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HISTORY OF CULTURE | THE CULTURE OF SIKKA TRIBE | Sikka bordered north by the Flores Sea, south of the Sea Sabu, and east to East Flores district, the western part of the district of Ende. The total area of  1731.9 km2 Sikka regency.

The capital of Maumere, Sikka is located overlooking the north shore, the sea of ??Flores. Sikka's name purportedly comes from the name of a place the Indochina region. Sikka and hence the possibility of people began immigrating kewilayah archipelago to the east and settled in a village south coast of the Sikka. This name then became the first native settlement in the district of Sikka Lela now. This derivative will be a landowner in the region.

Sikka social coating of society. The top layer is referred to as Ama Ine Gete Gahar consisting of kings and nobles. Coating is a common sign in ancient times was a legacy of the traditional society, in addition to material possessions warisa family and ancestors. The second layer is characterized by coating Ata Rinung help carry out the functions of the nobles and resume all regular mandate of the people / person most commonly known as the third layer which is Mepu or Maha.

In general, the Sikka district detailing his tribal name a few: (1) ata Sikka, (2) ata Krowe, (3) Tana ata ai, desamping it is also known tribes of newcomers, namely: (4) ata Goan, (5) ata Lua, (6) ata Lio, (7) ata Ende, (8) ata Sina, (9) ata Sabu / Rote, (10) ata Bura.

Sikka livelihoods of agriculture generally. The agricultural calendar as follows: Month Wulan Warrants - More Duru (October-November) is the month to clean up gardens, planting, in the month following the Gete-Bleke Bleke Doi - Kowo (January, Pebuari, March) period to weed the garden (rice and corn) and picking, in the month of Balu Goit - Balu Epan - Blepo (April s / d in June) period for picking and planting crops / legumes. While at the end of the month calendar of agricultural work Pupun Porun Blebe Oin Ali-Ilin (August-September).

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