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HISTORY OF CULTURE | THE CULTURE OF MANGGARAI TRIBE | Manggarai is located at the western tip of Flores island, bordering the east by Ngada district, west by Sealat sapepulau Sumbawa / Bima district, north of the Flores Sea south to the sea and Sabu. The total area of  7136.14 km2, the region is arguably the most fertile in the province. The area is very vast and fertile farms, coffee plantations that stretched disebahagian its territory, namely high rainfall in a year reached 27.574 mm, a third of that number (more than 7000mm) fell in January.

The capital of Manggarai is located approximately 1200 meters above sea level, at the foot of the mountain brought Pocoranaka

Batih family formation consists of father, mother and children called Cak Kilo. Expansion Lil Kilo Kilo forming a small clan, then the clan was a large clan Panga and Wau.

Some terms are known in the system, among others, Wae Old kekrabatan (derived from the older sister), Wae Koe (derived from sister), Ana Rona (derivative family mama), Ana Vienna (derivative family of sisters), Amang (mom's brother), Host (father's sister), Emma Koe (sister of the father), Emma Tua (brother of father), Ende Koe (sister of mother), Old Ende (brother of the mother), Emma (the father), Ende (mama), Kae ( brother), Ase (sister), Nana (brother), and Enu (sister or wife).

Strata Manggarai community consists of three classes, first class is called Kraeng (King / nobles), gelarang second class (middle class), and the third group Lengge (the commoners).

The king has absolute power, which can not be paid tribute by the people required to work rodi. The charge of collecting tribute from gelarang Lengge (the commoners). The gelarang This is a land of kings and guardians as the mouthpiece between the groups with Lengge Kraeng. Lengge status is a status that has always threatened. This group must always pay taxes, forced labor workers, and likely to become bondsmen who at times can be brought to Bima and very little can go back to see his birthplace.

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