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HISTIRY OF CULTURE | CULTURE EAST FLORES | Flotim is an archipelago with an area of 3079.23 km2, bordering counties in eastern Alor, Sikka district in the north west and south by Flores Sea, Savu Sea.

People who come from East Flores Lamaholot often referred to people, because the language used Lamaholot tribal language.

The concept of traditional house Flotim always been regarded as a center of tribal rituals. Custom home to be a place to honor Ekan Lera Wulan Tana (the highest form mengciptakan and the owner of the earth).

Coating social society depends on the beginning of the arrival of the first residents, since it is known the existence of landlords who decide everything, dividing the land to the tribe Mehen who arrived later, followed by tribal Ketawo who obtained the right to live and cultivate the land from the tribe Mehen.

Mehen tribes to maintain their existence is judged as a landlord, be they warriors-war warriors, who helped spare Ketawo.

Livelihoods of people Flotim / Lamaholot the main visible in the expression as follows:

  1. Ola monument, here Happen, lLua watana,
  2. Gere Kiwan, Pau overwhelmed heka ana,
  3. Geleka lewo gewayan, restaurant murin Laran.


Working in the fields, Slicing palm wine, shelled (search for sea slugs), work in the mountains, serve / give life family (wife and children) to serve the pertiwi / ground water, receiving foreign guests.

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