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HISTORY OF CULTURE | HINDUST INFLUENCE IN ACEH | Customs and culture of Aceh is thick with the nuances of Islam, is still influenced by Hindu traditions. This disebakan, before Islam came, Hinduism has developed in Aceh. After Islam came, Hindu elements eliminated, but the tradition still maintained until now.

"Hindu Influence in Aceh has terjadai since antiquity as written by the Dutch Orientalist experts in several books about the cultural history of Aceh". (Prof. Dr. H. Aboebakar Atjeh: 1972).

Acehnese cultural assimilation, never alluded to by Justin Mansoer Leupeung, uleebalang known as the poet. In Sanggamara saga, a character who lived contemporary with Justin tells Commander Mini Pole.

Aceh Traditional Tub history
Bacut sapat dudoe teuka
Peutama phon in the book
Arabs nyang peuteuka

Nyang keudua tub Meulayu
Nibak hindu with Java
China Nibak na sigeuteu
Badu Indigenous Ngon Manila

 Java Nation Ngon Meulayu
Le That teungku keunan teuka
Until rame nanggroe Makmu
Meurah Breuh bu meuhai pepper

Bak peukayan dum tire behavior
Hindu ureung nyang peuteuka
Cuba tilek behavior
Bajei Badu ladom PIH na

Ara Meulayu Susoen language support
West timu bacut biza
Arabic language support na sigeuteu
Jampu bawu PIH laen na

In line with Teuku Mansoer Leupueng, according to Mohammad H Said in the paper culture in Aceh Cultural Week (PKA) II, in August 1972 explains, in 1891, a foreign researcher named GK Nieman've found 150 words of the language Campa in the Acehnese language. Likewise, the language of Khmer (Cambodian), but a very dominant language is Malay and Arabic.

About Hindu in Aceh, as he had been expressed by the Dutch historian JC Van Luer, said that the history and culture of Aceh before the arrival of Islam and western nations have been filled with a foundation of Hindu-centric (Indonesian Trade and Society, p. 261)

Although Islam has a strong, sebahagian Hindu tradition and way of life there that continue to cling to the people of Aceh. Even the tradition that is positive to be maintained, such as living traditions worked together and various other traditions and elements of life are gradually replaced with Islamic Shari'a.

Hindu traditions that have been Islamicised is still there today, as in the event khanduri laet (kenduri sea) conducted by the fishermen. Once at sea khenduri this event, buffalo blood was collected, asoe in (internal organs) and its buffalo head, wrapped again with its skin and then washed out to sea as an offering to the inhabitants of the sea.

This sea festivity event still survive until now, but along with the advent of Islam, giving offerings to the marine inhabitants removed, replaced with a ceremonial feast sesajennya manufacture and prayer together. Beef or buffalo are slaughtered is eaten with orphans and poor people to a celebration that carried out the blessed.

Cutting white cock and black cock on daka (gate) ponds by fish farmers before the harvest is also a remnant of Hindu traditions that continue to this day by the traditional fish farmers. Thigh, liver and chicken breast is well cooked, baked and fried, along with other dishes wrapped in banana leaves separated and then united in the stem nut is shaped like a canoe to be mounted on trees or wooden rod in the middle pond. This is also the remains of Hindu tradition. Now this event began to be replaced with a meal and pray together before the pond harvest orphans.

Additionally peusijuek (fresh flour) of valuables such as newly purchased train and car, using different types of grass. With the grass roots that has been tied up, water was sprinkled into the goods ditepung offer .. Events peusoen or peusijeuk people who are recovering from illness or travel away from home is also the remains of Hindu tradition.

Likewise coconut divisive event at peutreun aneuk miet (bring your baby out of the house the first time) juag a Hindu traditions that still exist today in the lives of the Acehnese people. In dress, bun hairpin on women is also a dressing procedures are entrenched in the Hindu society in Aceh until now.

In fact there are more condensed again and forbidden in Islam, such as the cult of big trees with hanging flowers are tied with threads on various branches of the tree by the cult of magic, it is also a Hindu culture.

According H.M. Zainuddin in his "Aceh in the inscription and the Paths of History '. Before Islam came to Aceh, in Aceh has been developed cities such as Hindu kingdom: the kingdom of Poly in Pidie developed around the year 413 AD Sahe empire often also called Sanghela in the region and Meureudu Ulei GLE, empire was formed and carried by migrants from the island of Ceylon. Kingdom of Indrapuri in Indrapuri. Indrapatra in Ladong kingdom. Indrapurwa kingdom in Lampageu, Kuala pancu.

All Hindu cities after Islam strong in Aceh were destroyed. Traces of the kingdom could still be checked even though they had buried, like in the area of ??Paya Seutui, District Ulim (Ulim border with Meurah Two), the ruins at Ladong.

In fact, according to HM Zainuddin, Indrapuri mosque built over the ruins of the temple. In 1830, Haji Muhammad, better known as the Tuanku Tambusi also tear down the temples and the stone is then used to build mosques and fortresses

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