTORY OF JAWADWIPA | HISTORY OF CULTURE | This is the name of the island of Java at long time ago, is one of the group of islands in Southeast Asia called the archipelago, in old times called Sweta Dwipa.Seluruh cluster of islands in the South and Southeast Asia called the sub-continent or group of islands Jawata. Formerly, in the Indian subcontinent called Jambu Dwipa, while the entire archipelago called Sweta Dwipa. Because Guava Dwipa and Sweta Dwipa derived from the same area, it is no wonder that many cultures that mimic or affect each other in development.

From the geographical progression, at 20 to 36 million years ago, in southern Asia is a process of movement of the Indian subcontinent to the north, resulting in a collision with the northern slab, as a result there sticking up land, now known as the mountain plains Himalaya.Pada time China is still submerged continent lautan.Anak the south and southeast, ie Jawata, including Java Dwipa Sweta Dwipa and appear as islands of the chain of volcanoes.

Temple 01 

in the southeast Asian continent, in the archipelago, located Jawadwipa elegant and mighty fine chap, emit art and culture of the warrior hero of nobility. Received its northern coast of the Java Sea waves. Sunda Strait separating it, and the Earth Swarnadwipa in the west. In the long march east Nusa Tenggara Islands and the South Sea waves, Ocean Indonesia, Jawadwipa.

Upright towering mountain ranges in the middle of the island. Mount Gede, Pangrango, Slamet, Merapi, Merbapu, Dieng, Bromo, Kelud, and white clouds reaching Semeru, sinarkan spirit of revelation. From there tap springs Citarum rivers, Ciliwung, Bengawan Solo and Brantas. Turn on the green valleys Jawadwipa. In the morning when the sun onto the world beranjangsana, looks foamy brown water once flowed quietly, suburkan patches of yellow rice paddy bending wave in the breeze. Fresh green forests appeared. When the dark night naungi Earth Jawadwipa, silver moon light shine on them and the crickets cry bertingkahan whiz with chorus frogs nan clamorous. It's beautiful princess Nusantara, Jawadwipa. And very old history. 

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Hundreds of thousands of years ago, people living in Java island lowlands. He is known by the name of an upright ape or Mojokertoensis Erectus Pithecantropus. They live in groups, breeding and hunting, competing with the forest animals. Then thousands of years ago before Christ was born, before the Saka era of the North Land, around South China, Yunnan, and Tonkin Malays nation ancestors arrived with hundreds of boats to the archipelago some settle down. Some sailed on to the Philippines, Madagascar, Guinea, and the Polynesian islands. The villages are formed by the area where the community, which is democracy, settled. Weapons instruments of bronze and iron and clay skill, weaving and grow rice, start the culture in Jawadwipa

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chronicle the first century AD, came the Hindus from India. With them, the merchants, priests, and princes of Hindu and Buddhist religions came. Prince Aji Saka, a powerful noble, brought the Sanskrit alphabet and Pallawa which then became Jawadwipa alphabet-alphabet: 
Ha Na Ca Ra Ka 
Sa Sa Ta Da La 
Da Yes Yes Pa. His 
Tha Ma Ga Nga Ba 
Kala's great history began in the early era Saka. 

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In Jawadwipa, at the time that has past, ruled the great kings of the famous. The first of the kings, King Punawarman. Wise, fair, and protector of his people. Tarumanegara primary enforcement authority, and the lord of the island to the west. In the fourth century AD era, he built irrigation fields with long canals in Karawang district, because the noble Lord Vishnu incarnation dubbed the tablets once Ciaruteun, Jawadwipa In the middle of the year 657 BC, there was a kingdom of Kalinga and his queen, Sima, a fair and honest in those days built Shiva temples in Dieng Plateau. Well-known at that time, a professor Jnanabadhra high Buddhist his knowledge. 

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Year 732, Sanjaya reign of Mataram. In addition Sailendra dynasty kings built many temples as a sacred baktipuja. Pawon, Mendut, and Kalasan stand and the king Samarottungga intentions. Borobudur has stood, in the year 772 for the magnanimity of the Buddha. Around that time, namely in the year 700, the book of songs Syandracarana written. Then Sailendrawangsa to berpindahlah power Swarnadwipa, in the kingdom of Srivijaya. 

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built in 778 years of Shiva temple at Prambanan Hindu king's behest, Daksha, who completed 822 years. Beginning in the year 742 to 754 Balitung the mighty, king of Mataram in Kamulan Medang united eastern and central parts of Jawadwipa. Then in the year 847, King Mpu Sindok government move eastward in Watu Jawadwipa Galuh, near Jombang. Standing keratonnya. During his reign, Sri Sambhara Suryawarana write books Sang Hyang Kamahayanikan .

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In the late 10 th century AD era, Apo ruling Watan at the foot of Mount Penanggungan. It is a command to set lawbook Siwasasana for his country. However, in the year 928, in a wedding party at the palace Watan, Apo died Wurawari attack, the king Lor Charcoal. Keraton burned, the royal family perish by the sword. Called by the poet's final event of the world (pralaya). 

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Airlangga, Apo-law of the mother's grandson and his father Mpu Sindok king Bali, survivors of the tragedy on the night. Then drawn strength, he called the name of Vishnu and dibalasnya revenge on the Wurawari. In 1037 he commanded at the foot of Mount Kahuripan Penanggungan. Then he moved to the palace in Daha. Title of the King is abhiseka: Sri Sri Maharaja Rakai Lokeswara Halu Apo Anantawikrama Uttunggadewa grants. In the happy times that were written literature Wiwaha Arjuna and the Bhagavad Gita. The King died in 971 and two sons who ruled in Jenggala hostile and Kediri. Of their life stories written Bannerman. 

Bait 09 
Around the Airlangga, ie the year 1030, the western part Jawadwipa ruled by King Sri Jayabupati which is located in Galuh keratonnya Pakuan. 

Temple 10 
BC In the year 1135, crowned in Kediri Airlangga great descent with a degree abhiseka 
Sri Maharaja Mapanji Jayabhaya The Warmeswara Madhusudhanawatara Sri Parakrama Uttunggadewa Anindita Suhtrasingha. He is the king of the sacred and the sharp vision for the days later. Prediction will say Jawadwipa fate, the fate of people with hidden nan sentence, meaning hidden. In the year 1157, before the King died. Mpu mpu Sedah and we write Panuluh Bharatayudha .

Temple 11 
Year 1107 witnessed the coronation of the king in the title of Kediri abhiseka Sri Maharaja Kamesware Triwikrama avatars Uttunggadewa formidable Aniwariwirya Parakrama. Kirana queen consort is the daughter nan ayu Jenggala beautiful. Dharmaja Mpu great poet king and queen look, when he wrote the story of the god and goddess Ruth Kamajaya in literary works fine penetrating nan named Smaradahana .

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glory and majesty in Kediri vanished village battle Ganter, in the year 1044. When Kertajaya Dandang gendis Tumapel unbeaten by rows and powerful Ken Arok ago became a lord in the country with the title Java abhiseka: Sri Rajasa The Amurwabhumi. Together empress Ken Dedes, the people worshiped and glorified the name of his reign. Although Ken Arok son of the village, the derivatives of the great king. In the year 1127 wafatlah Ken Arok and his step son to the throne, the son of Ken Dedes Anusapati from her first husband, Tunggul Ametung. King Semangkatnya Anusapati; Panji Tohjaya, son of Ken Arok Umang, took the throne in Kediri. But he was slain by the consensus between Seminingrat, son Anusapati, and Narasingamurti, children Mahisa Wong Ateleng, Lord Parameswara grandchildren, great-grandson of Ken Arok and Ken Dedes. Semingrat then ruled on by the empress Waning Kutaradja Hyun, Narasingamurti brother. Narasinghamurti appointed Queen Angabhaya. The King, the title abhiseka Wisnuwarhana, building ports in the Brantas River Canggu. His son, Sri Lokawijaya, crowned in 1254 with a degree abhiseka Sri Kertanegara.

When it changed its name to Singasari Kutaradja. The king is obedient to the faith, the mighty protector of the people, and a wise statesman. In the year 1274 the army sent in the event Pamalayu Singasari to Dharmasraya, in Jambi. Ditundukkannya Tribhuwanaraja Mauliwarmadewa and awarded him Amoghapasa statue as a symbol of friendship. Also were established close relationships with Jayasingawarman III, ruler of Campa. When it came, the intention intention to Kublai Khan Jawadwipa devotional worship him that even the ambassador had been sent to forced Kertanagara will receive the emperor. The King angrily away and Tatar envoys planned Singasari authority. In 1292 occurred the sad despicable event because Jayakatwang, king of subordinates in bracelets, treason against the King in keratonnya. Kertanegara fall and passed away to be buried with a degree Jinalaya: His Majesty on the nature of Shiva-Buddha. Daughter of the king Sanggramawijaya, accompanied by his servants fled pursued by the enemy, until arriving at Madura. Arya Wiraraja protect it, and sought forgiveness on Jayakatwang for permission. Wijaya build Majapahit, near Majakerta, and dihimpunnya army to revenge Kertanagara balaskan. 

Temple 13, 
but an event occurs. Dated March 1, 1293, the year of Saka 1215, Tatars army landed in Tuban led Shih Pi, You Hsing, and Ike Mese. Marched his troops marched into Jawadwipa, and hundreds Layari Serayu River. With full fury, assisted Sanggramawijaya, dihalaunya army invaded and Jayakatwang. Then Sanggramawijaya turned stabbed, attacked Tatar people, when they were drunk victory. So on 24 April 1293, Saka 1215, sailing home Tatar army. 

Bait 14 
Sanggramawijaya, son of Ox-Tal Dyah, grandson and daughter Kertanegara Narasingamurti. Crowned on 15 Kartika Saka 1225, ie 1303 AD, with the title Abiseka: Sri Kertarajasa Jayawardhana. Four daughters Kertanegara, the wife of the King: Tribhuwana, Chandra, Jayendradewi (Prajnyaparamita), and Dyah Goddess Gayatri (Rajapatni), mother Tribhuwana Tunggadewi. The fifth wife of the King, Dara Petak Indreswari Dyah Dharmasraya coming from, was he mother Jayanegara.

Bait 15 
Semangkatnya Kertarajasa, Jayanegara throne. His reign so full of sorrow and bloodshed. The King had died in 1328 knife stabbed Tanca physician. During that period of Gajah Mada, a village boy, rising quickly, because its services in Sri Jayanegara. 

Bait 16 
Months Badhra Caka 1251 (1329), Tribhuwana Tunggadewi up the throne of Majapahit. Title of the queen: 
Tribhuwana Tunggadewi Maharajasa Jayawisnuwardhani. His reign the country safe. And after the earthquake in Pabanyu, moved on Hayam Wuruk birth year, year 1334. Gajah Mada became Regent Mangkubumi. At that time diujarkannya Linguistic Theories, unity Archipelago. "If you have successfully conquered the archipelago, I'm just going to rest. If Gurun, Seram, Tanjung Pura, Haru, Dompo, Pahang, Bali, Sunda, Palembang, Tumasik had submitted, I am just going to rest." That same year, military forces are prepared to unite the Majapahit archipelago. Admiral assisted by Nala, Adityawarman, and the ministers. Twenty-three years fighting for his dream of Gajah Mada University,

Temple 17 
in 1350 became the queen of the monks. And dinobatkanlah Hayam wuruk, with the title of Sri Dyah Rajasanegara Hayam Wuruk. Period that the glory days of the nation, Nusantara united, peaceful state. There is also a book of laws Kutara Manawa, which create a fair society in Majapahit. The King, Apatih Mangkubumi, the Minister, and Kasiawan and Dharmadyaksa ring Dharmadyaksa upheld diluhurkan ring Kasogatan around the country. But in abject event of 1357. His name Bubat War. 

Temple 18 
Pasundan throne In the Land of King Maharaja. Her daughter is very beautiful Dyah Pitaloka matchless. Pride of the palace, the glory Galuh Pakuan. Because application Dyah Hayam Wuruk, leaving the King accompanied her daughter to the Majapahit. Sunda Diiring hundreds of gallant knights and capable to fight. There they lived in Bubat field, to forward the proposal of King Hayam Wuruk. But like the king of Gajah Mada Sunda offered her daughter. As a sign of devotion and loyalty behavior. Very angry humiliation the knights Sundanese. Rejected requests, served knights Majapahit. Until all the Sundanese fall, in the field Bubat. 

19 Temple 
After the incident a very lowly Bubat, stop the war territorial expansion. Majapahit period lasted happy country. Accompanied with the construction of temples, and the development of cultural arts. Envoy of the king in the archipelago, overlooking the King brought tribute. The ambassador had come to visit, the friendly countries: Sri Lanka, Campa, and Ayodhya. In the year 1365 wrote a book PrapancaDesawarnana, namely Negarakertagama. About the King review the way the country and the great history of his ancestors.

Mahapatih Gajah Mada, Majapahit pride of the country, died in 1364. Crying the King and his family, sad t erharu whole country. No new mahapatih appointed to replace. Nothing is accomplished, the officer as he was. 

Bait 20 
Dyah Hayam Wuruk died in 1389. And take Wikramawardhana to the throne. Is the son of mother Bhre Pajang, grandson and daughter Tribhuwana Dyah Tunggadewi Hayam Wuruk. After his reign, his wife, Kusumawardhani, change orders. Later in the year 1429 Suhita become queen. She was the daughter of Kusumawardhani and Wikramawardhana Kertawijaya, Wikramawardhana son of his mistress. Ascended the throne in 1446 and ruled for fifteen years. Then the House of berpindahlah power Girindrawardhana. 

Bait 21 
Dyah Wijayakarana, the new dynasty's first king was crowned in 1451. For two years the King reigned. Then power on for 15 years Majapahit kings who did not come from Girindrawardhanawangsa. In 1468, rose to the throne cucunda Dyah Wijayakarana, named Singawardhana Dyah Wijayakusuma. Dyah Pamanda Wijayakusuma, Bhre Kertabumi name, 
became king in 1474. And four years the King reigned. Year 1486 last Majapahit king was crowned. His name is King Dyah Ranawijaya Nata, son Dyah Singawardhana Wijayakusuma; after successfully seized the crown from Bhre Kertabhumi. In the year 1527 the King died, along with the collapse of Majapahit. Since the attacks of Demak Raden Patah. By the destruction of Majapahit, which was vulnerable by power struggles and jealousy, still appear noble cultural masterpiece. Intangible books Arjunawijaya Sutasoma Purusadasanta Mpu Tantular written, and Wretta Sancarya and Siwaratrikalpa Mpu Tanakung thoughts. 

Bait 22 
Raden Patahlah's first Muslim king Jawadwipa. Bhre son of her daughter Kertabhumi China. He grew up in Palembang, where Arya Damar, his stepfather. Sail it to Java as an adult, and there she embraced the new religion of Islam arrived. Establish a new banner in the bush. For the guidance of the saints, and after the fall of Majapahit, spread the teachings of the Apostles in Jawadwipa. Now the call to prayer sounded in the morning and early afternoon. It's no longer the mantra of the Pedanda hum. So Demak standing, the sole heir of Majapahit. 

Temple 23 
Now listen to the history of the kings of Sunda, which ruled in the west Jawadwipa. After King Maharaja died in battle along with Dyah Bubat Pitaloka beautiful and Sundanese warriors in 1357, the year 1371, after a period of Earth's guardianship Sora Hyang, was crowned King of Kancana Wastu Void in young age rule in Galuh Pakuan. Berbajik is king, loyal and obedient to the laws of Manu. Aapabila not present in court Surawisesa, he went to conduct initiation. People happy peaceful, full of paddy rice barns. 104 Majesty years in power. Then he died in Nusalarang, in Lake Panjalu, the number KAWALI Galuh. The King replaced his son Rahiyang Void god, who ruled for 7 years and passed away in Gunatiga. In the year 1482 came to the throne, King Queen Purana. After diwastu named King Teacher Dewataprana. 

24 Temple of 
the great king, powerful and famous. Dipindahnya capital to Pakuan Pajajaran. Country center flanked by the rivers Ciliwung and Cisadane, the dock port. Merchant ships in the Sunda Kelapa, Tangerang, and signed up to sail Merunda Pakuan Pajajaran. Overland traders arrived; from the ports of Banten, Krawang, and helter. Wagon roads and then across the interior of the island, and a highway are very long. Starting at Pakuan Pajajaran, through Cileungsi, Warunggede, Tanjung Pura, Krawang, Cikao, Purwakarta, Segalaherang. Then liwati Sumedang, Tomo, Sindangkasih, King Galuh, Talaga, KAWALI, up to the center Galuh Pakuan. The King is extremely powerful from Ujung Kulon to Sand Luhur. His name is revered and exalted respect. 

25 Temple 
Purana Majesty the Queen and the title again diwastu Baduga Sri Maharaja, King of Queen Pakuan Pajajaran. Built on the orders, a grand and beautiful palace, full of carvings and ornaments. Appropriate for Maharaja Sunda.

It was there, in the Palace Punta Bima Sri Narayana Suradipati Madura, noble king dwells. Far received the tribute of sacrifice, marks the king's loyal Pasundan. At various places holy priests established dormitories. On the ground presents the King. Also created a lake, named Sang Hyang Talagarena Mahawijaya. The water flow fields suburkan population. In the lake the girls revel in the boat as he heard the twittering of birds singing and looked at the beauty of the park Milakancana and Samida, creation of forest lord. Is not there also the song jurupantun Cipatahunan or Sipatahunan.

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